Watch What Happens Live: One on one with Dr. Annika

Good Evening, everybody! I’m Andy Cohen and tonight I am here with Dr. Annika Niloufar from Married to Medicine: Twitter for a special one-on-one interview.

Dr. Annika, Welcome! You look gorgeous tonight.

Annika: Thank you so much Andy! It’s so good to see you *gleams*

Andy: So let’s dive right in.. You wanted to come here today to clear the air about the latest episode of Married to Medicine: Twitter..

*Video plays of the latest episode of Married to Medicine: Twitter*

Andy: I have a ton of questions for you but I thought first I’d let you have the floor to say what you want to say..

Annika: *nods* Absolutely, first and foremost *looks at camera* I want to publicly apologize to black women all over the country for my comments on Twitter. Specifically calling Angela ‘soot face’. It was in no way shape or form meant to attack her base off the color of her skin or because she’s a black women. I wasn’t using my platform responsibly and said something extremely ignorant, that in no way reflect my values. I stand for all women and all shades and races. Again, I apologize..

Andy: I wanted to ask you about your initial reaction to the episode.. you seemed angry at production.. You tweeted “I’ve held my tongue for the past few weeks regarding the trip but I won’t be silent about this episode! Not fair production. #m2mTwitter” What exactly were you upset with production about?

Annika: I couldn’t understand why at the end of the episode, on the black screen it said my tweets were “racially motivated”. To me it was very slanderous and fed into the narrative that I’m this racist individual. My comments were ignorant and wrong but I was referring to her makeup, it had nothing to do with race. I just thought that was super irresponsible for them to say about me.

Andy: Well let me just ask if they weren’t racially motivated what were they? I mean soot face alone… Can you understand that side of it?

Annika: Angela’s is a light skin black women. Soot is a black powdery charcoal substance. As we see time and time again on the show Angela’s make up is chalky and powdery. I associated her makeup with soot. Because it’s chalky texture.

Andy: I wanted to ask what you thought about the conversation at Pats home.. Did you think you made any progress?

Annika: I did think progress was made the women had every right to check me for my comments. I can be honest and I say I deserve that and saw it as a learning opportunity.

Andy: There’s this theme that comes up every season with this group. It does seem like some like to band together to gang up on someone.. Do you think you are a victim of that?

Annika: Clearly! I came into the group, I have a strong personality and they just don’t like me. They look for anything they can to gang up on me and it’s unfortunate because coming into the group I was hoping to make friendships and connections with more of them.

Andy: Where are your friendships now? Who do you consider a friend?

Annika: Tanya of course, she gets a lot of crap but underneath it all she’s a good person and knows I’m going through. Kara Windsor, has been a huge support for me since day one and I love her. She’s kept me strong. Watching the show back I’m very surprised at Pat. I don’t know if I would consider her a friend. I’m seeing two faces and I don’t like it..

Andy: Yeah, It seems that Tanya complained that the ladies were ganging up on her last season and this season.. What about Pat have you seen?

Annika: The other girls pressure her to take a side and she tries to be neutral. But the other day she tweeted that my comments were ‘racist’ but if they were racist? Why would you be my friend all season long? And claim to have my back. I can’t be friends with someone who would think that of me..

Andy: I guess this is a question for Pat at the reunion.

Annika: For sure..

Andy: I wanted to ask, since it was apart of the episode last night. There was a leak to a show during the filming of the season.. Many of the girls have speculated it was you.. Can you confirm or deny?

Annika: I do know something about it and the truth will be revealed at the reunion *smirks* I think everyone will be shocked..

Andy: I’m sure Nina will address it at the reunion.. You’ve been continuously going back and forth with Jocelyn, Jazmine and Angela on twitter.. do you have a universal message for them?

Annika: To be honest, we are on a tv show between some of them have evictions, arrest records and husbands that can’t keep a job, I guess for a storyline and a check, they think it’s fun to pick on me. I just wish them blessings at the end of the day. If hating me brings them the attention they want. Hate on. I’m still fabulous.

Andy: Just a couple more questions before we wrap up. Are you looking forward to the reunion? i’m assuming that all of this will be discussed at length again..

Annika: I’m not looking forward to the reunion because it’s going to be 4 plus hyena’s attacking me one by one, the ultimate gang up. But I’m going to tough it out. I do want to clear the air..

Andy: We saw a conversation between you and your husband last night.. If asked back to another season of the show, would you do it? He seems like he wouldn’t be for it

Annika: To be honest we’ve been talking about it and I don’t know yet. He hates everything that’s been going on and it’s effecting our marriage and his business to the point that he’s staying in the guest house. My family comes first. It’s something to think about

Andy: Annika. Thank you for sitting with me. Is there anything else before we sign off?

Annika: Again I just want to say that I support women all over the world! No matter what shade. To my cast members despite my disdain for some of you, I regret speaking out of turn and saying something so absurb and I will be careful about my language going forward. Sending you all my love! Thank you Andy for having me.

Andy: Thank you Annika! Good Luck at the reunion.

Annika: Thank you Andy! *kisses*

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