Season 4, Episode 20 “Reunion Part 3”


Pat: Shut the FUCK up about Tom!

Dr. Jazmine

Jazmine: MAKE ME! *stands up* MAKE ME BITCH!


Jocelyn: Oh my GOD! *gasps*

Nina: Ladies, STOP!

Dr. Frankie

Frankie: *grabs Jazmine* Girl, NO! Sit down!

Jocelyn: Jazmine, you’ll regret this. Don’t let her have this!

Nina: Let’s take a break. We’ll be right back!

Dr. Annika

Annika: I can’t with the fakeness! Where is hair and makeup?

*Everyone gets hair and makeup touch ups down while Jazmine tries to calm down*

Producer: Bring Kara to set. I repeat, bring Kara out to set.

Kara (Tanya’s Friend)

Kara: *walks out and sits next to Tanya* Hi, ladies!

Dr. Tanya

Tanya: *hugs Kara* Thank God you’re here. These bitches are crazy.

Kara: I’m sure, girl.

Nina: *walks back and sits down*

Producer: Okay ladies, 5… 4… 3… 2… 1!

Nina: Welcome back to the Married to Medicine Twitter Reunion, I am Nina Parker and we are now joined by new friend of the ladies Kara Windsor! Kara, welcome to your first reunion! How are you?

Kara: I’m good Nina. How are you? May I say you’re looking gorgeous as always. *smiles*

Nina: Thank you! Thank you!! Kara, We didn’t get much of you this season. How is life at home?

Kara: Life is great. My kids are driving me crazy but Mommy loves them. And Kyle is doing really well. He’s just been commissioned to do some work back in Sweden.

Nina: Kara, not sure if you are aware but Pat announced at the beginning of the reunion that she and your father are no longer together, were you aware of this?

Kara: No. I wasn’t. That’s horrible! *looks to Pat* Are you doing okay? I’m so sorry.

Angela: *mumbles* She’s probably elated.

Pat: *looks at Kara* I’m fine, Kara.

Nina: Pat, after your altercation with Makayla and the book that spewed more issues than ever, you yourself were on a bit of an apology tour. However, after sometime you tried to remain the voice of reason and you actually built strong bonds with ladies you once called enemies, let’s take a look… *Flashback of Pat’s season including fighting with Makayla and Frankie at Angela’s beach house, fighting with Jazmine, Kara revealing she is your step daughter and trying to stay neutral with all the ladies and their issues* Very different season for you Pat. You stayed out of the mess for a bit?

Pat: Yeah, I mean the season didn’t start great for me but I definitely wanted to take a different approach to this year. I’m tired of fighting. You know?

Nina: Pat I want to talk about your separation. This is pretty much breaking news… so what happened?

Jazmine: Chile this is not breaking news. We knew what was next.

Pat: Tom and I love each other very much but after Dubai, I think we both realized that we are in different places in our lives. I mean everyone jokes about his age but I want to have fun and he’s over that at this point. I knew what I signed up for when I met him and married him but things have changed.

Nina: Ladies, any reaction to Pat sharing this news? Jazmine, you seem to have things to say…

Jazmine: Well I just feel as if Pat is very calculated and strategic with her plots. We knew what was next… that’s all I’m saying.

Pat: Jazmine, please. You are just so full of shit over there.

Jazmine: You would know!

Pat: So was it a strategy for you to be broke again? I don’t even get you. Keep trying to get your camera time girl. Like I’ve done nothing to your stupid ass.

Jazmine: Why am I even talking to you?! You can’t be loyal in your marriage! That was strategically planned out too i’m sure.

Pat: Loyal? I’m VERY loyal.

Jazmine: Lies you tell!

Nina: Pat, Nina from Tucson asks “Pat I really enjoyed your friendship with Frankie, Do you think you guys will ever be close again?”

Pat: Yes! I hope so. I love Frankie and I think now that certain individuals are not here anymore it gives us a chance to be better friends.

Nina: Frankie, any thoughts?

Frankie: I feel we just need to start over and just really get to know each other away from the other women that way we can have a solid foundation.

Pat: I agree!

Nina: Angela, you actually spoke about Tom’s other children a few seasons ago… Did you know about Kara?

Annika: I’d like to know that myself. Apparently she knows everything. *rolls eyes*

Angela: I knew of Tom and his ex-wife. I knew they had children. I was made out to be a liar, but I did not know Twinkle Toes here individually.

Jazmine: Oh my… *laughs*

Pat: If it means anything… I don’t think that she meant any malice behind knowing. Tom had a wife before me… It’s not like she knew Kara personally or even knew her name.

Nina: Tanya and Jocelyn, you knew Kara prior to her coming around the group. Did you know about her and Pat’s relationship?

Jocelyn: I did not. It was very shocking to say the least and I was surprised at the way they interacted.

Angela: Jocelyn didn’t know that girl. You see how quick they fell out, contrived!

Jazmine: The whole family contrived.

Angela: Well Jazmine, you shouldn’t talk about things that are contrived. But I’m sure there’s a package for that.

Pat: Right! Angela, keep your mouth shut!

Jazmine: Angela, I don’t know why you’re jumping at me. I wasn’t even talking to you or about you!

Angela: We aren’t talking because you aren’t saying anything important or interesting!

Jazmine: Stay in your place over there looking like a blueberry.

Angela: You sit over there and look pretty because you finally got a good budget for that Kmart by Nicki Minaj dress.

Jazmine: Oh everybody’s coming for me huh?

Angela: Jazmine, sit back and shut up! Nina, can you please continue so she’ll shut up.

Jazmine: How about YOU shut up. You’re one of the two felons in this group.

Angela: The felons are you and your husband.

Frankie: LORDDD

Angela: Nina, go ahead please dear.

Nina: Jazmine, obviously you and Angela are at each other’s throats… but so are you and Pat. What do you think your issue is with Pat?

Jazmine: She loves to fight. She’s always made up issues then blamed me for them. Pat is very calculated. I’m tired of trying with her. She’s a liar. A fraud and all around nasty, vile woman.

Pat: I thought we moved on, Jazmine!

Jazmine: I thought we did too. Yet you’re here tonight with some bullshit!

Nina: Pat, You and Jazmine came head to head before the trip to Dubai. You made a right turn though and became almost the voice of reason, stayed neutral and apologized for your wrong doings. What was the change? We saw a lot of that on the trip which we will get into…

Pat: The change was I didn’t want to fight with her anymore about nonsense…

Tanya: Honestly, here’s my thing. Jazmine, ever since the season 1 reunion you’ve tried to make up issues with both Pat and I. What issues did Pat make up with you? Like seriously, Jazmine. Fucking ENOUGH!

Jazmine: Tanya, why are you here?!

Tanya: Jazmine, I’m here because I’m a CAST MEMBER. An OG cast member. You’re a guest that begged to be on the show. Remember that?

Jazmine: HUSH! Go get fitted for a better wig next time.

Tanya: Go get your nasty ass teeth fixed, how about THAT!

Jazmine: My teeth are beautiful sweetheart. *smiles*

Nina: Anyway ladies… Kara, is there anything you want to say before we let you go?

Kara: Yes. I wish that these women could’ve actually seen that I’m not as dumb as I pretend to be. Hopefully someday, they’ll get to see more of me and actually get to know me because I’m pretty awesome. *laughs*

Nina: Thank you for joining us, Kara. I think this is a good spot to take a break, we’ll be right back.

Nina: Welcome back to the Married to Medicine season 4 Reunion, I am Nina Parker. Angela, this season we saw some drama at home with your daughters father and even a FBI raid.. We also saw you in a new role, peacemaker. But were you trying to make peace or was it all smoke and mirrors? Take a look. *Video plays of Angela’s story including Chloe and Maxwell’s relationship, Mahirs attitude towards the situation, the FBI raid, Angela attempting to bring the ladies together but also pushing Pat about pressing charges, talking about Tanya and spreading the stories about Jazmine that led to the finale fight.* Okay lots to get into there… Let’s start with your personal story this season.. John from Orlando asks, “How is Chloe and Maxwell’s relationship now and how does Mahir feel about it?”

Angela: Chloe and Maxwell are REALLY close. I think she’s stuck in a very precarious situation. Mahir has come to understand and honor her wishes, and mine. She deserves this after such a long separation.

Nina: Does Mahir think being on the show made Maxwell want to reach out more?

Angela: I’m not sure, you’d have to ask Mahir that. Maxwell has always wanted a relationship with Chloe. He was so over the moon when he found out I was pregnant, he even wanted to take off work to be around all the time but paternity leave wasn’t a thing back then. I’m sure the separation and isolation from his family has been hard.

Nina: I hope that situation works out. I want to talk about the FBI raid, what exactly can you tell us about how it came about?

Angela: As you all saw, Leo was absent this season. He magically ended up in Colombia, which is full of corruption, fraud, and drugs. The FBI came to our house because they believed we could be affiliated with his wrongdoings as he is a person of interest in a case. The case being a drug trafficking scheme ran out of a Twitter business into Colombia.

Nina: I know most of you are wondering why we didn’t bring this up when Makayla was here.. Its because we received a scathing email from Doctor Leo.

Angela: He should be careful before that IP address gets traced.

Nina: Let’s switch gears to your relationship with the women.. Especially with Jazmine. Jack from Savannah asks.. “Angela, why be so shady to Jazmine about her financial status when she has been open and honest about it throughout the season. It seems you like to weaponize people’s situations against them, you’ve done it to Jocleyn, Makayla, Pat, Tanya, Frankie and now Jazmine” whew.. Seems like Jack has a lot to say…

Angela: So Jack, great question. If you’ve watched the show, we all make underhanded comments about each other. It’s a shady show. I’m glad Jazmine has been open and honest, perhaps she’ll tell you some more truth about her life *smiles*

Nina: Does any of the other ladies feel like Angela weaponizes situations?

Annika: Absolutely! And lies… A LOT. I don’t get why other women on this cast make excuses for her bullshit when they all have fell victim.

Jocelyn: I do know that in the midst of an argument or beef with Angela, she can use things against you. I mean we all do. I wouldn’t say weaponize though.

Frankie: Angela is always shade mode and it’s hard to take her serious when every and anything you say will be used in a court of shade.

Nina: Jazmine, what was your reaction when you heard Angela was the one spreading these so-called allegations?

Jazmine: It hurt me!! That girl was my friend. My sister. *tears up* she knows that. I told Angela things nobody else knew.

Nina: Jocelyn, you’ve been the closest with Angela for a while now but you’ve also been on her bad side. Do you think she is misunderstood or do you think everyone has a point about her?

Jocelyn: Definitely misunderstood. Everyone is just the same as Angela. We all shade each other, friends or not. That’s what the show is for. It just so happens that Angela shade is sometimes “better”, if you will, than others and her unbothered attitude will definitely ruffle a few ladies.

Nina: Tanya and Pat, you’ve both known Angela since the beginning, do you think she’s changed?

Tanya: No Angela’s been this way for years. She’s always been very shady. But that’s Angela, I don’t expect anything else from her. HOWEVER, I do wanna say this about Angela. In her work environment, she was never shady. She was very professional and a great pediatrician for my son Chris.

Angela: Thank you, Tanya.

Nina: Annika, you shocked everyone when you and Angela admitted that you actually knew one another. What is the relationship between you and Angela, how do you know each other?

Annika: I just knew of her reputation from the Muslim church. I knew her husband. I didn’t really know her but I tried to look past everything I was told. However, she ended up being very cold towards me.

Angela: Liar!

Annika: My presence is a threat to you Angela and you know it!

Angela: Liar twice over!

Jazmine: Annika you definitely were not a threat!

Nina: Ladies, ladies! We don’t need everyone jumping in when its a conversation or question dealing with two people! Which brings me to this thought… There is something that always comes up with this group that I want to speak on and it’s this “gang up” mentality. Who here has felt ganged up on?

Tanya: *raises hand*

Annika: *raises hand*

Angela: *exhales* Here we go…

Pat: I don’t think it’s a gang up. I think it’s just that when one of these girls has an issue with someone and they go after them, the other pile on.

Angela: Pat and Tanya can legitimately have those feelings. That girl over there *points at Annika* does not have that experience. We were against her because she made several racist comments.

Tanya: WAIT- stop the presses. That’s the first I’ve heard you say that, and I appreciate that you can admit it. Honestly, to hear you say that Angela is so refreshing.

Nina: I want to talk about the finale. Jazmine, what got you so upset to the point that you and Angela had that confrontation? And do you think you guys can come back from this?

Jazmine: I don’t know. Angela was showing some very strange emotions. Rightfully so.

Angela: As you see, I wasn’t engaging with that foolishness. Jazmine and I are not in the same weight class but I think we can move on and rebuild.

Nina: Angela, I want to end your section with something positive, what’s next for you? You have done so much in the last few years on the show.. When are you running for President *laughs*

Angela: I won’t be doing that, I think I’d lose *laughs* But I definitely want to continue doing what I do now as Chief Medical Officer and hopefully be in the government soon.

Nina: Okay! lets move on…Tanya, this season we saw you continue to try to re-brand and rebuild not only yourself but your friendships.. Some say too little too late but did all those apologies move the needle to better days or was your marriage the straw that broke the camel’s back… Let’s take a look! *Video plays of Tanya’s season including her working with patients, her marriage issues that are revealed on the trip and her continuing to try to work on her friendships. Also the video ends with her and Jocelyn getting physical* Let’s start with your marriage, over the time on the show we have seen lots of conflicted stories so let’s set the record straight.. What’s happening with John?

Tanya: Well, John and I have problems just like any relationship. We had an open marriage at one point and that made things very complicated in our marriage. He wanted to stop the open marriage and I didn’t so I cheated with my co-worker out of anger. It was wrong and I tried to cover it up and John helped me try to cover it up, but it got to the point where we had to share it.

Pat: *eyes widen*

Frankie: *shakes head*

Nina: Doris from Nebraska asks “What’s your relationship with your mother-in- law now”

Tanya: My relationship with my mother-in-law is a little better. I mean I tolerate her for John and I allow her to have a relationship with the kids & John.

Nina: That’s fantastic! The Last reunion, the ladies made some accusations about your practice. What can you tell us about that? Did their words affect your business?

Tanya: Well their words were straight up LIES. I can tell you that much. Yes their words affected my career A LOT. They claimed that I brought clients home to have sex with my husband. That’s FUCKING SICK. *tears up*

Annika: *gets up and switches places with Pat to comfort Tanya*

Jazmine: Here comes the tears. *claps* the oscars will be contacting you shortly.

Tanya: I was wrong for cheating on my husband, having sex with my co-worker. But I would NEVER do such a nasty and disgusting thing. A lot of my clients are teens!

Nina: I think we’ve seen your work on the show and obviously none of the allegations have been brought to life. But Tanya, every time it seems you are here everyone is discussing your friendships with the ladies. Which of these girls do you consider a friend?

Tanya: I consider Annika a friend. I also consider Kara & Petra friends, but they’re not on the stage at the moment. Pat and I are getting there, but we aren’t as close as we once were and I feel she plays the fence.

Frankie: Pat doesn’t like you girl. Just saying…

Pat: I think that we are in a good place, but I don’t know if I would call her a friend currently. I wish her well though and she knows that.

Nina: Annika, you’re close with Tanya, what do you see in her that the others don’t?

Annika: She’s a sweetheart. She’s misunderstood for her unconventional ways. She is a good Mom and a great practitioner.

Tanya: Thank you babe. *hugs Annika*

Nina: Jazmine and Frankie, you both seem like you either don’t like Tanya or want to be bothered with her, why?

Jazmine: Cause I don’t want to be bothered with her. For YEARS Tanya has pulled on other people’s coattails for a story line.

Tanya: And what have YOU done, Jazmine. You’ve used other people the entire time you’ve been on the show.

Pat: I agree with Tanya. Jazmine would be nothing without others.

Jazmine: Who have I used?!

Angela: Jazmine, shut up! *rolls eyes*

Frankie: Tanya is a try hard. I don’t feel like Tanya really cares too much for me honestly. I feel like she’s not her true authentic self. I feel like once she gets in with someone she switches up her personality.

Tanya: That’s your opinion. *shrugs*

Nina: Angela, Tommy from Salt Lake asks “After Tanya stood up for you last season, what is your real issue with her?”

Angela: My issue with Tanya is really two things. The first, I never put my guard down from how she switched up on me as soon as cameras went up. Second, I can’t stand someone who plays professional victim. Tanya tries to create peace without acknowledging anything or changing her behavior. Maybe it’s also my fault for not really explaining this earlier.

Nina: Thank you Angela for your words. Ladies, we’ll be right back with your good friend Petra.

Jocelyn: Oh lord… *rolls eyes* Not her…


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