Season 4, Episode 4 “Angela’s Beach House Part 1”

Angela’s Beach House
Angela’s Beach House
Angela’s Beach House (Master Bathroom)
Dr. Angela (Pediatrician)

Angela: *answers Facetime* Hello? Mahir?

Mahir: Hey babe, I’m just checking to see how it’s going. Has anyone arrived?

Angela: Not yet. Um I think the ladies are coming in separate groups. Tanya & Pat are coming together then Frankie, Makayla, and Jocelyn are coming together-

Mahir: *interrupts* Makayla?!!?

Angela: Mahir, I know your concern *fixes eyelash* but Makayla has turned over a new leaf. Trust my decision to have her around please.

Mahir: You’re grown and smart so I appreciate your decision. Just come back in your car and not a squad car.

Angela: Promise, gotta go. Kiss the kids. Make sure the baby gets to the play date *blows kiss and hangs up* OOH chile. *walks out of the bathroom with mimosa* Where are these heffas?

Car #1 (Tanya, Pat, & Annika)

Pat: You guys ready for this shit show?

Dr. Tanya (Psychiatrist)

Tanya: I’m ready as I’ll ever be, chile. I’m honestly super anxious though. These ladies are cray cray with a capital C! Just be prepared, Annika.

Dr. Annika (Plastic Surgeon)

Annika: *nervous laughter*

Pat’s Confessional

Pat’s Confessional: I’d be lying if I said I was excited for this weekend. I can only hope things are going to be civil among the ladies. Bless Angela for trying

Annika: Is Makayla coming?

Pat: I hope not… she literally assaulted me.

Tanya: Very true… I hope not either. But honestly, she hasn’t been around the group lately so I doubt she’ll show up to this.

Tanya’s Confessional

Tanya’s Confessional: Makayla’s probably at home servicing Leo. She’s his little bitch anyway. She’s a bitch to the biggest bitch of all. *laughs*

Pat: I also hope Angela doesn’t mind that I’m bringing Annika. T, I thought you and I needed backup in case the other bitches get loud. *laughs*

Tanya: OOP! *spits out water* You didn’t tell Angela that Annika was coming? *car starts pulling up to the house* WELP, we’re here now bitches! *laughs*

Annika’s Confessional

Annika’s Confessional: It’s kind of awkward that Pat didn’t tell Angela I was coming. I’m just hoping she’s nice to me. Fingers crossed! *crosses fingers*

Pat: *gets out of the van* Oh wow! This is gorgeous!

Tanya: *getting out of the van* It is! You can say what you want about Angela but she has great taste in homes.

Pat: *yells and knocks on the door* ANGELAAAAA! WE ARE HERE!

Angela: *opens door* HELLOOO!

Pat: *hugs Angela* Hey pretty! This house is AMAZING.

Angela: Thank you! We actually got it when it was in foreclosure so it was a good deal.

Tanya: Hi Angela…

Angela: Hey Tanya. Come on in ladies, come in! *glares at Annika*

Pat: Ang, you remember Dr. Annika right?

Annika: Hi Angela ! So good to see you again.

Pat: Hope you don’t mind she’s tagging along.

Angela: I wish I could say the same… *smiles* No, she’s welcome. Plenty of room.

Pat: Yay!

Angela: Tanya & Annika, make yourselves comfortable… Pat, can I speak to you?

Pat: Of course!

Tanya: *hands Annika a drink* drink up girl, you’re gonna need it. *laughs*

Annika: *laughs & takes drink* I think you’re right.

Pat: Excuse me girls *walks away with Angela* What’s up girl?

Angela: So um…why is Annika here? Does she have some healing because that should be with Iyanla not us?

Pat: Oh wow! I’m sorry I should of called you about her tagging along. She just seems like such a calming force. I wanted that to be here.

Angela: If you say so.

Angela’s Confessional

Angela’s Confessional: I’ve told you all that I know Annika and I’m not sure why she’s not being upfront about the fact that our husbands are friends- or friendly I guess…

Pat: Why don’t you have a quick conversation with Tanya?

Angela: Do I have to? Did she brush her teeth this morning?

Pat: *laughs* Stop playing! Come on.. *drags Angela back into the room* Hey Tanya, you & Angela need to have a talk.

Tanya: Um… okay then. Angela, do you wanna talk?

Angela: *standing six feet from Tanya and not budging* Uh… sure.

Angela’s Confessional: I have to keep my social distance and I may need a mask because that girl has not yet learned the art of brushing her tongue. *laughs*

Pat: Annika, we’re gonna go upstairs and check out our rooms… we’ll leave you two to talk. *runs upstairs with Annika*

Annika: *links arms with Pat* yes let’s go!

Angela: Sure! We’ll congregate when everyone gets here.

Tanya: So Angela, what do you wanna talk about? Or what does Pat think we need to talk about?

Angela: It’s no secret that we’re at odds and I don’t particularly care for you but this is about healing. That counts for me as well when it comes to you. It’s going to ruin the group dynamic if I yell that you’re a lying, adulterous harlot every time we meet.

Tanya: I agree. And honestly, I wanna find out what your real problem with me is because we were great last year. So maybe you have some deep issue that we can work out, I don’t know but we need to figure this shit out. It’s so draining fighting with you every single time we get together & on social media. Like I have enough going on at home, I don’t need the stress of fighting with you as well.

Angela: I agree although it keeps my brain working reading you *winks and giggles*

Tanya: *laughs* That is true, girl. We both are getting up in age and need to keep our brains sharp.

Tanya’s Confessional: I like Angela! We were good, but then all of a sudden she completely turned on me and I don’t know why. Hopefully we can figure this out because our drama is really bringing the group down.

Angela: Let me get you to your room and get you all settled.

Tanya: Sounds good. *smiles*

Pat & Annika’s Room

Annika: So is Angela fine with me being here?

Pat: I think so! But i’m just confused… so you know Angela or just Mahir?

Annika: I know Mahir, not her. This my first time ever really seeing what she looks like up close to be honest.

Pat: Oh okay! I don’t know the vibes are… off? *laughs*

Annika: It’ll be okay, babe. I really respect her husband, so I’m sure her and I will be fine.

Annika’s Confessional: Angela? I don’t know her. *flips hair*

Car #2 (Jocelyn & Frankie)

Jocelyn: Girl, are you ready for this weekend? I know Angela’s decorations will keep me sane because I know it’ll be cute.

Dr. Frankie (Physical Therapist)

Frankie: *applying gloss* Not Really. I’m just here for Angela. Angela has really good taste so I definitely want to see all she did.

Jocelyn: Do you think it’ll go well?

Frankie: Probably not. It’ll be a bunch of fake hugging & air kisses *muah, muah* and then someone is going to trigger someone and it’ll snowball from there. However, I do want to see who finds resolution among us.

Jocelyn: I agree, chile.

Jocelyn’s Confessional

Jocelyn’s Confessional: I know Angela can be messy at times, but I’m sure she’s really put a lot of effort into trying to bring the group back together, so I hope this weekend goes well. Just keep me from Patricia.

Jocelyn: We’re here. *gets out with Frankie and knocks on door* Hello?

Frankie: Finally, gotta stretch these legs!

Angela: *opens door* HAAAYYY girls!

Jocelyn: Angela Syed! Hey bitch! *runs and hugs Angela*

Frankie: Hey Angela!! *runs and hugs Angela*

Angela: *hugs the girls* Come inside, bitches!

Jocelyn: *walks inside with Frankie & Angela* Ang, this is NICE!

Frankie: Yeah, this is five star!

Angela: I’m glad you like it! I made sure it was clean for you all’s dirty feet. *laughs*

Frankie’s Confessional

Frankie’s Confessional: Angela Syed, I see you have taste bitch! C’mon now. *snaps and laughs*

Angela’s Beach House (Dining Room)

Pat: *walks downstairs* Who’s here? I hear voices…

Annika: *heads downstairs with Pat and Tanya* Whoever it is they’re very loud…

Tanya: *walks down* Helloooo, ladies! The new three amigas just came down from our lovely rooms! *laughs*

Pat’s Confessional: Annika calling Frankie and Jocelyn loud while Tanya Screams “HELLO LADIES” in my fucking ear *laughs*

Jocelyn: Hey, darlings! Looking fabulous as ever.

Pat: Girls, you remember Annika right? I brought her along.

Frankie: Doctor Annika! Good to see you again! How are you?

Annika: So good to see you guys again! I’m doing great.

Angela: *presses buzzer for waiter to come out with mimosa* Ladies, I’d like you all to enjoy a drink and some food.

Tanya: Don’t twist my arm! *laughs and grabs food*

Jocelyn: Angela you have really outdid yourself!

Pat: This is wonderful!

Frankie: Lovely spread.

Angela: I wanted to make sure ya’ll were taken care of. This is the lovely meal before the storm starts.

Angela’s Confessional: Listen, healing is MESSY! So enjoy some good food.

Annika: *sits next to Pat* The food looks great, but is there anything gluten free??

Pat: Annika! *laughs* Have this *Gives Annika Pancakes* You’ll love it!

Angela: Uh- I’m not sure. I wasn’t expecting you or your dietary restriction.

Jocelyn: Is she a baby? Can she not feed herself? *laughs*

Annika: It’s all good, Angela. *takes a drink*

Annika’s Confessional: I absolutely don’t do gluten and GMO yuck! Every good host should have options.

Tanya: So Jocelyn, how have you been? I haven’t seen you since we met up to talk things out. I feel like last time we met, we weren’t in a good place and I just wanted to see if maybe you’re more open to mending things because that’s what we’re here to do.

Jocelyn: Oh well- I say we can be cordial and y’know build from there. I get that you want to move forward, but I’m not just ready yet. Maybe Pat can keep you company while I prepare myself.

Angela: I think needing time is normal. However, I think we need to dig deeper than this surface exchange you two are having.

Pat: I don’t know why you have to say my name though, Jocelyn…*laughs* You know you can have a thought without mentioning my name Jocelyn. You’re an educated woman, right? Or at least you claim to be.

Jocelyn: Because this is a free country. I just said you could keep your new amiga company.

Pat: Okay *smiles*

Tanya: Ladies, let’s all breath in and breath out. Let’s do some yoga. *gets up and starts doing downward dog*

Angela: Uh…Tanya. This isn’t sex therapy, babe.

Tanya: No, this isn’t sex! It’s yoga to calm our asses down! *takes a deep breath and continues doing yoga*

Tanya’s Confessional: This is the new Tanya. I’m working on myself, bitches! *laughs & starts meditating in confessional*

Pat: Frankie, can I borrow you for a minute?

Frankie: Sure.

Pat: *Walks outside with Frankie* So how have you been?

Frankie: Can we please just skip the pleasantries?

Pat: Listen, I felt like we were getting to a place to have a decent friendship and I believe, just my opinion, that the girls influenced you to dislike me.

Frankie: So were you influenced to lie? We can move on but it won’t happen in a weekend. Progress is a process.

Pat: To lie? I don’t know about all of that, but we can discuss it at some point this weekend.

Frankie: We can IF TRUTH will be present otherwise we can skip the conversation.

Pat: Let’s go back in. Let’s eat and then we can talk.

Frankie: Sure… *walks inside with Pat*

Pat’s Confessional: It’s not a lie. It’s the way you were told to feel about what was said. Stop being so influenced by trash.

Angela: *opens the door and eyes widen*


Makayla: Surprise! *hugs Angela*

Angela: *hugs Makayla* Come on in, babe…

Angela’s Confessional: Surprise…? *makes yikes face*

Makayla: *walks in* Hey, ladies!

Jocelyn: Makayla!!

Frankie: YASSS Makayla’s here! The party can REALLY start!

Annika: *looks Makayla up and down* Cute shoes.

Pat: *gasps* You have to be fucking kidding. Please excuse me… *walks outside and yells at producers* I am NOT doing this. She fucking assaulted me! I was told she WASN’T allowed to be here, Chris. SHUT THIS DOWN NOW!


NEXT TIME ON “Married To Medicine Twitter”: The ladies continue their weekend of healing; Tanya’s place in the group is questioned; Annika’s strong opinions of the group gets under the other ladies’ skin; After trying to move forward, Makayla & Pat’s feud comes to an ugly head.



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