Season 6, Episode 10 “Paging Dr. Breckenridge”

Pat Confessional: It’s been two weeks since we got back from Arizona. Obviously production needed a break and I think so did we. My first thought was to get to Hopes as soon as possible. We’ve been talking here and there but I’ve been giving her some space

*Pat walks to the backyard*

Hope: Hey girl! Come on back! I have the fire pit going with some wine!

Pat: *hugs and holds tight* How are you?

Hope: I’m okay. How are you?

Pat: I’m good! Was worried about you but glad to see your in good spirits

Hope Confessional: This break from filming has given me time to reflect on my behavior in Arizona. It was totally uncalled for, but it’s taking me a while to recover from everything that’s happened

Hope: I think I needed a break. I’ve been spending more time with the kids and James. Audra let me have some time off. It’s been really nice, but now it’s time to confront the other women and talk.

Pat: Let’s break down Arizona because what in my mind should have been a trip of healing was nonsense from start to finish

Pat Confessional: Arizona was nothing like I expected. The strides we made I thought was something.. I have no words for how it ended

Hope: The last night for me is a blur, but the first half was all about Paige coming and that drama

Pat: Paige and I spoke by the way

Hope: How did that go?

Pat: I think there’s a lot of hurt there but hopefully we are on the right path, I always enjoyed my time with her.

Hope: That’s so good to hear. Out of everyone in the group, I understand fighting with my family so I’m glad you two have decided to move forward

Pat: It’s so hard to fight with family. Probably the worst. I wasn’t expecting Dorian to do all she did..

Hope: She attacked me and my family. She’s a vicious vile bitch. She does not know what she started with me because she’s going down..As you can see, I’m still fired up over it

Pat: So can we talk about this. What exactly happened between you guys? This makes not a bit a sense that y’all could really have this deep dislike for each other.

Hope Confessional: My family and my cancer journey are the two most aspects of my life and if you attack either. *motions* Gloves are off, game on.

Hope: You remember my dinner party a while ago where I invited our group for the first time?

Pat: Yes..

Hope: She was mad that I didn’t personally invite her. And from that moment we didn’t start off right. Then she hurled all these insults towards me, I’m an alcoholic, a bad mom, every name in the book. Which she can say whatever she wants it doesn’t make it true..But then…She went after my cancer And that *starts to cry* is the most sensitive part of my life *sobbing* I almost died and instead of being compassionate she said I was drinking!

Pat: *Holds her* It’s okay it’s okay!!

Hope: Such a low fucking blow!

Pat Confessional: I just don’t understand why Dorian would go so low over a.. botched invite to a dinner?

Pat: Hope do you know something about Dorian that we don’t? It seems she’s trying to discredit you..

Hope: I know a lot of things about Dorian that others don’t. Information spreads like wildfire in this town. I just chose not to say it all because I had some respect for the woman..Now…I don’t

Pat: Well.. now all bets are off

Hope: Exactly…and I want to say it all to her disgusting botched face

Pat: I have nothing for her. Me and her had a private conversation, granted I was going to tell you what she said, but in private.. not with *looks at cameras* but she pushed me. So I’m sorry, I feel like I added to your moment. I can’t imagine how hurt you were

Hope: Oh you’re okay, YOU were being a loyal friend telling me what I needed to know. Your delivery? Not the best but no need to apologize.

Pat: I was so enraged that someone, who considers herself a medical professional, could be so low down and dirty.

Hope: It’s not the first time she’s been low down and dirty…At least she didn’t get physical like she normally does *looks away*

Pat: What do you mean?

Hope: Why do you think her “show” got canceled out of the blue?

Pat: I figured low ratings

Hope: It’s because she got physical with one of her cast members and got fired. Production felt they needed to cancel the show so none of it got out. Clearly that didn’t work

Pat: what do we do..are you going to Scarletts thing?

Hope: *sighs* I don’t know, that bitch hurts my brain

Hope Confessional: I feel like Scarlett’s always in the middle of everything and pushing narratives behind the scenes. I like her…but something’s off

Pat: *Laughs* obviously i’m not fan but she wants to meet before to chat

Pat Confessional: Why am I having conversations with you before a dinner party? Maybe if you stayed out of my fucking business we wouldn’t have any issues

Hope: About what exactly?

Pat: Lord knows maybe apologize for acting like an asshole in Arizona? Inviting Paige? The list goes on and on

Hope: She should apologize, she ambushed you

Pat: If she doesn’t, i’m not going to the dinner party

Hope: Well, let me know because I won’t go either. I need someone to talk to *laughs*

Pat: *laughs* Well.. whatever happens. I have your back

Hope: And I have yours! Let’s annihilate these bitches

Pat: LETS!

Dr. Paige: *walks into bedroom and lays down next to Scott* Today was one of those days

Dr. Scott: Oh no.. not that kind of day

Dr. Paige: *tears up* It never gets easier..

Dr. Paige Confessional: As a neurosurgeon, you sometimes get emergency cases and sometimes they don’t always work out the way you want it too.

Dr. Scott: Talk to me.. tell me..

Dr. Paige: 19 year old female car accident. Too much internal bleeding. She was DOA (Dead on arrival) when I saw her in the O.R.

Dr. Scott: The worst..

Dr. Paige: Telling her mother was just a knife in the stomach..

Dr. Paige Confessional: As a doctor, you are never taught how to handle those conversations. You learn how to do surgery and how to make people feel better.. not how to tell a mother that her teenage daughter is dead. *tears*

Dr. Scott: I think you need to take a break. The job is becoming too much for you.

Dr. Paige: For the first time in a long time.. I agree.

Dr. Scott: Paige you don’t need to work. Plus, the kids are still young.. stay home and relax with them for a bit.

Dr. Paige: I am going to take a step back. I need to take a break but not just for the kids.. us too

Dr. Scott: We will be fine. I think you should take a trip. Go somewhere with the girls and then when you return, relax and let’s enjoy life again.

Dr. Paige: *hugs and kisses* Lets enjoy life again.. oh by the way we have a couples dinner friday… *laughs*

Dr. Scott: UGH *laughs* you know HOW much I LOVE those!

Scarlett Confessional: Tonight I agreed to meet with Pat in order to settle some issues. After Arizona I felt completely attacked by Pat when her issues, are really with her family. So I hope today we can reach, at least common ground.

Pat: Table for two please *Pat walks to table and sits*

Pat Confessional: I’m not a fan of Scarlett but i’m here for revolution. I mean resolution or whatever *flips hair*

Scarlett: *walks in* Hello Pat.

Pat: Hi. How are you..

Scarlett: I’m well, and you?

Pat: Fine. Let’s cut to the chase..I know you don’t know me but I like to get to the root of the issue.

Scarlett: The root for me is your treatment of Cait, you’re cold and dismissive towards her.

Pat: The root is you getting involved in a family matter. You are not apart of our family.

Scarlett: Oh? *sips my tea* I’m defending my friend, who you treat like trash.

Pat: Again.. Maybe you should clean your ears out *pulls q-tip out of purse* You are not in our family..You don’t know the history.

Scarlett: *smacks the q-tip down* Don’t be rude Patricia. We all hear rumors, I’m just close enough to see through to what’s true and what’s not.

Pat: Excellent point so when I hear rumors about your husband am i asking you? No, that’s your family and your business..Are you seeing things differently now?

Scarlett: There’s no rumors to be heard about my husband is the difference my love. I’m open and honest about the fact our marriage isn’t perfect, but unlike you, I’m still married, and my husband has never defaulted on a payment but that’s neither here nor there Pat, the root is Caitlyn

Pat Confessional: There are rumors that Scarlet’s husband is cheating on her. Everyone knows it yet no one has said a word so maybe it’s time that some of those rumors are brought to light. I mean have we ever seen him?

Pat: *Laughs* i’ve been divorced for a year babe. let’s get back to today. Here’s the deal. You are going to stay out of my family issues and I won’t get involved in anything you got going on..

Scarlett: Fine by me..

Pat: Wonderful. *puts money on the table* I’ll see you at your dinner, Can’t wait to meet your husband.

Scarlett Confessional: She laughs but who’s paying her bills still? Oh. Exactly, alimony.

Scarlett: Tootles!

Pat: *Pat walks out*

Pat Confessional: Things are civil today but Scarlett is on the list. She’s Pretentious. She’s nasty. She has too much time to be worried about me, when she should be worried about her husband

Scarlett Confessional: So tonight I’ve invited all the women and their partners, including Pat, up to my fathers winery in Twitter Valley. One because it shows off a bit of my history in Twitter society, and two because it gives me a chance to show everyone what it is that I’m good at, decorating.

Scarlett: *Scarlett is shown talking to the caterers and finalizing the name cards* This ballroom is just beautiful isn’t it Tyler.

Dr. Tyler: Sure thing honey. *his phone goes off and he checks it immediately*

Dr. Paige Confessional: I’m excited for tonight’s dinner. I missed the last fireworks in Arizona but Pat and I had a great conversation a few days back so I’m in a really great place with my friends and family

Dr. Paige: Hello Hello!

Scarlett: Hi Dr. Paige, Dr. Scott! Thank you so much for making the trek out here.

Dr. Tyler: Yes welcome to my wife’s humble winery she never shuts up about. *laughs*

Dr. Paige: We are so happy to be here!

Dr. Scott: Paige why are you screaming *laughs and shakes Tyler’s hand* Thanks for having us.

*Tyler and Scott walk off together*

Caitlyn: Hey you guys! I have Dr. Tatum in the house!

Dr. Paige: *Hugs Cait and Tait* Hello you beautiful munchkins

Dr. Dorian: *Dr.Dorian and Dr.Richard are show entering the building together, arm-in-arm* This is beautiful!

Dr.Richard: Impressive…

Scarlett: *hugs and air kisses Dorian & Richard* Hello! How are you both? Please feel free to get drinks from the open bar *points* and say hi to my husband as well!

Dr.Richard: Thank you very much.

Dr. Dorian: Scarlett, you look fabulous!

Hope: *the cameras follow Hope and James as they walk in*

Hope Confessional: I haven’t been together with all the ladies since Arizona, and you’d think I would be nervous about seeing them…but I’m not. That trip is behind me and I don’t even want to discuss it.

Pat: *Pat and Sean walk in behind Hope and James*

Scarlett: *Scarlett hugs Hope and greets Dr. James* Welcome! *Scarlett coldly greets Pat and Sean* hi.

Pat: Scarlett this is Sean my boyfriend! Isn’t he young, hot and here in the flesh..Can we meet your husband? or is he working?

Scarlett: *air kisses Sean* Lovely to meet you Sean. *points over to Tyler and all the other men* There he is.

Pat Confessional: He does exist! I was figuring this was another psycho situation where Scarlet was pretending to be two people like Norman Bates and his mother

Scarlett: *taps her champagne glass* If everyone could follow me! We’re going to head into the dining room to take our seats. *camera pans in to show Pat & Scarlett seated next to each other*

Dr. Dorian: *Dorian and Richard sit down at the table* *takes Richard’s hand* Thank you for coming with me, it means a lot.

Dr. Richard: Of course.

Dr. Dorian Confessional: I’m really happy Richard decided to join me tonight. Since we began making some changes and communicating more, things definitely seem to be moving in a more positive direction.

Dr. Paige: Everyone can I take a quick moment? So I wanted to invite you all.. well just the ladies.. to a special little trip to.. England! Wondering if you all will be available in about 2 weeks?

Pat: I’m so in! We need a good European Vacation!

Pat Confessional: I haven’t been to Europe since pre pandemic. I’m thrilled!

Caitlyn: YES! This will be a blast!

Scarlett: I’m absolutely down! I was just there with the fam a couple weeks ago.

Dr. Tyler: Yes, everyone knows, you posted about it Scar.

Hope Confessional: Didn’t we just get back from the worst vacation ever. Paige, honey…

Caitlyn: Is this a spiritual trip as well?

*Dorian raises her eyebrow at Caitlyn*

Dr. Dorian Confessional: Caitlyn is just… I don’t know. She’s annoying… Like a little gnat!

Pat: So how has everyone been? *smiles and looks across the table*

Pat Confessional: I haven’t said one word to Dorian tonight and I’m pleased. I currently am headache free

Dr. Dorian Confessional: Patricia Ahoy There Landry… trying to play nice? For how long… *smirks*

Hope: *looks at James* This is so awkward.

Dr. James: *whispering* Are you going to address the elephant in the room?

Hope: What elephant? *smirks*

Scarlett: *taps my glass* If I could have everyone’s attention. I’d just like to say a few- *Tyler stands*

Dr. Tyler: Thanks darling I got this from here.

*Scarlett sits back down*

Dr. Tyler: I’ve been a Dr. in Twitter for many many years and I know what everyone’s going to say. Why stay married to HER that long?! *laughs* Well the truth is Scarlett is an amazing mother, wife, and party planner. She couldn’t make it in the political world like her father as everyone knows, so she did the second best thing, become a party planner for politicians! It’s amazing to me how she’s always got everything planned down to the T! Including this dinner party, she never misses a beat and always stays on the ball, and that’s why I love her so dearly. *kisses Scarlett*

Hope Confessional: Did anyone ask?

Pat Confessional: What?

Dr. Dorian Confessional: I see Scarlett’s reaction. She’s uncomfortable, I do feel for her and I can see she’s not very happy. I got you, girl.

Dr. Paige Confessional: That Tyler… he’s always been a man of interesting words

Caitlyn Confessional: *texting on phone*

Scarlett: *Scarlett forces a smile* Thank you darling. Now everyone eat!

Dr. Dorian: *Dorian looks across the table at Hope* How are you?

Hope: *pauses before speaking* Don’t…don’t talk to me Dorian

Dr. Dorian: *Dorian shrugs her shoulders carelessly and continues eating*

Hope Confessional: “How are you?” Don’t act like you care about me to get sympathy points. If you cared about how I was doing, you would’ve contacted me during our break of filming. I’m not diving into any of her bullshit

Paige Confessional: Oh okay so this is what I missed in Arizona..

Dr. James: *speaks up* Dorian, I think what Hope was trying to say was that after everything you two have gone through she doesn’t walk to have a discussion right now

Pat: *looks and grabs Sean*

Dr. Dorian: *Dorian looks up at James* Honey, I can tell. I’m not dumb, I’m a very smart woman. Anyways, this doesn’t involve you. This is women’s business.

Dr. Dorian Confessional: James seems to be… in the women’s business. Are you James… or are you Janet? *raises eyebrow*

Pat: Dorian stop. Don’t speak to him like that

Hope: Dorian, don’t talk to my husband like that he was trying to be kind. I won’t be kind

Dr. Richard: *speaks up* James, please don’t address my wife in such a way.

Dr. James: *shrugs* It involves my wife and I’m backing her up. Don’t tell a man what to do

Dr. Dorian: You can be whatever you want to me, Hope.

Dr. Richard: Watch your tone with my wife.

Dr. James: So you’re an actor too *scoffs*

Sean: Guys Guys, Come on

Dr. Tyler:*Tyler stands up* That’s enough.

Pat: *looks at Sean and Whispers* Let’s go.

Dr. James: Hold on! I don’t do confrontation. I was trying to be kind to Dorian after my wife wasn’t so nice. And SHE flipped

Dr. Richard: I will defend my wife. I won’t have another man speaking to her or belittling her.

Dr. Dorian: *pats Richards shoulder* It’s okay, Richard. You let them know…

Hope: When did he belittle her? You two are something.

Scarlett: Dorian, Hope, that’s enough.

Caitlyn: Pat can we SPEAK before you go?

Pat: No.

Dr. Paige: Cait.. now is not the time.

Dr. Dorian: *Dorian leans slightly* You know, maybe have a glass of wine and you’ll calm down?

Hope: You’re a vicious vile disgusting woman who shouldn’t be on this fucking earth. Go to the pits of hell. You’ll be hearing from us sooner or later Dorian. *walks off with James, Pat and Sean*

Dr. Dorian: I look forward to hearing your confession of alcoholism, my love. Safe travels! *raises glass* Anyone for a top-up?

Scarlett Confessional: Well, I tried throwing a dinner party, I tried making a speech, I tried making up with Pat, and none of them went well! Good dinner party for the Breckenridge’s!

Dr. Audra: *walks in* Sorry I’m late! Why is everyone leaving?

Scarlett: Oh GOD. *laughs*

NEXT TIME ON Married To Medicine Twitter: Pat and Sean talk about marriage; Hope enlists Scarlett to help her benefit come to life; Dr. Dorian attempts to have a relationship with Caitlyn; Dr. Audra brings Dr. Paige and Caitlyn on a trip of a lifetime.



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