Season 4 Episode 18 “Reunion Part 1”

13 min readMar 15, 2021
Andy Cohen

Andy: Hello everyone, I wanted to start out the Married To Medicine Twitter season 4 reunion by saying that Bravo, the producers, and myself have decided that due to the nature and subject matter of this season, it would be better if someone else hosted this reunion. We asked Nina Parker to do the honors and we know that she’ll do a fantastic job. This is a first in Bravo history, but like they always say… there’s a first for everything.

Season 4 Reunion Seating Chart

*Shows a montage of the ladies leaving their dressing rooms, walking out to their seats and mingling with one another*

Producer: Ladies, sit down and get comfy… quiet on the set, everyone! We’re about to start. Is everyone ready? 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… action!

Nina Parker (Season 4 Reunion Host)

Nina: Hello everybody, I am Nina Parker and welcome to the “Married to Medicine Twitter” Season 4 Reunion! I know you are used to seeing Andy in this chair but because of the tone of this season, Bravo and the “Married to Medicine Twitter” Production team thought it would be only necessary for a woman of color to host the reunion. Ladies I am thrilled to be with you all, I am a huge fan of the show, so let’s get started! Dr. Frankie, How are you? And how’s Dallas doing?

Dr. Frankie

Frankie: *smiling* Hey Nina! I’m good. Dallas is going through a couple complications right now with his cancer but it’s a lot going on Nina, I can tell you that.

Nina: I am so sorry to hear that. I’m sure we will get into more on your story later. *looks at Tanya* Hi, Dr. Tanya! Ready for today?

Dr. Tanya

Tanya: Heyyy, Nina! I’m as ready as i’ll ever be. *laughs*

Nina: Wonderful! The self proclaimed Queen herself, Pat.. how are you? How is the new house?


Pat: *Laughs* I’m good Nina. And actually… *pauses* I’m not actually living in the new house anymore. Tom and I have decided to separate.

Tanya: Oh my gosh…

Nina: *gasps* Pat its been 3 mins and you are already dropping bombs?

Pat: Well… it’s what’s really happening in my life. *chuckles*

Nina: Well… we will talk more on that later. Doctor Angela, how’s the medical center?

Dr. Angela

Angela: The medical center is booming! I’m so grateful for its success and I owe a good portion of it to being on this show.

Nina: Black Girl MAGIC!! Congrats!!

Angela: Thank you!

Dr. Annika

Nina: Dr. Annika, welcome to your first reunion! You look Amazing!

Annika: Thank you Nina! I’m so thrilled to be here.

Nina: Last but certainly not least, Jocelyn! Very tough season for you, how are you holding up?


Jocelyn: I’m well! Donovan and I just came back from Mexico and we had a great bonding time. I offer my love to Pat and Tom because I know splitting can be hard…

Pat: *smiles* Thank you Jocelyn.

Nina: So happy to hear that Jocelyn!! Ladies this season was by far the most dramatic we have ever seen. People all over social media commented on how dark the story lines were, but the importance of the tough conversations you all had. Pat, I want to start with you, what did you think about the tone of the season?

Pat: Filming this season was interesting to say the least, I do think watching it back that it was rough. I always say year after year we get better and better but this year seemed… off.

Jocelyn: This season was very, very different to say the least. Not only was it difficult, but I hope and pray it was educational to people all over the nation and I’ll just leave it there.

Angela: I think this season set us back after such a great one last year. We didn’t need new additions, we had a strong group- even with Tanya.

Nina: This season certainly was one for the books especially with the mid-season exit of Makayla Roberts. Ladies, what were your reactions to Makayla leaving the show?

Pat: *Rolls eyes* It was quite perfect timing for Makayla to leave.

Frankie: I was sad to see her go because I wanted to see her & Patricia at least make up.

Annika: Honestly, It’s kind of pathetic that she used me as a scapegoat. I didn’t know her at all.

Tanya: I wish Makayla didn’t go in the way she did. I had an awful time this season and I didn’t quit.

Angela: I felt Makayla should have had a conversation with everyone before she decided to step away. We deserved that much!

Nina: Ladies, I was going to ask Annika directly, but it seems she already came out and said it… by a show of hands who thinks Annika was the reason Makayla quit?

Angela: *looks around blankly*

Pat: *looks around*

Jocelyn: *raises hand*

Nina: Jocelyn, care to elaborate?

Jocelyn: Yes I do. I feel Annika played a major role in Makayla’s decision to leave. Her bitterness and blatant disrespect almost led me to leave as well. So I definitely believe that was apart of Makayla’s decision.

Tanya: *rolls eyes and whispers to Annika* Such BS…

Nina: Well let’s find out why she left, Makayla come on out! Hello Makayla!

Tanya: Oh lord, here we go!


Makayla: *walks on set* Hello, hello! *sits down next to Frankie*

Nina: Makayla, we really didn’t get to see your personal story line this season as you left pretty abruptly so I have a couple questions for you… First how is everything with the kids and Leo?

Makayla: *smiles* Everything is fabulous with my family! We’re doing wonderful I’m enjoying all of the time I get with them now. Leo is Leo just busy working and providing for his family.

Nina: What’s going on with the medspa? Has it continued to be successful?

Makayla: The MedSpa is our biggest source of income right now. I’ve taken a step back from management, but I still drop in here and there. It’s really blown up and clearly has inspired others to do the same. Like cousin It over there. *looks at Annika*

Nina: We are going to get into the allegations made by the ladies about your departure from the show in a little bit but was there anything that you wish we got to see this season?

Makayla: Just the bond I have with my children and my new life as a mother. It’s really rough!

Nina: Ladies, this season began like none other before. After the altercation at last season’s Reunion, we saw Makayla a little bit on the outs but after some time, conversation and a weekend at Angela’s Beach House.. Were the ladies back on a track to friendship or was it headed for another derailment? Let’s take a look! *Flashback to the reunion, and Angela’s beach house weekend* WHEW Much to get into! Pat I want to start with you. The altercation at the reunion. Do you think you provoked Makayla?

Pat: Absolutely not.. I approached her to bring her back to the couch so we can finish the conversation. I think she wanted to attack me to be honest.

Nina: Makayla, do you regret hitting Pat?

Makayla: I do regret it now that I look back on it. It wasn’t lady like and I did mean my apology at the beach house. I would hate my daughter to grow up and see her mother acting in such a manner. So Pat again, I’m sorry for putting my hands on you and I’m not asking to be your friend but I’m asking for forgiveness and to move forward.

Pat: Thank you Makayla! I truly appreciate that.

Nina: Makayla when you left the reunion, you called Leo. He seemed more upset that you hit Pat then Pat provoking you. Why was this?

Angela: He’s a weirdo!

Pat: *Laughs* Ang

Makayla: Leo was mad for the same reason I just said. He hates that what happened is out there in the world to see and could forever follow me. Leo also knew how much Pat would’ve enjoyed suing and potentially getting money from us… Leo’s words not mine.

Nina: Speaking of that…Anglea, Tara from Sydney said “You told Pat she should press charges, do you still feel that way?”

Angela: I said that? *laughs*

Pat: Yes…. Angela.. *laughs*

Angela: I’m sorry, I genuinely didn’t remember. But, I don’t feel that way. I think I said it out of my anger with Makayla from the season, honestly.

Nina: Pat why didn’t you press charges? And when you were at the beach house Makayla “apologized” do you believe she was genuine?

Pat: I didn’t press charges because Makayla and I have a true friendship. So that was definitely a huge part of it… And yes, I did think she was genuine in her apology.

Makayla: Thank you, Pat! *smiles*

Nina: I want to switch gears to the beach house weekend. Angela what was your intention with having all the ladies to your house? Did you think any fences could be mended? I mean ya’ll were so divided!

Angela: I wanted to step into the role of peace-maker as I was on fairly good terms with everyone after the reunion. I thought that we needed a repair of the group because the returning cast members were all friends or friendly at one time or another. Clearly, it didn’t work.

Nina: Tanya we saw you on a bit of an apology tour prior to the weekend. Do you think that helped going into the weekend?

Pat: Tanya is always on an apology tour *laughs*

Jocelyn: Desperate times causes for desperate measures. Nothing new with that one.

Angela: I think Tanya’s problem is her inauthentic spirit which can’t be solved through apologies.

Tanya: Nina, can I speak?! Because I am Tanya! The rest of these bitches seem like they WISH they could be me since they keep speaking for me!

Frankie: Whew girl!

Angela: No one wants to be a delusional swinger…

Jocelyn: *laughs* I don’t think anyone wants to be you dear. Cheating on my husband, fooling with patients? Horrible mother? I’m good.

Tanya: Okay Jocelyn, just keep coming for me with made up shit. I think we ALL do the best we can as Mom’s. The fact that you want to come for my role as a Mother is DISGUSTING. I would NEVER come for you as a parent, Jocelyn. NEVER.

Jocelyn: Whatever… *rolls eyes*

Tanya: Nina, to answer your question… I wanted to genuinely apologize to these ladies at that point. I truly felt bad for how I treated them last year.

Nina: We are going to get more into your friendships with the ladies in a little bit Tanya… Jocelyn, we saw you and Pat have a much needed conversation to hopefully get on a path towards a friendship.. Do you think you were successful?

Jocelyn: Definitely! Pat and I are GREAT! From my perspective we are…

Nina: What do you think, Pat?

Pat: Definitely!! Finally. I think that was a turning point for us.

Jocelyn: I was just so honestly tired of arguing with her. We literally argued, non-stop for 2 years!

Nina: I want to talk about Annika coming to the beach house. Ladies most of you seemed a bit unwelcoming. Why?

Annika: Because they felt threatened.

Tanya: They weren’t welcoming to Annika because she’s gorgeous and they felt like she was going to take over the show.

Jocelyn: Nina, let’s be clear… I wasn’t unwelcoming. It was clear I was nothing but nice to her at that event she spoke at. She took fun shade and ran with it and it all fell from there.

Angela: As the owner of the house, she wasn’t invited. Not to mention she had the nerve to walk in my house like I was a stranger and she hadn’t been talking shit for years.

Nina: Pat, do you regret inviting Annika without permission?

Pat: I only regret that I didn’t call Angela first, I wasn’t aware there was a history that could lead to something… so to Angela, I apologize.

Angela: Thank you for your apology, Pat.

Annika: Honestly Nina, I never had an issue with Angela prior to the beach house.

Angela: Why is this girl lying?!

Annika: Not lying, but okay… *rolls eyes*

Makayla: Honestly, I didn’t even know Annika well enough to be unwelcoming to her. I barely said two words to her.

Nina: Makayla. You say you don’t remember her but you left the show because of her?

Makayla: I didn’t leave because of her I left because she’s a racist bitch. Leo didn’t want me around her so I left the show that simple.

Nina: Okay.. Let put a pin in that for a moment. Annika, did you feel welcome? I mean you left to stay at a local hotel because you saw a mouse soooo I guess that answer is no?

Annika: I felt uncomfortable by them making fun of my gluten intolerance. Angela was extremely rude. And yes their were an abundance of bugs and a mouse. It was unsanitary.

Nina: Did anyone else see a mouse?

Pat: Everyone knows if I saw a mouse I would of screamed bloody murder.

Jocelyn: I didn’t see any rodents.

Tanya: Annika took a photo of what was in HER room and I saw mice and bugs. However I didn’t see any in my room.

Jocelyn: Tanya is such a liar! *laughs* Girl, you know you didn’t see a damn thing. You’re just trying to save that friendship.

Tanya: I’m telling ya’ll the truth! She sent me a photo, but I never saw any in MY room!

Nina: Okay, I think we have our answer here... let’s move on. I want to talk about that explosive dinner. Frankie you called Pat some names which had you both in each others faces, Frankie you looked like you wanted to pull Pat’s hair… what is the deal with your relationship?

Frankie: At the time I felt Pat was putting rape on my name and I did not like that shit. Her good girlfriend with the weave had said in a tweet that I raped her which is a federal charge. So my whole thing is Pat never stopped it, you just let it go on and on and on. But Pat & I are in a good place.

Pat: Yes we are, Frankie!

Nina: Jocelyn at the final brunch you and the other ladies received an alert from the tabloids that you were evicted from the space that was your modeling school.. Tell me about how you felt in that moment…

Jocelyn: I felt horrible! I was absolutely crushed because my friends knew how hard it took for me to decide to reopen it.

Annika: You didn’t have the funds to keep it open. Be honest.

Jocelyn: Girl I play for you. I can’t differentiate between your pride and insecurity. They are both a dangerous disease and you suffer from a severe case. I’m praying.

Annika: I don’t need your prayer.

Jocelyn: You need a performance because you ain’t getting at home. Mind your business and stay your busted ass over there because all you can do is talk!

Annika: *rolls eyes*

Nina: Ladies, ENOUGH. We have to move on.

Nina: This season we were introduced to a New Doctor, Dr. Annika. As a hard working mother, doctor and pioneer for women’s empowerment, the stars were aligned for Annika until tweets about her cast members landed her in hot water.. Let’s take a look *Video plays of Annikas time on the show, her relationship with her Husband, her children, buying Jocelyn’s space for her own business, the tweets about the ladies, Makayla departing and the conversation about racism* Okay.. Lots to discuss.. I want to start light because a lot of this is triggering to many people here, including myself. Annika, how do you balance the doctor side with the mom side? I’m sure it has its challenges due to your husband really wanting you to take on the traditional mother/wife duties…

Annika: I’ve always been privileged and educated, my marriage and businesses have always been very lucrative and surrounded by nothing but the best. Motherhood and marriage come very naturally. Because I’m so nurturing. *laughs*

Nina: Annika, you and Pat seemed to bond really quick. Pat, what did you like about Annika?

Frankie: I mean probably the plastic surgery! *laughs*

Pat: Well, I didn’t know much about her except for her women empowerment speeches. I was impressed by what I heard and I thought she would be awesome for the show.

Angela: She would be great for Tiger King.

Nina: Annika, is there anyone here that you consider a friend?

Annika: In this room, Tanya. She’s been loyal both on and off screen.

Jocelyn: I don’t think she has friends. More of yes-men.

Makayla: Are you still impressed, Pat? *laughs*

Tanya: Oh my gosh, ya’ll just SHUT UP! Seriously! SHUT UP! Let Annika TALK!

Jocelyn: Are you about to have another nervous breakdown Tanya?

Makayla: Tanya your screeching voice makes it worse stop talking.

Tanya: I’m telling grown women to follow rules and be polite for once in your fucking lives! UGHHHHHHH!


NEXT TIME ON PART 2 of “The Married To Medicine Twitter Reunion”: Dr. Annika answers tough question; Jazmine joins the group and her loyalty shocks all; Kara joins the reunion as Pat talks about the shocking separation from Tom!




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