Season 3, Episode 7 “Tweeting in the ATL”


Jocelyn: *walks in coffee shop, orders coffee, & sits down as confessional plays*

Jocelyn’s Confessional

Jocelyn’s Confessional: After the horrible event the other day, I really have really realized these women are honestly all against me. And the only one who has been supportive is my former enemy, Makayla.

Makayla & Levi (Makayla’s Son)

Makayla: *walks in with baby Levi* Hiiiii Jocelyn!

Jocelyn: Hey Doll! Oh my goodness, Levi! *hugs Levi*

Makayla: *places Levi in a highchair* He’s being such an asshole today oh my God!

Makayla’s Confessional

Makayla’s Confessional: Yes I called my son an Asshole! Kids are so mean sometimes!

Makayla: How you been? The beer day was something else. I swear I don’t drink beer it’s too hard on my tummy.

Jocelyn: *laughs* I just took a sip, but I’ve just been feeling very angry. Petra betraying me, Angela betraying me and I really haven’t spoken with anyone from the group so I feel just very horrible.

Makayla: Don’t feel bad! Girl, Pat turned her back on me at the drop of a fucking dime… she must need it desperately. Frankie and I are actually in a better place but I’m still hurt she lied to the group to save her face.

Jocelyn: Why have you two been at odds? You and Frankie as well? What’s up with that…

Makayla: She made me look like a crazy person. Well I heard Frankie and Pat fucking in the room next door and I saw Pat picking her weave pieces off the floor the morning after. I said it out loud to the group and both bitches denied it!

Jocelyn: *gasps* ARE YOU SERIOUS!?

Makayla: YES! Frankie finally admitted it happened last night. They both ambushed me in the restroom!

Jocelyn: Makayla, I’m flabbergasted… I guess this group is full of fake, lying bitches. I have felt really betrayed by Petra…

Makayla: Girl Petra did you dirty!

Jocelyn: Yes she did… And let me tell you, when I told her it wasn’t even said to her in a negative manner. At the time it hadn’t even been that long that I made friends with Pat, Angela had told me about her problems, and she went and tried to tell them like I was speaking badly. And she see’s no problem with that. She sits there like the fucking weak duckling she is and laugh at me with my enemy. And Angela exposing something I told her in confidence over a rumor, when she’s spread MANY rumors. It’s crazy.

Makayla: I love Angela but she loves to give those lowdown digs.

Jocelyn: She does and it’s not right.

Makayla: It really isn’t, but I don’t want to ruffle her feathers… I got a lot on my plate at home with my husband.

Jocelyn: What’s going on?

Makayla: Well Leo is just being distant right now and we hardly see him & he hardly sees Levi! But he’s at his prime right now… so I guess that’s to blame. But he needs to make time for us. *pats eyes with napkin*

Jocelyn: Aww, yeah he definitely should make time for his family. Family comes first. *pats Makayla’s back* Don’t cry beautiful.

Makayla’s Confessional: It’s really hard to talk about this disconnect… *wipes tears*

Makayla: The only next step I can think of doing is going to counseling I have a friend who is a therapist. But I don’t want him to feel attacked.

Jocelyn: Yes, go to counseling, but I suggest go to someone who doesn’t know the both of you, so it won’t seems like to him that the therapist is picking sides. Then, he’ll really feel attacked and back out of it. Just my opinion.

Makayla: That is so true! And our surrogate is 2 moths away from giving birth. It can’t keep on like this with a baby on the way.

Jocelyn: I love babies, so you and Leo need to hurry and get over this hurdle. *laughs*

Tanya’s Home
Tanya’s Home Office
Dr. Tanya (Psychiatrist)

Tanya: *video chatting with a client* You’re doing so well! I’m so proud of you miss Penelope! I’ll be seeing you in about 2 months. Have a good day, hun! *smiles and hangs up*

Tanya’s Confessional

Tanya’s Confessional: Since COVID hit months ago, I’ve actually moved all of my clients completely virtual. At the time I was doing it so I could stay safe & healthy while I was pregnant, but now I’m doing it because it’s much more convenient and I can be home with the kids. However, between you & me… I’m thinking about going back to the office soon. I’m getting a little stir crazy!

John (Tanya’s Husband)

John: *walks into the office* Hey babe, I heard you on the phone so I didn’t want to interrupt. Are you free to talk for a minute?

Tanya: Sure, babe. Anything for you. *smiles* What’s up?

John: Well Dr. Love… I need some advice on how to get back in your good graces. Can ya help me Doc? Or prescribe me some medicine to be a less shitty husband? *chuckles*

Tanya: *laughs and shakes head* Babe, I’ve already told you… I think we’re good now. Well, we’re getting there.

Tanya’s Confessional: When I got home from Vegas, I came home to the most shocking surprise of all… my Mother-In-Law living in my house! *flashback to Tanya coming home and seeing Charlene* I took the kids and told John I wasn’t coming back until Charlene was COMPLETELY out of the house and no where nearby. He finally listened to me and put her in a hotel far away from us.

John: I seriously didn’t think you would have that crazy of a reaction. I knew you would be mad, but not THAT mad. Ya know?

Tanya: John, I already told you before that she was NOT allowed to stay here and that I would kick your ass if I found her here. And you didn’t think I was serious?

John: Yeah, but babe… it’s my Mama. I can’t just turn her away if she needs a place to stay.

Tanya: SHE HAS A FUCKING HOUSE JOHN! Why does she need to move in with us?! She’s not dying! She’s not sick! Well she is sick in the head, but that’s it. She DOES NOT need to live here!

John: I know but…

Tanya: But NOTHING! She is NEVER allowed here EVER again! Seriously, John. I will leave your ass if you bring her here again! I’m DONE. Now get the hell out of my office, I have a client in a few minutes.

John: I guess we can talk about this later?

Tanya: NO! GET OUT! *chases John out and slams the door*

Atlanta, Georgia


Pat: *walks in and sits down with Frankie & Angela*

Pat’s Confessional

Pat’s Confessional: We’re here in the ATL baby! My hometown! Honestly though, I’m here for a reason and I’m glad to be sharing this time with Frankie and Angela.

Dr. Angela (Pediatrician)

Angela: *sits at table* Thank you for inviting me, Pat. I needed this refresh.

Pat: Of course! I’m happy you’re here. I’m happy you’re both here. *smiles*

Angela: So how are you feeling about seeing your son? *sips water*

Pat: Yeah, I’m very excited to see him! It’s been a minute.

Pat’s Confessional: It’s been a while since I’ve seen my son. We lost touch. He’s a police officer here in ATL, So I know he’s successful and strong but after Angela’s situation with her children and Makayla’s infertility issues, I needed to reach out. *tears up*

Pat: I don’t know… seeing how all of you are with your kids made me feel like I am missing something with my boy. Especially you Frankie & Makayla, how you both are going through the surrogacy process and going to have babies soon. It makes me sad.

Dr. Frankie (Physical Therapist)

Frankie: He’s grown, isn’t he?

Pat: He is. He’s 28.

Angela’s Confessional: *sips drink* The same son I brought up a few years ago? Oops…

Pat: Angela I have to apologize because I’ve brought up things about your kids in the past. It was disgusting of me and I’m sorry.

Angela: It’s okay, I don’t hold a grudge. At least you said it to my face.

Pat: Yeah… so, what was that at Frankie’s with Jocelyn? This shit is getting out of hand!

Angela: I genuinely just saw red. She admitted to telling Petra that I was going to lose my children. After she swore up and down that she didn’t. It’s gross and disgusting because that’s no friend of mine if she could gossip about such a subject with no remorse.

Pat: Wow…

Frankie: I think Jocelyn was just being honest about how she felt.

Angela: And I suppose Makayla was being honest about how she felt about you having sex with strangers. *rolls eyes*

Pat: I mean Makayla is DEAD to me. She’s NOT a friend to me and she’s NOT a friend to you, Frankie.

Frankie: Makayla is my friend. I just feel like we just need to sit down.

Pat’s Confessional: Frankie has loyalty to Makayla and that’s cool. I respect it but she’ll bite her yet again… just sayin.

Pat: What’s going on with all that other shit Angela?

Angela: I beat the assault case but she didn’t. However, as you can imagine, there are side eyes to me and my husband.

Pat: What are they saying?

Angela: Whispers about him needing to divorce me.

Pat’s Confessional: The Medical community is very judgmental. I wouldn’t be surprised if people were trying to have Angela’s situation be reviewed by higher ups… It’s a dog eat dog community.

Frankie: Angela, I just need to be honest with you as well.

Angela: Oh, about what?

Frankie: I want to apologize to you about that dinner. It was out of place & it was never my intention to come at you that way. I just want to start fresh.

Angela: I love that Frankie, thank you. I’m sorry for tweeting that you were a whore. And for disrespecting your home.

Frankie: I am a whore! Only on the weekends. *laughs*

Pat: See Frankie this is what I wanted from Makayla. A simple apology for bringing up something that was private between us.

Frankie: But….Pat. You did lie though. We did have sex.

Pat: But still Frankie. Why couldn’t we have that be a secret?!

Frankie: Because I don’t like to live a lie and it contradicts who I am as a person.

Pat’s Confessional: Listen honey, Tom doesn’t care what I do… but It would of just been nice if my friends respected me enough to keep stuff on the DL.

Frankie: Pat, are you suppressing who you really are?

Pat: No I’m not. I like to have fun *laughs* I just want to respect my marriage by keeping it between us.

Angela’s Confessional: Patricia… girl. You’re on a reality show! Like NOTHING is private anymore. We sign up to show our real life and you can’t hide shit.

Pat: Listen… all shit aside, I’m glad you both are here. Let’s make a toast.

Frankie: Cheers to friendship!

Angela: Cheers to a family reunion!

Pat: Cheers to everything! *laughs and clinks glass*

Pat & Tommy (Pat’s Son)

*Pat sitting in restaurant looking nervous as a police man walks in*

Pat: *begins to cry* My God Tommy. Look at you. *hugs tight*

Tommy: Mom *hugs tight* It feels like too long.

Pat: Well when you live so far away! You know Tom can always help you get a job in Twitter. *sits down* Why not take that opportunity?

Tommy: Mom, I love you and Dad but you know I’ve always wanted to be out on my own.

Pat: But it just makes me nervous, A police officer… In Atlanta with no family close.

Tommy: I understand.

Pat’s Confessional: The fact that my son is a police officer during one of the hardest times in American history for Cops, definitely keeps me up at night.

Pat: So tell me. Of course, I’ve seen the news.. What’s happening here?

Tommy: After George Floyd, things got out of control.. And rightfully so. I marched along side my friends the other night with my uniform on. It was such an awesome moment for us all.

Pat: Babe, I am so proud of you. You truly are such a gift. *tears up* You are just getting too old for me now *laughs*

Pat’s Confessional: I am so proud of My son, not only does he protect and defend, he stands up for what is right. It’s truly amazing.

Pat: I wanted to come talk to you about this book i’m writing.

Tommy: Tom told me all about it. *laughs* Mom, I’m happy for you. Whatever you want or need I am in.

Pat: You two are as thick as Thieves! *laughs* Of course I just wanted to tell you that you’ll be in it, obviously. And how our life as grown.

Tommy: I can’t wait.

Pat: When are you going to come home?

Tommy: The holidays I promise. It’s just been crazy but you know how much I love you. *holds hand* Without you I wouldn’t be the man I am today. You have been nothing but the best mother in the world.

Pat: I love you. *gets up and hugs*

NEXT TIME ON “Married To Medicine Twitter”: Angela reaches out to an unlikely source for support; After Angela outed her daughter, Frankie opens up to Jocelyn about her sexuality; Makayla celebrates opening up her own med spa, but when one of the ladies shows up late and uninvited… Leo makes the executive decision to have them removed.

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