Season 4, Episode 14 “Dubai Daze”

16 min readFeb 26, 2021


Dr. Frankie & Dallas (Frankie’s Brother)

Dallas: That’s some bullshit, bro. My sister is hurting and you don’t give a FUCK!

Dr. Annika & Hassan (Annika’s Husband)

Annika: Hey Dallas, it’s okay… let him speak.

Dallas: It’s not okay! He doesn’t care. She’s hurting! Not giving her the reassurance she needs. I see why the marriage is failing.

Dr. Tanya & John (Tanya’s Husband)

Tanya: You know what? I’m done. *gets up* John, we’re done. Let’s go.

Jocelyn & Dr. Donovan (Jocelyn’s Husband)

Jocelyn: What’s going on?

Tanya: John’s nervous, he can barely speak. He doesn’t handle emotional situations well but he’s a great man and you all are trying to make him look like a complete ASS! I fucked up, NOT my husband.

Dallas: A great man? My sister is hurting! You’re BOTH crazy.

Dr. Angela & Dr. Mahir (Angela’s Husband)

Angela: You all skipped out on the group last night, now you’re ruining this night. You’re such a piece of shit, Tanya!

Tanya: *yells while crying* I’m DONE! John, let’s go. *looks at producers and crew members* Look guys, I’m DONE. Seriously guys, let me go home! I can’t take this shit anymore!

Jocelyn: Why is Tanya leaving?

Pat & Dr. Tom (Pat’s Husband)

Pat: This is ridiculous! Tanya, sit down!

Jocelyn’s Confessional: Every time the fire get too hot, Tanya starts to scurry.

Angela’s Confessional: We were really getting into some deep stuff. Tanya has an outburst finally realizing she has no place in our group, I mean it took her long enough!


Fatima: Tanya, please sit down. Everyone sit down and let’s allow the people in the center of the circle to be the only one’s to speak. Thank you.

Tanya: *takes a deep breath and sits down*

Fatima: Okay, now that everyone is sitting… Jocelyn and Mahir, you are the next couple. Please come to the center.

Jocelyn: Well, I suppose I’ll go first. I’m sure everyone knows what’s going on in my life right now and it’s a lot. Fortunately, my sister and I talked with a therapist separately the other day, and we are doing well now. However, Donovan and I are not. The communication is off, the support it lacking, and it’s almost like he just doesn’t care about me or this marriage anymore and it hurts. Tremendously.

Mahir: Do you feel that you are good at communicating with Donovan? Are you understanding him and his feelings or do you get defensive?

Jocelyn: Honestly, before this whole fiasco started, we communicated fine. Well, at least I thought we did, but with you saying that, I can recall me getting a bit aggressive or defensive when communicating with him.

Mahir: I think you two need to set boundaries and stop being afraid of being wrong.

Jocelyn: I agree. It’s just tough right now. We really need to have a conversation with each other and get to a point where it isn’t tension between us. I appreciate that.

Angela’s Confessional

Angela’s Confessional: You’re mad at the man that gives you money to start businesses but not at the woman that made you lose them?! Come on, Jocelyn!

Mahir: Well, I’ll give up a little of our business. I want another child and Angela doesn’t. She feels her career is elevating and she won’t have time to run a new medical complex while tending to a newborn. She doesn’t believe in hiring help but I’ve told her I’d consider leaving ER for a year or two to be a full time Dad if it means we’d get another baby.

Jocelyn: Well, it would be wonderful for Angela and you to have another child, but as we always say with a woman in a male dominant field, it can be tough. However, it is good that she’s considering the amount of attentiveness that’ll be needed that she doesn’t have. It’s probably time you call it quits, and just cherish the time with the children you have now.

Mahir: That’s a good point. We’ve been through a lot already and we have 4 children to raise as it is.

Jocelyn: Well, just cherish the time with the kids now and your wife!

Mahir: *nods*

Fatima: I think this is a perfect time to move on to our final couple! Angela and Donovan, come to the center.

Donovan: *goes to middle and rubs hands* The time I’ve been waiting for.

Angela: Oh no, Dr. Donovan. You look up to no good rubbing your hands like Birdman.

Donovan: *laughs* I’m just hoping for a change

Fatima: Angela, why don’t you go first?

Angela: Sure. As Mahir said, I don’t want to have another child. I had complications with my last pregnancy and I’m at a new height of my career. On top of that, I’m helping my daughter transition with her biological father being back in Twitter. It’s just a lot at this time and I think we’re past the point of expanding our family, we have to focus on strengthening the unit we have.

Angela’s Confessional: I know some will say that I should give him what he wants, he’s offering to be a stay-at-home dad, you have the money, all that. But it’s selfish to think only in terms of ourselves when bringing a new life into the world. People have children all the time in unhappy marital situations, one of them is in the group right now. And you all know who that is!

Donovan: I can speak for the men. Sometimes we don’t realize what women go through during pregnancies and we just think, we can have a baby at anytime with no possible problems and that’s not the case. I can remember trying to get Jocelyn to have another child and I didn’t realize why she said no. It’s ultimately all about communication. Talk it out, come to an agreement and weigh the pros and cons. Of course, with all you have going on it may not be the best thing for you to do, but you need to talk with Mahir to help him realize that or at least come to a compromise.

Angela: *looks back at Mahir* Listen to your boy, he’s basically said the woman is always right. *laughs* Just kidding Donovan, I hear you.

Donovan: *laughs* Not always right. I hope that helped though.

Annika’s Confessional

Annika’s Confessional: Angela is full of excuses and bullshit. She had no issue adding a baby daddy to her roaster before her *air quotations* career. Mahir needs to come back to the community that adores him. Instead of being with a woman that’s ruining his image.

Angela: Well now talk to us because you sir are in the hot seat.

Donovan: Oh God it’s a lot. Long story short, Jocelyn and I are in an awful place. I don’t think she realized how distant she became when she started reopening the school. I paid for the school, and I’m not saying that means she needs to commit to me 24/7, but at least give me something. A message, conversation, an “I love you”. Something.

Angela: Well Donovan, it sounds to me that you have a little resentment because she’s taking up a project.

Donovan: I disagree. There’s no resentment. I just want you to still show me love and act like a wife to me. Balance your personal life and your businesses. That’s all I ask.

Angela: I hear that. I heard you say that you want balance from her but it takes a lot to open a school. What were you compromising?

Donovan: Well…

Angela: Donovan, I don’t mean for this to come off harsh but…*sighs* did you have a hand in breaking Jocelyn’s reputation as a businesswoman?

Jazmine: Oh Lord Jesus…

Donovan: *looks* Well..since Angela asked this question, I’ll just admit that I was harboring some feelings and I did have a hand in releasing the news to the blogs about Jocelyn’s business. I felt that was the only thing I could do to bring us back, but it made us worse.

Pat: *gasps*

Jocelyn: *lays head on table and starts crying*

Angela: I appreciate you being honest, Donovan. But you do know that you’ll have to fix this.

Donovan: *nods* And I really hate that I even did this to my wife.

Angela: You need to apologize, like profusely. I see why she didn’t want you here.

Pat: Hey everyone, I think it’s time we go… Jocelyn and Donovan need alone time. *walks over and hugs Jocelyn* Stay strong.

Jocelyn: Thank you… *shakes hand staring in embarrassment*

Pat’s Confessional

Pat’s Confessional: Jocelyn and Donovan need time alone. It’s best for everyone to go.

Tanya: *walks away quietly with Annika & Hassan*

John: *walks separately from Tanya*

Frankie: *hugs Jocelyn* I’m sorry. Dallas & I are here for you.

Jazmine: Yeah… I think it’s time for us to go too babe. Jocelyn, call me later sis. I love you.

Jocelyn: Love you too. I’ll talk to you all soon.

Jocelyn & Dr. Donovan

Jocelyn: *sitting in dismay* I can’t believe you, Donovan. I loved you and I would’ve never did anything to purposely hurt you *cries* and how you just humiliated me, I have no words!

Donovan: *walks over and kneels besides Jocelyn* I’m sorry. I never wanted to hurt you, it was just a cry out. I thought it would bring us closer..I’m sorry. I feel really bad.

Jocelyn: There aren’t enough “sorry’s” you can say that’ll fix this. You and I need to fix this and if that’s not what you want to do, we might as well file once we get back home.

Donovan: I don’t want a divorce Jocelyn. You know our connection and our bond. We just need to get it back. I hate that I did what I did.

Jocelyn’s Confessional

Jocelyn’s Confessional: Donovan and I need to just sit down and have the serious conversations that we’ve been avoiding all this time. Enough of the games. It’s time to get REAL.

Jocelyn: We need to get a therapist and do the right things. When are you coming back home?

Donovan: After this trip.

Jocelyn: And you need to admit to who invited you, too.

Donovan: Tanya invited me babe. It was all her and I knew I should’ve told you, but I didn’t feel it was good timing.

Jocelyn: WHAT?! Are you serious!?

Donovan: I swear on my LIFE, Joc.

Jocelyn’s Confessional: Tanya has pulled a lot of sneaky shit and I’m over her shenanigans. She’ll get what she’s asking for if she keeps playing with me and my family.

Jocelyn: Let’s just go back to the hotel, I’m tired of everything at this point. *grabs Donovan’s hand and walks to the golf cart with him as the scene ends*

Dr. Tanya (Psychiatrist)

Tanya: *waiting on the bus for the other two ladies*

Tanya’s Confessional

Tanya’s Confessional: Yes, I’m still here… I’m not gonna leave yet. I’ve been stressed and I almost had a meltdown, but I’m good. I’m going to try and get through this trip. I think with my girl Annika by my side, I can make it.

Dr. Annika (Plastic Surgeon)

Annika: *walks on the bus* Hey, Tanya! *hugs Tanya*

Tanya: *hugs Annika* Hey babe! You’re looking gorg as always

Dr. Angela (Pediatrician)

Angela: *walks on the bus* Hello, hello. Angela is here! We can leave now.

Annika: *stiff smile* Angela. Hello.

Tanya: Hi, Angela! Nice to see you.

Annika: Hi, hi. *checks appearance in phone camera* Oh pearly whites, I love to see it.

Annika’s Confessional: Why was Angela invited on our shopping trip? No fucking idea. She said she wanted to go to the market and we were the only one’s going… so we’re stuck with her. *rolls eyes*

Angela: *puts phone away* Are we ready to go?

Tanya: Yep! Let’s go.

*bus drives off*

Angela: *gets out and starts walking around the market* So Tanya, did John get a different hotel room for himself? He doesn’t seem too fond of you now.

Tanya: Yes, he’s in a different room.

Annika: *links arms with Tanya* yes, how are you feeling about all of that? It was really unfortunate how everyone reacted.

Tanya: Thanks, Annika. I just wanna say girl, you have been the sweetest and most supportive.

Angela: Are you two okay? Is a divorce looming?

Tanya: Angela, I’m not really close with you and I don’t think you care what happens with my marriage or not.

Angela: I don’t but you’re around so we might as well talk about it.

Tanya: *rolls eyes*

Tanya’s Confessional: Angela doesn’t give a fuck about my marriage, so i’m not about to tell her about my personal life. She’ll just take it and use it against me later.

Tanya: Now ladies, I have to be honest. I’m getting exhausted, chile. This group has finally wore me out I think. I honestly feel like I just need a break because I feel like no matter what I do, it’s not good enough for some of the ladies in the group. And then people were attacking my husband, when this shit is my fault. So that’s why I kind of broke down and walked off.

Annika: Awww hunni, I have to be honest… And Angela I’m talking you when I say this, you need to stop bullying her. It’s not okay! She’s really trying. You need to start minding your business.

Angela: *sarcastically yawns* Ooo, are these oils? They probably smell amazing *leans down to test some*

Tanya: Annika, she doesn’t care. No use wasting your breath because she doesn’t give a fuck.

Annika: Exactly. She knows better and that’s why she’s quiet. Tanya, you need to stop letting this group get to you. They feel you’re an easy target.

Angela: *rolls eyes*

Angela’s Confessional: This girl just came around the group 30 seconds ago, I’ve known Tanya for as long as she’s had children. Drink another Xanax smoothie, Mrs. Women’s Empowerment.

Tanya: Its been going on for years, Annika. For about 3 years now and I’m just done.

Angela: If I was one of the people you are so tired of, why am I here? *laughs* I could have stayed with real friends.

Tanya: Sweetie, you’re here because you were told to be.

Angela: Exactly.

Tanya: If they *points at cameras* weren’t here, you wouldn’t be. You have repeatedly told me to go to hell and die, that I’m a whore, you don’t give a fuck.

Angela: I’m glad you caught on but don’t act as if you haven’t said terrible things.

Tanya: What I have said to you that’s so terrible? Seriously like, what have I done to YOU that’s awful?

Angela: I’m disengaging, have a nice day ladies. *walks up to producer* I’m ready to go, let them lick each other’s armpits for all I care.

Tanya: You’re disengaging because you know there’s no answer. That’s why!

Angela’s Confessional: We’ve had three whole reunions for me to tell Tanya my issues and I did. There’s nothing left. Work on your marriage honey.

Angela: *gets put into private car and rides off*

Tanya: Annika, she knows I was there for her and defended her when no one else would.

Annika: I remember you testified in court for her. Think about it she has had trouble with every person in this group. The problem isn’t you hub. *laughs* If anyone needs to leave it’s her.

Tanya: I know, I know. I just need a break.

Annika: I’m not letting you leave this circle * sigh* on another note… I need to come clean about information that was leaked to The Real.

Tanya: Yes girl, what about it?

Annika: I need to shed light on the situation to the group. I want to talk about it with everyone. *looks concerned*

Tanya: It’ll be okay, girl. I’m here for you. *hugs Annika*

Annika: It’s shocking. *hugs Tanya and starts to cry*


Pat: *walks to the pool with Frankie and Jazmine*

Pat’s Confessional: After last nights dinner i’m looking forward to hanging with the girls by the pool. It was truly an emotional roller coaster and I do believe I owe someone an apology.

Dr. Frankie

Frankie: It’s so beautiful out here! YASSSS!

Pat: Look at you! CUTE SUIT! You too, Jaz!

Frankie: Thanks, baby P! *smiles*

Frankie’s Confessional

Frankie’s Confessional: After that dinner from the depths of hell, a pool and a cocktail is just what Doctor Neal needs.


Jocelyn: *walks over with a bottle of water* Hey, girls!

Pat: Hey, Joc! How’d you sleep?

Jocelyn: The question is, did I even go to sleep?! I tossed and turned all night long.

Pat: I can only imagine… It was an emotional night in so many ways.

Frankie: Did Donovan come back to the hotel with you?

Jocelyn: He did, actually.

Frankie: Really?!

Jocelyn: It’s honestly enough of us avoiding each other, so he did come back. Once we got to the room, we did vow to get counseling once we get back to Twitter and no, he’s not going back to New York.

Dr. Jazmine (Jocelyn’s Friend)

Jazmine: That is what I love to hear! A road to recovery!

Frankie’s Confessional: Oohh HELL NO! If my girlfriend leaked and dragged me in the blogs, both her floatation devices would be in the ocean as flotation devices. No ma’am. But I get it though.

Pat: Listen girls before we get into anything else, is it okay if I say something?

Jocelyn: Sure.

Pat: Jazmine, I truly truly need to offer you an apology. After hearing your husband talk last night about feeling less than because what you all are going through. It was so hard to listen to. I shouldn’t be kicking you all when you are down and I am truly truly sorry.

Jazmine: Oh wow- thank you so much Pat. *Wiping tears* I’m not going to cry. I accept your apology and hopefully we can move forward.

Pat: I would love that and honestly if you need anything, please ask.

Frankie: Awww, yay! I’m glad y’all can get on the same page.

Jazmine: We sure will. This means a lot to me Pat. Seriously it does.

Jazmine’s Confessional

Jazmine’s Confessional: Hallelujah. The feud of the century is over. *laughs*

Pat: Frankie, how are you feeling about last night?

Frankie: Um, I’m not happy. Just putting on a good front.

Pat: What was with John Love?! Like seriously…

Jocelyn: I know John really came off like an ASS.

Pat: Tanya and John have both been very very odd. Tanya was acting like she was on something last night.

Jocelyn: Yeah… speaking on Tanya… I found out that Tanya’s ass was the one that invited Donovan.

Jazmine: Wait, what?!


Jocelyn: Yes! Donovan told me once everyone left last night.

Jazmine: That bitch is sneaky and insane. I can’t believe this!

Jocelyn: I am telling you! That snake ass bitch is going to get it if she keeps fucking with me.

Frankie: I thought she specifically said that she had nothing to do with it.

Jocelyn: Well remember she left. And that’s why she left because she knew she was about to get outed at that dinner that night.

Frankie: Yeah that’s true!

Jocelyn’s Confessional: John wasn’t sick because if he was, he wouldn’t have been doing all that hollering and belittling last night. Tanya politely told him to leave when Donovan texted her and said he was walking up in a bit. And I have receipts. Don’t test me, Tanya.

Pat: I honestly think that when we return to Twitter we all need to reevaluate having the Loves in our lives.

Jocelyn: Hallelujah Pat! I totally agree.

Jazmine: Every friendship she’s had has went to shit. Now she’s crawling back trying to get in everybody’s good graces. Girl, BYE! *rolls eyes*

Pat: But ladies, let’s try not to confront the issue at the final dinner. I want us all to have a nice and peaceful meal together.

Frankie: I don’t think that’s going to happen… but we’ll see, girl.

Jocelyn: Donovan and I will be there and trying to act like a couple once and for all.

Pat’s Confessional: Listen call me crazy, but I have a feeling that the final dinner in Dubai will be peaceful. I know there’s a lot hurt feelings here but I see good things ahead for this group.

*As the scene ends we see a flash forward to the end of the final dinner*

NEXT TIME ON “Married To Medicine Twitter”: The men bond during the final days of the trip; John Love shows a softer side; At the final dinner, Jocelyn and Tanya’s feud escalates to an alarming level.




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