Season 4, Episode 19 “Reunion Part 2”

Season 4 Reunion Seating Chart
Nina Parker (Season 4 Reunion Host)

Nina: Annika, is there anyone here that you consider a friend?

Dr. Annika

Annika: In this room, Tanya. She’s been loyal both on and off screen.


Jocelyn: I don’t think she has friends. More of yes-men.


Makayla: Are you still impressed, Pat? *laughs*

Dr. Tanya

Tanya: Oh my gosh, ya’ll just SHUT UP! Seriously! SHUT UP! Let Annika TALK!

Jocelyn: Are you about to have another nervous breakdown Tanya?

Makayla: Tanya your screeching voice makes it worse stop talking.

Tanya: I’m telling grown women to follow rules and be polite for once in your fucking lives! UGHHHHHHH! Everyone SHUT UP and let’s get this reunion over with, otherwise we’ll be here FOREVER! My GOD, what is with you people?! You just wanna poke and poke and poke!

Makayla: *rolls eyes*

Frankie: Not Tanya talking about polite when she politely sat on another man’s crouch for a story line and cheated on her husband. Bye girl.

Nina: Okay ladies, I want to move on. Annika, I want to talk about the tweets. So first, do you understand how comments about someone’s home being dirty with mice or roaches, especially a black woman, could be considered racist?

Annika: To be honest, no. I’ve always been around black women and they’ve been nothing of the sort. So in my mind I wouldn’t connect the two.

Nina: You also tweeted about some of the cast looking like roaches and you also made a comment about a “soot face”… Do you understand how those comments can be racist?

Annika: With soot face, yes. It was an ignorant statement. Angela I would like to apologize. It was only in reference to your dusty make up. NOT your skin color.

Nina: Angela, do you accept the apology?

Angela: Apology NOT accepted. NEXT.

Makayla: Every word out of her mouth is just so ignorant!

Nina: Annika, there was a certain post made by The Real: Twitter that had everyone thinking you might have leaked the information about Makayla’s departure. Did you?

Annika: *pulls document from back and hands to Nina*

Nina: *looks at document* What is this?

Annika: It’s a police report. I was being escorted by my Assistant Georgia. She leaked the information and she’s since been fired.

Tanya: OOP!

Pat: *laughs*

Frankie: So YOU leaked it basically is what you’re telling us.

Angela: LIAR! LIAR!

Jocelyn: Don’t put this on Georgia, Annika!

Tanya: Oh my gosh, Annika. NOTHING is good enough for these bitches!

Nina: Annika, Joy from Arizona asks “Annika, you made horrible comments on your tweets but instead of apologizing, you doubled down and blamed production! What is wrong with you”

Annika: Production blatantly called me racist and it’s a fucking lie. I stand by that.

Nina: Tanya what did you think of the comments? You seemed a bit quiet about them.

Tanya: I have said my thoughts on the situation before. Annika is NOT racist. Her comments weren’t right though but she’s apologized for them.

Makayla: Oh my gosh, shut the FUCK up Tanya.

Angela: She’s gotten platform after platform to express her racist views and Tanya has enabled her. End of story!

Nina: Jocleyn, you were going back and forth with Petra on twitter and you made a comment saying “Go play with your man’s guts and keep him from hoping on all these dicks #sissy do you understand how a comment like this could be considered homophobic?

Annika: EXACTLY! Because NO ONE talks about that. Homophobic!

Jocelyn: Well let me address it.

Annika: Homophobic!

Pat: Jocelyn didn’t mean it like that.

Annika: Pat, you can’t make excuses for that.

Tanya: *whispers* Annika, look at how these ladies will defend Jocelyn’s disgusting comments in a second. It’s such a double standard.

Annika: Right!

Jocelyn: Looking back, I can take FULL ACCOUNTABILITY for my comments. I have since educated myself and actually my daughter, Nicole, spoke to me about that comment. I want to apologize to Gunter and Petra and the world for my comments. When she comes out, i’ll let her know that too. I don’t double down on comments and try to spew the light on the next woman. Annika does.

Annika: Now she’s using her lesbian daughter. Okay. *rolls eyes*

Jocelyn: Annika, shut up!

Nina: Pat, you got into it on Twitter with Frankie who thought you didn’t say enough against Annika’s tweets. Frankie, do you feel like Pat was forceful enough with Annika?

Frankie: No. Not at all.

Pat: I admit, I wasn’t at first because I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation and the comments. I’m a white girl. I didn’t get any of it. But after some come to Jesus moments and conversations with my friends and sisters, I feel like I was educated enough to speak out later on. But I should of came out against it immediately and to all the ladies on the other couch, I apologize.

Annika: Saying that I’m a racist to anyone who truly knows me is a major stretch.

Pat: But what you said WAS, Annika. That’s the point.

Annika: What I said was uneducated not racially motivated. Don’t enhance the narrative.

Nina: I want to move on past this conversation. If you all would please.. Its a lot to take in but I appreciate everyone speaking on it. Angela and Makayla had a conversation about Leo before Makayla left the show… do you think there’s more to this Angela or do you believe Makayla? Believing she left because of Annika…

Angela: I think she didn’t want to be around a racist. I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t and won’t be either. This is the last contact I will have with Annika and if she returns, I’m OUT.

Annika: *rolls eyes*

Nina: Production has a statement I would like to read before we move on. “In the episode when we revealed Annika’s tweets, we did not edit anything. We posted the tweets for the viewers to have an understanding of why Makayla decided to leave the show. The production team, at the time, decided not to fire Dr. Annika. We stand by that decision because racism and racial issues should be a part of the conversation. Annika being fired at that moment would not have allowed the important conversation that was to follow.”

Frankie: Yikes.

Angela: *rolls eyes at statement*

Nina: Makayla before you go is there anything you want to say?

Makayla: *sighs* I just want to say thank you to everyone involved in this show cast, crew, etc. it’s been a fabulous journey and I’m sad to go but being around a racist is not for me so I hope production gets their act together and hands out some pink slips. Because this is a great show and for one bad apple to be the downfall of it is extremely sad. I love you Frankie, Angela, Jocelyn, and even you Pat!

Nina: Makayla, thank you so much for joining us, I know I missed you this season and I hope to see you soon! We are going to take a quick break then Doctor Jazmine Newark will be joining us!

Jocelyn: We love you too Kayla! *blows kiss*

Angela: I wish you well, Makayla. *smiles*

Makayla: *blows kisses to everyone and walks off set*

Nina: Welcome back to the Married to Medicine Twitter season 4 Reunion. I am Nina Parker and we are now joined by Dr. Jazmine Newark… hello Jazmine!

Dr. Jazmine (Jocelyn’s Friend)

Jazmine: *sits down by Frankie* Hey, hey!

Nina: Frankie this season we saw you struggle from taking on two children to your brother’s illness and even contemplated switching careers but with your friends around you, including new friend Jazmine, you truly pulled through.. Take a look. *Video plays of Frankie’s season including her shower, her children, her brother Dallas and his illness. Video also shows Jazmine returning to the show and starting a friendship with Frankie* Frankie, I feel like we always get some realness everytime I see you on my screen. You are so unapologetically you. Where do you get that?

Frankie: I never want to not be able to have someone relate to me in some type of way and my brother and I talked about talking about this on the show and we both decided that it would be a great opportunity to show the ups and downs of cancer. I can’t be anything unauthentic Nina.

Nina: How is Dallas? We saw a lot of him this season. How is his health now and is he SINGLE? *Laughs*

Pat: He is HOT! *laughs*

Jazmine: *laughs* lord Jesus!

Nina: I agree! He is HOT HOT HOT!

Tanya: Well Patty Pat, now that you & Tom are separated you can try some Dallas. *laughs*

Frankie: So, all jokes aside… Dallas has been getting weaker. Not being able to hold fluids down, he’s in bed all the time and he’s grown weaker just within a couple of weeks of chemo and radiation. So it’s a lot for me to take in.

Pat: Oh no… Frankie…

Angela: Oh my gosh! Wow… *rubs Frankie’s back* I’m sending him good energy.

Frankie: That’s the part of oncology that I really hate and dislike because I’m potentially watching someone die. That’s why I became a Physical Therapist instead.

Nina: Frankie… I’m SO sorry. We will continue to keep him in our thoughts & prayers.

Frankie: Thank you, Nina. I appreciate it.

Jocelyn: We saw him drinking Tequila. I was confused, anyone else?

Angela: Joc… not right now.

Tanya: I personally feel that’s tasteless to say, Jocelyn. If you really care about Frankie, you would bring that up to her privately. Not at the reunion in front of the world. The poor guy is fighting for his life.

Jocelyn: And I feel if you really cared about me you would not be talking to me.

Nina: Frankie, since it was brought up… do you have any response to what Jocelyn is saying?

Frankie: I do. *turns and looks at Jocelyn* My brother is a grown ass man and yes he did take shot of tequila and that was a mistake in his part. My brother and I have had the conversation about the dangers and what that will do to not only his cancer, his blood work, and liver….HOWEVER, for my friend’s gossiping ass low balled blogger of a husband to sit around and motherfuckin kiki about my brother taking a drink and then have the nerve to NEVER check on him is crazy to me. That’s some real fraud shit right there. I don’t know what your husband has going on but blogging and gossiping about other people’s lives ain’t it.

Jocelyn: First off, what you will not do is speak to my husband like that. You have no clue what he had done with Dallas and hopefully he can be of help to him.

Frankie: I JUST DID!

Jocelyn: You need to be mad at your folks, not mine.

Frankie: Okay, Jocelyn. *rolls eyes*

Jocelyn: I’m sure you got enough issues going on with Vince and your brother. Stay out of mine. Because I didn’t drink the tequila.

Frankie: I don’t have any issues with Vince at the moment, tomorrow might be something else but I hope your finances are in order so we don’t see your W2 on a blog somewhere submitted by that huzzband of yours.

Pat: Oh lord…

Jocelyn: Oh trust me, they are in order. I don’t want to have to be in the situation you’re in. You’re a FRAUD!

Angela: Enough! This is going too far!

Nina: Ladies! What is happening here?! I thought you guys were friends?

Tanya: Jocelyn’s obviously NOT Frankie’s friend.

Nina: Ladies, let’s move on. We’re obviously not going to get anywhere with this right now. So Tanya, there were rumors that you weren’t happy that Jazmine was back on the show.

Tanya: I did want Jazmine back for season 4 so I’m not sure where that rumor came from. I have messages to prove it.

Jazmine: See you’re lying. You wanted me to come back in my face but was complaining about it to other producers. Girl you are a liar. You lied about sending clients to me as well.

Tanya: I sent clients to you. If they didn’t go to you, that’s their decision. But I did send them to you.

Jazmine: Whatever, girl.

Nina: Frankie, I want to talk about your Mommy party. Everything looked gorgeous! Were you happy with the day? It seemed all the ladies behaved themselves for once.

Frankie: I was very excited for the ladies to see London & Jordan. Nothing makes for better conversation than motherhood.

Nina: Pat, Julie from Ontario says “You left Frankie’s shower in quite a hurry when Jazmine arrived. Why?”

Pat: Well, I’ve said that Jazmine likes an audience and I wanted to chat with her one-on-one. Not with the whole group.

Jazmine: Girl. PLEASE! You and this audience thing is tired.

Pat: You’re tired!

Annika: She lives for an audience and air time so I get that.

Nina: Annika and Frankie, you guys sort of bonded at that party, especially when it came to Dallas and his illness. Anything to add about it and do you think that you both were being genuine?

Annika: I’ve been there for Dallas this entire time. I lost my Mother to cancer when I was a child so I sympathize. It’s the reason I practice medicine. He’s a great friend. I just wish I would be able to bond with Frankie because after that party, we didn’t bond like we said we would. She’s so busy licking her friends pussy she hates me for NO reason.

Frankie: I just feel like I was being sincere in trying to move forward and open up which I have a hard time doing so for you to get in your confessional and be the complete opposite wasn’t surprising to me. However, at the same time it made me question your authenticity with the conversation.

Annika: Frankie, after that party you YOURSELF said in your confessional that I was fake. So you’re just being a hypocrite right now.

Frankie: Yeah because I felt the conversation with me was fake.

Annika: Whatever, I’ve been good to you Frankie.

Frankie: You’ve been good to DALLAS, not Frankie. But let’s move on. I’m over it!

Nina: Jazmine I want to ask about your sit down with Pat. Ciara from Houston asks “Jazmine did you go into the meeting with Pat to fight? It always seems you want to fight as soon as you start an intense conversation?”

Jazmine: First of all- Ciara you must’ve watched everything but that scene. Pat came in hostile not me!

Tanya: Ciara I agree with ya chile! Glad someone else sees it.

Jazmine: Tanya aren’t you finished for the day? Bye guest!

Tanya: I’ve been a cast member for 4 seasons and I was one of the original people cast. You’ve been a guest for like 2.5 seasons so girl, BYE!

Pat: I wasn’t hostile to you at all… You got hostile when I said bankruptcy.

Jazmine: Pat you were sooo ready to throw my situation in my face.

Nina: Pat, you revealed to Jazmine some damaging things about her husband and his job but you wouldn’t reveal the source, why?

Jazmine: Because those same sources have tea on her *laughs* damn hypocritical bitch.

Pat: What Tea? See how aggressive you are?! Like what did I ever actually do to you Jazmine?

Jazmine: Pat, I’m not playing with you tonight!

Pat: Play with me, BITCH! DO IT!

Jazmine: Okay, game on. Someone sent me a PHOTO of Pat hugged up with green eyes. That’s the REAL reason why Pat & Tom are separated.

Pat: What are you talking about Jazmine? You’re so dumb and desperate.

Jazmine: You’re the one kissing and hugging in the streets where EVERYONE can see. You thought Tom was gonna die and used that opportunity to fuck around!

Pat: Shut the FUCK up about Tom!

Jazmine: MAKE ME! *stands up* MAKE ME BITCH!

Jocelyn: Oh my GOD! *gasps*





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