Season 3, Episode 9 “Guilty or Not Guilty?”

12 min readOct 17, 2020


Dr. Tanya’s House (Exterior)
Dr. Tanya’s House
Dr. Tanya’s Living Room
Dr. Tanya (Psychiatrist)
Tanya’s Confessional

Tanya’s Confessional: Today I’m meeting with Patricia to see if we can get our relationship back on track. At the med spa opening her & I did have a conversation and I think we’re both in the right state of mind to move forward. *flashback to unseen footage of Pat & Tanya making up*


Pat: *knocks on door*

Tanya: Hi Patty Pat! I loooove your look today, babe! You’re looking SNATCHED honey! *laughs*

Pat: Thank you!! I don’t know if I told you i’m writing a book so doing all these looks for it and such. I’m super excited for it.

Tanya: Yes, I think you mentioned that! That’s super exciting girl!! Proud of ya.

Pat: Thanks girl. *walks into kitchen* Can I get you something to drink?

Tanya: Girl, just some water is fine for now. I’m working my tail off at home, that’s why I look like a mess. I’m Doctor Tanya doing appointments via tele-medicine, I’m working on starting a podcast AND I’m being Mom & Wife. It’s a lot girl.

Pat: I understand!! Speaking of new ventures. That Med Spa opening was quite interesting.

Tanya: That was! I was just so confused on what the hell was going on with Leo, Makayla, Angela, & Mahir.

Pat: Angela should of stayed. None of the Allegations have been proven. Innocent before proven guilty!

Tanya: Right! I think Leo just loves to take control & he’ll find anything he can to take the power away from Makayla and embarrass her. And aren’t they having a little baby girl soon or something? Like he needs to stop acting like this!

Pat: It’s just all so weird. It makes sense that Jocelyn said all that stuff in Vegas now to Petra. People are TALKING! *sips wine*

Tanya: Okay girl, that’s what I kind of wanted to talk about with you. I know we’ve been up & down and we had a lot of downs last year… but I truly do love you like a sister & I miss you. Unfortunately, I think sometimes the drama within the group gets between us.

Pat: Well I do appreciate that but you did kinda say that I made stuff up. Your loyalty to Jocelyn comes out of nowhere.

Tanya: Well I care about Jocelyn. I did say you made some of the stuff up because I didn’t believe Jocelyn said all of those things. But I want you to tell me the honest truth, did you say ANY of those things that was talked about in Vegas?

Pat: I only repeated what Petra said. Word for Word…

Tanya: Okay then I believe you. And I’m sorry for doubting you. But I just have to be honest, some of that stuff doesn’t sound like something Jocelyn would say.

Pat: It always seems like you side with someone that hates me and that bothers me.

Tanya: You & Jocelyn were good at one point so no I’m not siding with people that hate you, we all make our own friendships with people in the group. It happens naturally.

Pat: I just would be careful of her. Look what’s she’s doing to Angela. It’s very telling of the person she is.

Tanya: I mean it’s not like Jocelyn & I talk 24/7. She actually confronted me recently about me not “being there for her” but I don’t have time to be there for her constantly. I’m dealing with a lot at my home. So I’m starting to think that maybe you are right.

Pat: I don’t think we know the real Jocelyn…

Pat’s Confessional

Pat’s Confessional: Jocelyn is just shady. There’s things about her we just don’t know. I don’t think she’s a good person or a good friend. Just saying…

Pat: Anyway, enough about her… I want us to be back in a good place.

Tanya: Yes, so how do we do that?

Pat: I just think we need to have each others backs.

Tanya: Yes I think that’s a good plan. Just like we used to.

Tanya’s Confessional: I want to be in a good place with Pat and I’ll do anything to make that happen.

Pat: You’re coming to Angela’s deposition right?

Tanya: Yes… I am.

Pat: Oh? Is that hesitation?

Tanya: No it’s not hesitation at all. It’s just a lot and I feel so bad for her.

Pat: It’s going to be interesting for sure.

Tanya’s Confessional: Angela & I were never super close, but I have known her for years through the Twitter medical community & she was my son’s pediatrician. So I will do anything I can to help her out.

Pat: Well let’s raise our glasses to a fresh start for best friends *smiles*

Tanya: Yessss best friends! *raises glass and jumps on Pat’s lap and starts humping her while laughing* girl I’ve missed youuu!

Pat: *laughs*

Frankie’s Physical Therapy Clinic
Frankie’s Physical Therapy Clinic
Dr. Frankie (Physical Therapist)

Frankie: *walks up to front desk* Whewwww! All this paperwork! Dear God in heaven.

Frankie’s Confessional

Frankie’s Confessional: When I’m going through something I immediately withdraw from that situation and put myself into work mode because bills still need to be paid & you can’t invest in yourself if you don’t work. That’s facts baby!

Kathryn (Frankie’s Business Manager)

Kathryn: Travis is coming in today at 10 am and then you have follow up with Brian at 1 because he needs documentation for him to go back to work.

Frankie: Um, no, Brian isn’t going to work anytime soon. His job is so stressful to the point where he’s losing hair and has stopped eating plus he still needs a few more sessions because he ended up falling again since he hasn’t been following his regiment.

Sylvia: Oh… I see. Well anyway girl, on a personal note… how’s everything at home girl?

Frankie: Bad. Vince & I are separating.

Kathryn: *mouth drops* Really?

Frankie: Yeah. I’m just over the whole situation. He’s never really let the whole coming out thing go and I am just beyond over the drama with him. Girl, it’s a full fucking mess.

Kathryn: I still think he has some growing up to do because we are living in time right now and barriers are being broken down and he should be supportive of his wife. You know?

Frankie’s Confessional: I’ve known Kathryn for a long time. Over 20 years actually! She helps me with everything and is my go to person. She gives it to you straight… no chaser & I love that about her. She’s amazing!

Kathryn: Sometimes you gotta do what’s best for you because your peace is your peace and nobody should be able to take that away from you no matter what! *hugs* I’m here for you.

Frankie: Thank you. *looks up* Okay send Travis in so we can start his leg session, this is going to be a long day.

Kathryn: Whew lord. Who are you telling?

Frankie: Chile. I hope Mrs. Sugarcane does not come in this morning with that same ole trick like she did last week because we’re all going to fall out.

Kathryn: That and Mrs.Sugarcane likes to get too close and her breath is on Rah Rah like a dungeon dragon *laughing*

Frankie: Uh uh! No you didn’t! Girl, send Travis in here.


Makayla: *walks into restaurant with Frankie as confessional plays*

Makayla’s Confessional

Makayla’s Confessional: Tonight I’m meeting my girls Frankie and Jocelyn for some good food & good cocktails. I haven’t talked to them since the scene that Leo caused at the grand opening of the Med Spa. I hope they don’t bring it up though because it had nothing to do with them and I honestly just want to have fun tonight.

Dr. Frankie

Frankie: Ooooh girl I’m HUNGRY tonight! *looks at menu* I want one of everything! *laughs*

Makayla: Yes girl, eat whatever the hell you want! *laughs*


Jocelyn: *walks to table and sits down* Hi, ladies!

Makayla: Hey girl! *hugs Jocelyn* Loving your look tonight, J!

Jocelyn: Thank you! It was just something I threw together last minute, chile. *laughs*

Makayla: So how’s everyone doing? *orders a bottle of champagne for the table* I haven’t seen you ladies since the grand opening.

Jocelyn: Oh goodness… it was beautiful, but also a wreck. So much transpired that night.

Makayla: Truly I don’t think this something we should talk about… because quiet frankly it had nothing to do with either of you. *sips champagne*

Jocelyn: Well Makayla, I want to know…why was Leo so aggressive towards you when I came in the bathroom. I remember you mentioning something to me, so is there a reason behind that?

Frankie: Are we starting the meal with negativity? *makes face & sips champagne*

Jocelyn: Not negativity…

Makayla: *rolls eyes at Frankie* Listen my husband and I are good. He was angry at the situation that Angela and Mahir are in. He feels like they can’t be trusted anymore. That’s his feeling though I feel differently and I would have never done that to them. But I have to stick my Leo’s side I am his wife.

Frankie: As you should but he put you in a position to be addressed by the girls.

Makayla: Yes it was a tough position to be in but I’m sure Angela would do the same if her husband asked her to do something like that. Hell i’m sure anyone of us wives would.

Makayla’s Confessional: Does Leo have an aggressive demeanor? Yes sure he does. But like who doesn’t when they’re angry and not getting what they want. It’s normal.

Frankie: Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have stuck by Vince. Maybe if I had a different spouse… *sips drink*

Jocelyn: Oh Frankie, don’t say that babe.

Makayla: *sips* Well to each their own. I do what my husband says for the most part. He is my provider and I would never tell him no. No matter the consequences.

Frankie: I respect that Makayla. I’m not judging because he is the King of the household and that’s just how it is for you.

Jocelyn: Well ladies, with me being the oldest and a divorcee, if YOU EVER need advice, just shoot me a call.

Frankie: Well, I need some advice. What if your spouse doesn’t accept who you are? Even though they’re doing the same shit?

Jocelyn: Honey, best I can say is first seek counseling and if that doesn’t work, it just may be best to split because if he doesn’t accept you for who you are, your relationship will not prosper and you won’t be interested in it anymore.

Frankie: We’ve done counseling in the beginning of our marriage & it helped but that was because we were still learning each other. You know? But now with me coming out that’s a whole situation right there and I’m over it.

Jocelyn: I’m so sorry babe… I say do what’s best for you.

Frankie: Yeah… *sips drink* I have a long road ahead of me. When the love is no longer there then, what do you do next?

Makayla: Frankie, are you thinking about a divorce?

Frankie: I’ve already started the process… Vince & I had a tense conversation where we put everything out there… all of our true feelings came out.

Makayla: *gasp* FRANCESCA!

Jocelyn: Oh my…

Makayla: *grabs hand* are you okay?

Frankie: I’m numb right now. I don’t really know how to feel right now…

Jocelyn: We are here for you girl. *hugs Frankie*

Jocelyn’s Confessional

Jocelyn’s Confessional: Divorce brings alone many things. Coming from firsthand experience, it is definitely a tough process. I feel awful for Frankie and I hope things get better for her.

Frankie’s Confessional: There’s a lot going on right now… I need a minute. *walks off confessional set and cries*

Frankie: *hugs Makayla & Jocelyn as the scene ends*

Medical Review Board

Pat: *walks into building as confessional plays*

Pat’s Confessional: Here to support Angela. I know we haven’t always been close…. *flashback to a montage of fights between Pat and Angela* But this is SERIOUS! Tom insisted I go and support. He sits on the board. I know he will be in Angela’s corner as well.

Dr. Tanya

Tanya: *walks in & whispers to Pat* my palms are sweating girl…

Pat: Me too girl… I hope everything works out for her.

Dr. Angela (Pediatrician)

Angela: *sitting before the Board shuffling papers*

Board President: *stands up* Dr. Angela Westbrook Syed.

Angela: Good morning, Mr. President.

Board President: Good morning. So on today’s docket,we have the allegations of a domestic dispute. Now we understand this happened out of scope of practice but it has been brought to our attention. Please let us know your side of the story. In full detail.

Angela: *clears throat* I was involved in a physical altercation at my home with the ex spouse of my husband, Dr. Mahir Syed. In the matter of minutes, we were rolling on the ground with punches exchanged between us as was recorded on video by my neighbor. We were taken into custody as I’m sure you all are aware of, subsequently heading to court to achieve a verdict on the case.

Pat: *Looks at Tanya* Punches?

Board President: We would like to present to the board the video of the alleged physical altercation.. We must warn all those watching it’s a bit graphic *Shows graphic video, including Angela pulling the exes hair & punching her in the face*

Pat: *Shocked* Oh my GOD

Tanya: Oh wow…

Pat’s Confessional: The video was SHOCKING. Seriously like I’m SHOOK.

Angela: As I see it and I have been advised by my attorney, this is not under the purview of this Board. The Board only has jurisdiction when the individual Doctor is subject to felony charge. Being that I have been acquitted on the felony charge of assault, anything further in this case is none of your business and I do not appreciate the seemingly underhanded attack on my character and profession. If there is more video of this shown, I will not only depart from this hearing but file a lawsuit for ethical misconduct on your behalf.

Board President: Well unfortunately Dr. Westbrook Syed. We take these matters very seriously.

Angela: Unfortunately, it’s not your business to take seriously.

Angela’s Confessional: This is absolutely ridiculous. The Board has overstepped their jurisdiction and I will not let this pass.

Board President: We have two witness statements on your behalf. One written by Dr. Tanya Love and one by one of our board members Dr. Thomas Landry. Dr. Tanya Love is in attendance? Can you please stand?

Tanya: *stands up*

Board President: Dr. Love do you swear by this testimony?

Tanya: Yes, I swear.

Board President: Thank you Doctor Love. *looks to Tom* Dr. Landry, you as well?

Tom: Yes. Doctor Syed and her husband are the prime of the medical community here in Twitter. This review board is out of control to do this for a isolated incident.

Board President: Thank you, Doctor Landry. Doctor Angela, we understand that this was an out of hospital situation but we do take these situations seriously. We need to take a recess and we will return with our findings and answers…

To Be Continued…

NEXT TIME ON “Married to Medicine Twitter”: Angela receives a shocking decision from the board after her deposition; Jocelyn reignites her passion for teaching the next generation of models by finally re-opening her modeling school; Pat hosts a “truth tea” to get all of the ladies issues out on the table once and for all.




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