Season 6, Episode 13 “Buckingham Brawl”

Caitlyn: This is AMAZING! Scarlett I didn’t think this would happen!

Scarlett Confessional: Caitlyn’s asked me to help her put together some design ideas for the dinner party we want to host at Buckingham Palace, and after the way this trip started, WHEW I need a glass of champagne asap!

Scarlett: I cannot wait to get this dinner going. What a dream to be able to do it here at the palace.

Caitlyn: I wonder how this special dinner here will play out! *chuckles*

Scarlett: I think beautifully as long as we keep Dorian & Hope away from each other. *laughs* So for the meal I am thinking a Classic English dinner!

Caitlyn: Lovely. But that ride to England was not well.. Im afraid we could potentially embarrass ourselves here..

Scarlett: That was a disaster I mean… what was Hope going on for. Dorian wasn’t responding to her at all and she was still screaming. *laughs*

Caitlyn: It was shocking!

Scarlett Confessional: Hope’s behavior on the plane was… absolutely atrocious. Her screaming while we’re on a flight was just so annoying.

Scarlett: It was horrible! Like a train crash that wouldn’t end!

Caitlyn: I was so tired of their shit. Like shut the fuck up! This, that! Stop!

Scarlett: I’m just so glad we’re here, I hope Paige isn’t too upset with Hope for her outburst!

Caitlyn: Honestly, she has not said much to me but Yeah hopefully! I hope this dinner goes well!

Scarlett: Me too! Well let’s take some looks at the final choices and sip champagne to England!

Caitlyn: TO ENGLAND!

Pat: *Pat walking into the museum with Hope* I am actually excited to see all of this..

Hope: *walking in with Pat* This’ll be fun!

Pat: Hunny it’s a day out! *walks around museum*

Hope: Yes! How are you feeling about this trip?

Pat: *Looks up* DORIAN? *laughs*


Pat: I’m actually excited to be here. I’m not thrilled with the company but listen, London is gorgeous. We are sure to be in for some fun stuff

Hope: I know we’ll have a good time, the others I really don’t give a shit *laughs*

Pat: That flight down though… *sips water bottle*

Hope Confessional: This trip may have started off on a bad note because of me and I’ll own that, but I had to let these bitches know what time it was *flips hair*

Pat: SCARLETT? That you bitch?

Hope: *laughs* I didn’t expect it to get that crazy on the flight..

Pat: I mean listen.. I wholeheartedly understand where you are coming from but at one point you have to realize you are beating a dead horse

Pat Confessional: Dorian sat there quiet and Hope was going nuts.. she’ll end up getting the bad edit

Hope: Oh trust me I know, I just wanted to tell Dorian how this trip was going to go down. She can act like she didn’t hear me all she wants, I clearly have a loud voice and she heard every word I said.

Pat: Are you going to bring up all the stuff we’ve heard?

Hope: Absolutely. I’m not going to sit on this information. The women in this group need to know who they’re surrounding themselves with

Pat: Well maybe not tonight *laughs*

Hope: Not at the palace no! I would never

Pat: Dorian has to pay though. She has done so much unforgivable shit in such a short amount of time

Hope: It’s what she deserves and she’ll try to deny it, that’s fine. We all know what I say is true

Pat: Absolutely, Let’s just try to have a good night. Lets dress like the queens we are!

Hope: Yasssss! We’ll have fun for sure!

Dr. Dorian Confessional: I’m really happy with the way the groups have been divided today. Aside from Scarlett, I’m closest to Audra, but since she is not here im happy to be with Paige, I haven’t really gotten to know her properly yet but I like what I see so far.

Dr. Dorian: This is…

Dr. Paige: Creepy?

Dr. Dorian: That! *laughs*

Dr. Paige: *Paige looks at a suit of armour* Wow… this stuff must be like really old.

Dr. Dorian: *laughs* This tower has been here for a long time, Paige.

Dr. Paige: *giggles* I know that! What are the things called… the birds that sit on top?

Dr. Dorian: Ravens?

Dr. Paige: That’s them!

Dr. Paige Confessional: I remember being read a story about ravens when I was younger. I think it gave me nightmares if I remember correctly…

Dr. Dorian: I’m pretty sure that story is a myth. Yes, they sit there but it’s probably because it’s comfortable.

Dr. Paige: *nods* How do you think the flight was?

Dr. Dorian: It was… tense. But that was expected.

Dr. Dorian Confessional: I’m not everybody’s favourite person in this group right now but honestly, that’s okay. What I’ve learnt is you can’t please everybody. *smiles smugly*

Dr. Paige: There’s definitely tension in the air, particularly between you and Hope and Pat.

Dr. Dorian: I stated what I heard. Patricia was talking out of something that’s not her mouth and Hope, well… I do feel bad for repeating it but it was a rumor I heard! *shrugs shoulders*

Dr. Paige: It was a pretty dark rumor whoever told you that…

Dr. Dorian Confessional: Production: Who told you the rumor about Hope drinking when she received chemotherapy? Dorian: *shakes head* I’m not saying a thing about that.

Dr. Dorian: Do you have any expectations from this trip?

Dr. Paige: Honestly, I don’t know. Me and Pat seem able to co-exist right now, but the atmosphere is still weird, especially where my sister is concerned.

Dr. Dorian: *tilts head* Oh?

Dr. Paige: Yeah, but it’s complicated. I don’t want to get into it now.

Dr. Dorian: Okay! *looks around* This looks like something that Patricia could inhabit. Don’t witches live in towers? The highest room in the tallest tower?

Dr. Dorian Confessional: Oh no, wait! That was Fiona from Shrek. Oops! *laughs*

Dr. Paige: You’re so bad! *laughs*

Dr. Dorian: So bad but so good! *laughs*

Dr. Paige: *Paige walks in with all the ladies* My God this is gorgeous!!!

Dr. Dorian: *looking around in awe* Beautiful!

Pat: *Looks around* Wow

Pat Confessional: We are way to trashy to be here *laughs*

Pat: Paige sit next to me!

Dr. Paige: Yes! You look gorgeous cousin

Pat: I need that belt

Hope: I am starving!

Caitlyn: Hey you guys! *waves*

Pat: *looks* Cait wow! that’s surely an outfit

Pat Confessional: Cait is dressed for a lady gaga funeral.

Caitlyn: Yours is surely an outfit as well! *smiles*

Caitlyn Confessional: Does she really have to have her boobs hanging out like that? Where is the class? *shrugs*

Dr. Paige: Let’s sit! i’m hungry and it seems that we are in for a real treat tonight. By the way.. Scarlett isn’t feeling great.. she decided to relax at the hotel..

*The First Course Comes Out*

Hope: *eats food* Omg! Delish!

Pat: So me and Hope went to the museum of natural history today! We saw lots of really cool things. Dorian there was this statue that looked just like you! I think she was some kind of Greek Goddess! She was Absolutely stunning!

Hope Confessional: I don’t remember a Greek goddess! Those mammoths though…Pat that bitch is so fake *chuckles*

Dr. Dorian: *laughs* Oh that’s a good one! Did you get that from your ex-husband? I hear he was almost as old as some of the statues…

Pat: *laughs* He’s very very old

Dr. Dorian Confessional: Patricia can try me all she wants, I’m not playing like that tonight. In fact, I intend to make her shady energy.

Dr. Dorian: *laughs* I know… and you ain’t far behind him! *sips drink*

Pat: Oh stop! *laughs* *stands and spins* Im young! *sees Cait staring* Cait what are you looking at *laughs*

Caitlyn: Well honestly, I don’t think our relationship is well enough for me to trust it. I don’t feel great about it.

Pat: *looks around* Cait we did this already. prior to coming here.. why are you bringing this up again

Dr. Dorian: *Dorian’s eyes widen*

Caitlyn: I want to clear the air! It’s clear you don’t like me! Admit it!

Dr. Paige: Im not getting involved

Hope: *to Paige* I’m not either *laughs*

Pat: You are so exhausting Cait. We are family..I love you

Caitlyn: I understand! But you dont!

Dr. Dorian: *holds hand up* Cait- stop.

Caitlyn: *looks up in the air, crosses legs as tears slowly drop down face*

Dr. Dorian Confessional: *rolls eyes* Oh my God, why is she crying now? *confused expression*

Pat: *Laughs* why are you crying ?

Caitlyn: Stop! Please! You hurt me! Are you using me again!

Caitlyn Confessional: I am super upset. *looks to the side* UGH!

Pat Confessional: This is ridiculous. She needs a mental hospital

Pat: *Pat ignores and continues to eat*

Dr. Dorian: *groans* Oh please!

Caitlyn: Dorian why are you doing this?

Dr. Dorian: *looks directly at Caitlyn* Because every single time we sit down as a group, you turn into a child with your whining and your crying. I've had enough of indulged bull-fucking-shit!

Caitlyn: Oh shut the fuck up! You are not a queen! I should’ve known you were fake all along after my child tugged on your weave! *yawns* Your making me real tired Dorian! Real tired!

Dr. Dorian: *points at Caitlyn, raising voice slightly* You need to snap the FUCK out of it!

Dr. Paige: Girls Girls! Calm down


Caitlyn: Oh shut up soldier! We’re trying to have a conversation!

Dr. Dorian: *waves hand dismissively* You’re not worth my time, darling. Go back to your small Lego house.

Pat: We are so sorry sir, we will calm down

Hope: This isn’t a conversation we need to be having right now!

Dr. Dorian: *looks at Hope* Sweetheart, this isn’t your fight.

Hope: And it isn’t yours either, but somehow you’re involved. Don’t address me when I don’t address you

Caitlyn: *stands up* You are stupid Dorian!

Dr. Dorian: *laughs* You sound really stupid. Honestly. Just like that tired Momma Bear dress you’re wearing.

Caitlyn: *turns around* I’m about to lose my shit.

Dr. Dorian: *shrugs shoulders* Then get up and leave the table. This is the adults table. You don’t need to be here, Cait.

Caitlyn: You don’t need to be here as well! Who are you? WHO the fuck are you?

Dr. Dorian: *looks to Pat* I understand now why you don’t like her. Perfectly.

Producers: *Producers come over to the table* Ladies we have to finish and leave now..


Pat: *looks at Dorian and smiles* I guess we are going

Pat Confessional: Caitlyn needs to go.. NOW.

Caitlyn: *pushes chair in* Fuck off Dorian! Remember who’s queen! *walks away* Fuck this shit.

Hope: This is all Dorian’s fault, we can never have a nice dinner

Dr. Dorian: *stands up from the table and begins to walk away* Cait, whatever we had it’s over. I’ve tried to do my best but you are just impossible.

Caitlyn: Get a life! *pushes doors open and leaves*

Dr. Dorian Confessional: Caitlyn is the catalyst. Always. Every single dinner. Catalyst Calamity Caitlyn comes in and ruins it all.

NEXT TIME ON Married To Medicine Twitter: Caitlyn makes a big decision; Scarlett lets Dr. Dorian know of whats been said about her career; Dr. Paige reveals things she has heard about Dr. Dorian; A dinner under Big Ben brings a BIG Explosion.



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