Season 3, Episode 4 “Diva Las Vegas”

15 min readOct 6, 2020

Jocelyn: Oh my gosh, this view is spectacular! *sits down while eating chips*

Jocelyn’s Confessional

Jocelyn’s Confessional: We’ve made it to Vegas, baby! I’m so happy to be here away from family, kids, work and to be here with genuine friends! I hope this mini getaway is fun and filled with lots of laughter instead of shade and drama.

Dr. Tanya (Psychiatrist)

Tanya: *knocks on Jocelyn’s door*

Jocelyn: *walks to open door* Hello Mama! *hugs*

Tanya: Hey bitch!! I’m ready to get glammed up for tonight! *hugs Jocelyn* Thanks for doing this! So is it just us two bad bitches getting glammed up?

Jocelyn: No, Angela should be coming in a few! You 2 are the only ones I’m really, really close with, so I had to cater to my gals! *laughs*

Dr. Angela (Pediatrician)

Angela: *comes back into the room chewing on ice* You fake bitches

Jocelyn: How are we fake, honey bun?

Tanya: *sees Angela and rolls eyes*

Angela: You let me go downstairs to get snacks looking a HOT ass mess knowing you were getting glam.

Jocelyn: *laughs* Girl- come get in this damn chair and get yo ass together!

Angela: *laughs and sits down* Hey Tanya honey…

Tanya: Hi Angela. How are you?

Angela: I’m doing better *turns to her* I hope you don’t mind me being here…

Tanya: Here’s the thing Ang, I know you’re dealing with a lot. And I think we both wanna have a good time on this trip. So I’ll be nice if you will. Deal?

Angela: NO DEAL *stares then giggles* Haha, relax Tanya. It’s a deal.

Tanya: Okay good! *smiles*

Jocelyn: Yay! I’m so glad!

Angela’s Confessional

Angela’s Confessional: I’m not sure how long this will last since Tanya has never been a consistent energy but I’m here for the new energy.

Jocelyn: How are you two with Pat?

Tanya: Pat and I are cordial at this point. We haven’t talked out our issues, but we kind of just brush them under the rug and talk when we’re around the group. However, I don’t really speak to her much outside of the group.

Angela: You two were bosom buddies, what happened?

Tanya: *chuckles* bitchhhh, you know exactly what happened

Angela: *shrugs* Oh right, she got closer with Makayla.

Tanya: I mean sort of, but it mostly had to do with the whole snake gate thing though.

Angela: I’m just kidding- I know what went down but you’re still friends with Jazmine, no? Both of you are?

Tanya: I’m friends with Jazmine. I never had an issue with Jazmine. She always made it seem like we did, but I liked Jazmine originally.

Tanya’s Confessional

Tanya’s Confessional: Jazmine tried to make an issue between us that wasn’t there… *flashback to Jazmine fighting with Pat & Tanya* But I love Jaz now and we’re actually cool when we’re not around each other constantly.

Angela: How do you two feel about that strange new girl?

Tanya: Dr. Frankie? I actually love her!

Jocelyn: *laughs* She isn’t strange. She’s a great girl. I like her as well.

Angela: Non-supportive whores *giggles*

Tanya: *laughs* girl, I think you two just got off on the wrong foot.

Jocelyn: You two just have huge egos and y’all love to throw shade here and there and that’s maybe why you two didn’t start off great, but I definitely can see you and her being AWESOME friends.

Tanya: Right! Exactly.

Angela: Well she has quite some nerve degrading me to a mugshot that you’ll never find on Google. But look her up, I’m sure you’ll be interested in your finding.

Jocelyn: Yeah I did look her up… she has a few mugshots. 3 if i’m not mistaken.

Angela: Yeah… she had a domestic incident with her husband after some scandalous argument.

Jocelyn: Oh wow. We have a FIGHTER, girls. Don’t fuck with her. *laughs*

Tanya: Well here’s the thing, everyone has a past. I’m not gonna hold it against her.

Jocelyn: Yeah, neither am I. I like her and I don’t really want an issue with her.

Jocelyn’s Confessional: I’m not going to hold these mugshots over Frankie’s head and try to threaten to expose them to the group if she fucks with me, hell they’re on Google, but I like her and I don’t really see an issue with her, so I’m going to keep it cool and cordial with her.

Angela: Let’s get pretty to go see some Vegas ogres, shall we?

Jocelyn: We shall!


Pat: *walks into the casino with the girls as confessional plays*

Pat’s Confessional

Pat’s Confessional: Vegas!!! We here! I’m so happy to be rooming with Makayla and Frankie. While the others get ready for the night, we are going to spend some money.. oh and maybe win some too!!

Pat: Let’s win some MONEY! Mama wants a new Birkin.


Makayla: *laughs* I wouldn’t mind another but the birkin closet is packed girl.

Dr. Frankie (Physical Therapist)

Frankie: Mama needs five new birkins! Okay! *rolling dice*

Pat: *Laughs* I’m sure you lucky bitch. Tom doesn’t believe in spending money on that shit for me.

Frankie: Makayla stays with a birkin! When I first met her that’s literally all she talked about *laughing*

Makayla: *gasp* oh no Leo spoils me rotten.

Pat: So Frankie what did you think of all the girls? You gave Angela a run for her money *laughs*

Frankie: Angela deserved it. Jocelyn is cool. Tanya seems nice. I just didn’t understand why Angela came in annoyed by her friend reaching out but then again, that might not even the story. I kinda just tuned her out considering I didn’t think she was being herself in that moment.

Frankie’s Confessional: I didn’t mean for it to go that far but shit happens *shrugs & laughs*

Pat: So Jocelyn is walking tonight! I wonder if it’s for a plus sized brand?

Makayla: *gags* PLUS SIZE?

Pat: *laughs* I mean she’s not a tiny bitch

Makayla: She got ass and thick thighs!

Frankie: *laughs*

Pat’s Confessional: Is the show sponsored by Jenny Craig? *giggles*

Makayla: So I met with Tanya the other day…

Pat: Oh? And how did that go?

Makayla: We’ve decided to move forward and I gave Levi’s bday gift back. I told her to regift it when we reached a better place.

Pat: *Hysterically Laughing* Makayla! Girl you need to accept gifts more often… just incase Leo pulls that allowance. Free gifts come in handy *giggles*

Makayla: FUCK YOU PAT!

Pat: Leo said it at dinner! *Flashback to Leo yelling at Makayla in front of Pat and Tom*

Makayla: This works for my marriage Pat! Clearly something wasn’t working in yours that’s why you and Tom fucked other people.

Pat: Woah! Calm down girl it was just a joke!

Makayla: No you don’t joke about that shit it’s not funny!

Frankie: Pat, you didn’t have to bring that up joke or not. C’mon sis. You KNOW better.

Pat: Apologies! Didn’t mean to hurt you M.

Makayla: Low fucking blow. That’s not nice!

Pat: Girl, it’s fine… just let it go. It’s not a big deal.

Makayla: *sips drink*

Pat’s Confessional: Something is off with Karen.. I mean Makayla. Stop being so sensitive girl! *sips water* Take a joke, Jesus!

Frankie: On that note… ready for dinner, ladies?

Pat: Sure, let’s go! Come on, Makayla.

Makayla: *sighs and walks with the ladies*

Makayla’s Confessional

Makayla’s Confessional: Pat is such a fucking BITCH. I’m not sure how much more of her bullshit I can take… just saying.


Jocelyn: *sits at table waiting on the ladies*

Jocelyn’s Confessional: The show is very near and I decided to bring the ladies to have a dinner and drinks before the show with my friend, Petra. Petra is a fashion designer and I’m actually walking in her show! She’s amazing and I’m sure some of the ladies, if not all, will like her. But with this group, you never know what to expect so who knows chile. *laughs*

Petra (Jocelyn’s Friend)

Petra: *walks in & sees Jocelyn sitting* Jocelyn, dear! How are you? *hugs her*

Jocelyn: Petra! You look stunning per usual! *hugs* I’m great. What about you?

Petra: I’m doing amazing, darling! A little nervous, but amazing none the less. *sits* You said your friends are coming? I can’t wait!

Jocelyn: YASSS girl, they’re still getting ready. They’re always late!


Pat: *walks in with Makayla* Hello, hello!

Jocelyn: *sees Pat* Petra, this is my frenemy, Pat. *laughs* She loves to start drama with me.

Pat: *rolls eyes and laughs* Bitch, shut up! *hugs Jocelyn*

Petra: *stands up and sticks hand out to Pat* Pat! I’m Petra *smiles*

Pat: Nice to meet you Petra! You are Gorgeous!

Petra: Thanks, hun!

Jocelyn: And then Petra, this is Makayla.

Petra: Oh my gosh, you’re GORG! *smacks ass and laughs*

Makayla: Oh SHIT! Girl, you need to warn me next time! *laughs* But thanks Petra for the compliment.

Makayla’s Confessional: Petra is a bit wild, but I like it! *laughs*

Dr. Tanya & Dr. Angela

Tanya: *walks in with Angela* hello hello! I’m ready to eat! *laughs*

Jocelyn: *sees Tanya and Angela* Petra, these are my girls Tanya and Angela. Tanya’s my bestie now, even though she’s a fatty. *laughs*

Tanya: *hits Jocelyn* GORL! I’m not a fatty! *laughs*

Petra: Welcome ladies! *flags down a waiter* Shots for the whole table please, Vodka.

Makayla: Petra, I’ve heard about these designs and I can’t wait to see them! Are you based here in Vegas?

Petra: No! I’m actually not based in Vegas. I’m just here because this is a big week in fashion and there’s more exposure than Twitter.

Pat: Oh wow! You’re from Twitter! That’s awesome.

Makayla: And how long have you been in the industry?

Petra: God, I’ve been in the industry since I graduated college. Almost 20 years now!

Makayla: Look at you miss fashion OG… just like our girl Jocelyn.

Jocelyn: *sips drink and rolls eyes*

Jocelyn’s Confessional: I’m starting to find a pattern that Miss Makayla loves to “haze”, well, not haze per say, but intrude in people’s business a lot.

Tanya: So Petra, are you married?

Petra: I am married! Very happily to Gunter Mcclaire. Hes a neurosurgeon.

Tanya: Oh nice! Yassss girl!

Jocelyn: Get em’ together Petra!

Pat: Oh wow! You are a doctors wife?! *looks at Jocelyn* Why didn’t you tell us? *laughs*

Petra: I don’t like being just a doctors wife! I have my own empire, darling.

Tanya: OOP! Yasss Petra! I like you, girl! *laughs*

Angela’s Confessional: YASSS Miss Petra, now this is a GOOD stranger. Frankenfoot needs to take notes.

Petra: So Ms. Pat… are you married?

Pat: Happily! Unless you’ve heard different *laughs*

Angela: Not happily… let’s not open a can of worms.

Petra: Angela, are you married? *sips drink*

Angela: I’m very married *flashes ring*

Tanya: Petra, we’re all married here. No single bitches.

Petra: *examines ring* Wow! What a nice rock. You could knock somebody out with that! *gives a sweet smile*

Dr. Frankie

Frankie: *walks in* Hi, ladies! Sorry I’m late. I wanted to change it up for dinner and the fashion show. *sees Petra* Hi sweetie, you must be Petra. I’m Frankie. *sits down*

Tanya: Petra, Frankie is a Doctor like Angela & myself. Then the rest of the ladies are wives like yourself.

Frankie: OOP!

Petra: Wow! Okay, Tanya. Get that PHD!

Angela: Tanya & I have MD’s.

Petra: Oh, same thing *giggles*

Angela: Not really. It’s like comparing a fashion designer to a model.

Makayla: However, Tanya gets that pretty huge dick daily and makes sure we all know it. *laughs*

Makayla’s Confessional: PHD isn’t just a degree anymore people. It stands for pretty huge DICK! *laughs*

Pat: So Petra, did Jocelyn tell you any embarrassing stories about us *giggles*

Petra: Any embarrassing things… hm. *looks at Jocelyn* Not really! Just that theres been some drama *shrugs*

Pat: What drama?

Angela: This group has no drama. All love and sisterhood *fakes smile*

Tanya: *laughs* Ang, girl! You’re a good actor but not THAT good! There’s a ton of drama, Petra.

Petra: I mean not really my place to say. I like to observe and keep judgments I make based on my personal experiences with everyone *sips on drink*

Pat: Good Petra! You should make your own memories with everyone.

Pat’s Confessional: I think there’s something that Petra is trying to hide for Jocelyn’s sake and I’m going to find out what it is…

Makayla: So Petra, is Jocelyn opening or closing your show?

Petra: She’s closing *smiles at Jocelyn* Big part! I do have to warn you ladies though… My style is a bit… unique. I get if it’s not everyone’s taste.

Angela: We’ll support you anyway! Don’t worry about these girls opinions, only your revenue.

Tanya: Well Joc & Petra, good luck babes! Break a leg. *hugs Jocelyn* you’ll do amazing, girl! This is your THING!

Jocelyn: Thanks baby! *hugs Tanya*

Petra: Thanks, everyone!

Pat: *laughs* girls let’s get to the venue! I wanna see these Models!!

Frankie: Yes, let’s goooo!

*the ladies leave dinner and head to the fashion show venue*

Petra’s Vegas Fashion Show

-After the fashion show-

Petra: *walks off stage towards the ladies* How did you guys like it? *smiles*

Pat: Petra, Amazing!!! I loved the Fashion!!! Gorgeous!!

Angela: It was spectacular, a sure upgrade from the last fashion show we all attended. *flashback to Kourtney’s fashion show*

Petra: Thank you babe!

Angela’s Confessional: I thought maybe we’d see Kourtney, guess not *laughs*

Jocelyn: *walks out from backstage towards the ladies* I DID IT!! WOOHOO!

Tanya: *runs and hugs Jocelyn* JOC, BABY! You did amazing!!

Petra: Jocelyn! You did amazing *hugs her* Thank you so much!

Jocelyn: You know I always got you, Petra! It was an honor. Plus, I think I did a damn good job! I served, if I had to say so myself. *laughs*

Jocelyn’s Confessional: I’m Jocelyn Robinson, now what else is going on? *snaps and laughs*

Makayla: Petra I love everything! I want to place an order asap! And I love your inclusion of plus size models like Jocelyn.

Tanya: Plus size?! Makayla, girl…

Jocelyn: I’m not a plus sized model, honey. I think that would be you, considering you eat every chance you get.

Petra: What a bitchy thing to say *looks at Makayla disgusted* Honey, don’t comment on another’s body unless you are willing to walk down that runway.

Makayla: No I’m not trying to be shady, but Pat said she was…

Jocelyn: Pat, so you’re calling me plus sized?

Pat: Me? I haven’t said a thing about her. Makayla stop trying to cause mess at this lady’s show.

Jocelyn: At blackjack this afternoon you did, Pat don’t lie!

Frankie: Pat, you’re so fucking shady. You know what you said!

Pat: *walks away over to the bar*

Angela: Not Pat walking away…

Frankie: *rolls eyes and walks away to talk to the models*

Makayla: Jocelyn, Pat told me you were a plus size model! If you aren’t I’m sorry…

Jocelyn: Now Makayla, use your brain. Do I look plus sized? Don’t listen to everything piss- I mean Pat tells you.

Jocelyn’s Confessional: Pat claimed that she wanted to move on, but here she is, starting shit with me behind my back. Typical Patricia.

Petra: *walks over to the bar and sits by Pat* Hi Pat. Who is that girl? Horrible behavior.

Pat: She’s just pissed off cause I said she gets an allowance.

Petra: Jocelyn may have been right about that one. She is a bitch.

Pat: Jocelyn said she was a bitch?

Petra: Oh, like she said she could be bitchy sometimes. Just some gossip you know. Nothing serious *shrugs*

Pat: Did she say anything about the rest of us?

Petra: It’s really not me to be spilling everything she said… just some vague stuff about you two having problems. But i’m confused because you seem fine.

*Petra whispers something that is inaudible*

Pat: She said WHAT?!

Petra: Don’t spread it around…

Pat: *Walks back over to the group with Petra* Jocelyn, why are you talking so much shit about the group?!

Jocelyn: What Pat? *looks*

Pat: You spoke about Makayla, Angela, Tanya and I?!

Tanya: Me?! WHAT?!

Jocelyn: I did not! You are here making up shit. Patricia, don’t raise your voice like you’re stupid because I’m not your child.

Angela: Wait hold on Pat… let’s not do this here.

Pat: No this is where we are doing it.

Jocelyn: Girl, don’t try to make up shit. You need to bring it on down, you wench! Don’t start with me on this fabulous night, Pat.

Pat: Angela, Petra just told me that Jocelyn said you we’re getting your kids taken away from you.

Angela: excuse me?

Petra: Is it true?

Angela: First off, absolutely NOT. I take good care of my kids. Second off, it’s none of your business.

Tanya: I don’t believe Jocelyn would say that!

Jocelyn: Pat your are nothing but a liar and a shit stirrer.

Angela: Yeah, you BOTH *points at Pat & Petra* are shit fucking stirrers, I’m out of here because I don’t need this. *walks away from the group* Where is the car? I just need to go *slightly hyperventilating as a crew member calms her down*

Petra: To be fair, I asked Pat in confidence *glares at Pat*

Angela’s Confessional: I’m really not here for this kind of slander. I take good care of all Mahir and I’s children. For someone close to me to say that to a STRANGER, it’s beyond low. *wipes eyes* I need a minute.

Pat: Shall I bring up everything else Jocelyn or are you ready to be honest?

Jocelyn: Bitch! You can create all the lies you want! But believe if you keep lying, you’ll get clocked upside the head.

Petra: *rolls eyes* Its not like Jocelyn said horrible things about you guys. It’s just gossip, who cares!

Tanya: Petra, I’m lost. Pat said you just told her horrible things about us. So did you tell her shit about us or not?

Jocelyn: Petra, it’s bizarre to be that you would even say such horrible things.

Petra: *looks at Jocelyn* Are you serious right now? Listen. I know it wasn’t cool of me to tell Pat. But you did tell me about everyone of them…

Jocelyn: This is so funny. *laughs* Keep lying, dear.

Pat: Shall I say what you said about Makayla?

Petra: *holds hand up* I can say if Makayla wants to know *cocks head*

Jocelyn: *looks* What did I say about her?

Pat: How Makayla and Leo are in bankruptcy and how he begs her to stop spending money because they are going to lose custody of their son?

Makayla: *laughs*

Petra: Wait wait… That never came out of my mouth, Pat. She just said Makayla was a bitch.

Tanya: Pat, that sounds like something YOU would say.

Pat: Oh Tanya, shut up bitch! Your friend said you and John are swingers!

Jocelyn: Pat, FUCK YOU. You need to learn how to stop damn lying. Do you have anything better to do, you fucking dunmy?!

Petra: All I said was that Jocelyn was right saying Makayla was a bitch… that’s ALL I said. I NEVER talked about her finances. How would I know?

Makayla: *chuckles* Can I go now? This is ridiculous! *looks at production* I told you nothing is to be brought up about my family again. BRAVO BRAVO FUCKING BRAVO! I’m DONE! *pushes producer and walks outside to head home*

Tanya: *looks at Makayla* What the hell…

Tanya’s Confessional: Makayla went OFF! Girl… calm down a bit.

Jocelyn: Patricia, you are such a disgrace to this group. Go hangout in a ditch. I’m sure you’re used to ditches considering that’s where Tom moved you to a few weeks ago! *walks away*

Pat: Bye Jocelyn. Everyone knows you’re a fake! *starts walking away*

Tanya: Pat, YOU’RE the fake one! BYE BITCH!

Pat: *flips Tanya off and walks out*

Petra: *shakes head* This is a mess.

Tanya: Well Petra, this is an average day with these ladies. Welcome to our group babe.

NEXT TIME ON “Married To Medicine Twitter”: After the dramatic revelations at the fashion show, one of the ladies goes completely MIA and leaves Vegas early; The group heads to the strip club for a fun night to let off some steam; After a crazy night out, rumors start circulating that two of the ladies hooked up.




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