Season 3, Episode 2 “Hot Off The Press”


*Pat Shown reading phone in shock*


Pat’s Confessional

Pat’s Confessional: *Pat sits for confessional*

Producer: So what was your first reaction when you read the situation about Angela?

Pat: Honestly, confused not sure what she did or why she did it.

*Pats makeup artist runs over*

Pat’s Makeup Artist: WHO? WHAT?

Pat: Angela! She’s been arrested but of course TMZ doesn’t say why…

Makeup Artist: Maybe she finally went nuts…

Pat: Emergency bail? Hope she has the funds…

Pat’s Confessional: listen, I don’t want to say Karma because lord knows what truly happened but Angela runs her mouth all over twitter.. maybe she finally met her match?


Makayla: *Makayla is shown in the kitchen with the Levi and his nanny Allie*

Makayla: So are you able to make it to Levi’s par- *ringer starts going off grabs phone and reads* What the hell?!

Allie (Makayla’s Nanny)

Allie: Are you okay? What happened?

Makayla: My friend Angela was arrested! *looks at Allie*

Allie: Angela arrested?! *comes around counter to Makayla’s side* Wow! What for?? Does it say?

Makayla: nothing about the charges but she is granted emergency bail.

Makayla’s Confessional

Makayla’s Confessional: I’m like in total shock this is happening to of all people, Angela?! I hope she’s doing okay because Angela is a great person who doesn’t deserve this happening to her!

Allie: I mean she has given me fraudulent vibes since I’ve met her. *shrugs*

Makayla: *looks at Allie* Please go feed Levi it’s time for his afternoon snack. Thank you!

Jocelyn & Dr. Donovan

Jocelyn: *gets notification* OH HELL NO! Dr. Angela Syed has been arrested. What in the world?!

Dr. Donovan: What’d you just say?!

Jocelyn: Angela has been arrested babe! ARRESTED. Handcuffs. In custody.

Dr. Donovan: Oh my goodness. What does this mean for her businesses and career.

Jocelyn: I don’t know. She must’ve been doing something illegal because authorities showed up to HER HOUSE.

Donovan: Oh yea, something isn’t right.

Jocelyn’s Confessional

Jocelyn’s Confessional: Hey *throws hands up* Angela got some explaining TO DO. Maybe she fought someone. Maybe she did some illegal work. Just maybe, she ummm scammed some folks. I don’t know, but something ain’t right.

Jocelyn: I would’ve never expected to hear this about her. She put up this front of her being a good person, a rich girl, and a woman who’s true to her word, well hell, don’t look like this time she stayed true to her word. I’ll have to talk with her.

Dr. Donovan: Definitely do that.

Jocelyn’s Confessional: I can’t believe this crap. *shakes head*

Dr. Tanya & Janae (Tanya’s Friend)

Tanya: *walks into the nail salon with Janae*

Tanya’s Confessional

Tanya’s Confessional: Today I’m getting my nails done with my girlfriend Janae Ward. She’s a doctors wife and she’s a BOSS ASS BITCH! I adore her and honestly, she’s been there for me a lot compared to some of my “friends” in the group. Ya’ll can read between the lines. *winks*

Tanya: Miss Janae, you’re looking FABULOUS! *sits down in chair*

Janae: *sits down by Tanya* Thanks baby, you are too! So how have you been?

Tanya: Oh girl, I’ve been better chile. I’m having a tough situation with the family right now. John recently reconnected with his Mom, but now she wants to move in with us! You know her & I can’t stand each other. She’s made accusations about me and tried to break us up for years… *flashback to the healing tent in Peru where Tanya talked about her relationship with her mother in law*

Janae: Girl, do not let her move in!

Tanya: I don’t want her to move in, but John wants her to and there’s no convincing him otherwise. She’s convinced him she has some sort of disease or some shit and that she needs us to care for her. It’s all bullshit!

Janae: I mean your house is big enough… just put her on one side and hire a team to care for her. *shrugs shoulders*

Tanya: Bitch, she will probably come try to kill me in my sleep. *chuckles* I’ve already worked enough in psychiatric units, I don’t want to basically live in one with this crazy psycho bitch.

Tanya’s Confessional: John’s Mom is CRAZY. Like legitimately, she is very mentally ill. I’m glad they reconnected because she could pass away soon, but I didn’t want her to move in with us! Like this is too much!

Tanya: Anyway, I know I’ve told you about some of my girlfriends right?

Janae: Yes, how are things going with them?

Tanya: Well out of the group, I’m only cool with Jocelyn right now. I haven’t spoken to Pat, Makayla, or dumbass Angela in MONTHS. We didn’t end on the best of terms. *flashback to the reunion*

Janae: What the hell happened? I know you & Pat used to be buddy buddy.

Tanya: Girl, you know me & Pat had a falling out after she choose Makayla over me. However, I do really miss Pat…

Janae: I just think you girls need to reconnect.

Tanya: Well, apparently Makayla is having a birthday party for her son and she invited all of the girls except for me. The only reason I know about it is because Jocelyn told me.

Janae: Are you gonna crash it? Because I know we’ve both crashed some parties back in our day. *laughs*

Tanya: I don’t know… should I?

Janae: I think you should, girl. I’m all for it!

Tanya: I’m not sure what the hell they’re all gonna say when they see me come in… it could get ugly. But you know what, I think I’m gonna take your advice and just go to see what happens.

Janae: That’s my girl! *smiles and high fives Tanya*

Tanya: This will be a very interesting party… *sips drink*

Levi’s Circus Themed Birthday Party
Levi’s Circus Themed Birthday Party
Levi’s Circus Themed Birthday Party
Levi’s Circus Themed Birthday Party
Makayla, Levi, & Dr. Leo

Makayla: *taking photo’s with Levi & Leo* LEO! Smile! OMG!

Leo: Babe chill out! I just got home from surgeries all morning… I’m tired!

Makayla: You knew what was happening today so don’t start!

Leo: And today wouldn’t be happening if I don’t work Makayla think of that!

*Makayla walks away with Levi in hand*

Makayla’s Confessional: Today is Levi’s birthday party and all the women has RSVP’d so I’m looking forward to seeing them all! Tanya wasn’t invited so whatever, but my girlfriend Frankie will be here and I can’t wait for the women to meet her!


Pat: *walks into tent with huge gift for Levi* OH WOW! Makayla! This is INCREDIBLE!

Makayla: *walks over to Pat* I know right this was definitely worth 55k *laughs* oh and speaking of it, I’m sorry Leo and I had that little argument at dinner the other night. Let’s just forget it happened. *smiles*

Pat: Oh no, It’s all good. *smiles* Who else is here? Angela? *smirks*

Makayla: Well I’ve been calling and texting all week and no responses. I think she needs time so I hope she comes, but if not I won’t be mad about it.

Pat: I mean the allegations are ridiculous. Some articles say she beat someone up. Some say she’s involved in some mob money business. Scary Shit!

Makayla: *Puts Levi down as he is getting fussy* Oh very scary, but I doubt Angela would actually hurt someone. Her rep would be flushed down the toilet.

Pat: If you say so… *rolls eyes*

Pat’s Confessional: The allegations are terrifying. I wouldn’t want that kind of person around my family that’s for sure!

Dr. Tanya & Monique (Tanya’s Daughter)

Jocelyn: *walks in with Tanya and Monique* Tanya, Makayla did the damn thing! This is extravagant. *holding gift*

Tanya: This IS nice!

Pat: *Sees Jocelyn walk in with Tanya* Well there isn’t a circus without Clowns… *rolls eyes*

Jocelyn: Hey Ladies!

Makayla: *turns around* Jocely-

Tanya: Hi, ladies! *smiles*

Makayla’s Confessional: WHO INVITED THIS HEIFER?!

Jocelyn: *hugs Makayla* This is beautiful. I have a gift for Little Levi.

Makayla: *smiles* Jocelyn! *hugs* thank you thank you for coming!

Tanya: I have a gift for you too. Monique picked it out special for Levi.

Makayla: *laughs* oh he’s around here somewhere you’ll meet him soon. *takes gift* thank you Tanya and Monique. *smiles*

Dr. Frankie (Makayla’s Friend)

Frankie: *walking into the party* Okay, Okay!! She definitely went all out. This is nice *smiling*

Makayla: *hears Frankie and runs over to her* Heyyyyyyy Frankie! *hugs*

Frankie: Hey!! How are you? Look at you skinny queen! You look delicious!

Makayla: *takes gift* come meet my friends and the one I didn’t invite is here FYI!

Frankie: *snickers at Makayla* STOP! Be nice!

Makayla: *brings Frankie over to the ladies* Hey guys, this is my friend Francesca AKA Frankie! She’s a Physical Therapist.

Pat: Frankie! *hugs* I heard so much about you, I’m Pat.

Frankie: *hugs Pat* Soo good to finally meet you! I’ve heard so much about you as well!

Jocelyn: I’m Jocelyn! *waves*

Tanya: *sees Frankie* hi, Frankie! You’re GORGEOUS! I’m Tanya and this is my daughter Monique.

Frankie: *smiling* Thank you so much! Nice to meet you all.

Tanya’s Confessional: Frankie is GORG! But why is she friends with botched up Barbie Makayla?

Pat: So ladies, it’s been a while since we’ve all been together… to bad Angela couldn’t join us.

Jocelyn: Has anyone even talked to her? Seems like she’s going through a lot.

Makayla: I was texting her but no answer.

Pat: I haven’t spoken to her.

Jocelyn: Well, neither have I.

Pat: Oh how rude of us. Frankie, Dr. Angela is one of our girlfriends and she was just arrested *giggles*

Tanya: Yeah welcome to our group! Our friend just got arrested. *chuckles*

Frankie: Arrested? For what?

Makayla: It’s a long story and honestly we don’t even really know the truth yet.

Frankie: Oh okay… so, who was that friend that wasn’t supposed to be here?

Pat: Oh Frankie *points at Tanya* She wasn’t invited.

Frankie: Tanya, they didn’t invite you? Why?

Tanya: Yeah I wasn’t invited, but Jocelyn was told that she could bring someone so she invited me.

Pat: Jocelyn just brings people to parties? How dreadful.

Makayla: I did allow plus one’s… I just thought Jocelyn would bring her husband or someone else.

Jocelyn: Yes, and I don’t have toddlers or younger kids, so I thought it’d be nice for Tanya to come.

Frankie: *sipping on drink* Well then.

Makayla: Thank you for coming Tanya and thanks for bringing Monique. No point in kicking you out now since Monqiue is having fun over there with Levi.

Tanya: But honestly, I don’t wanna cause a bunch of shit at your sons birthday party, Makayla. If I’m really that much of a problem I can go.

Makayla: If you don’t speak there won’t be any problems. That’s all.

Tanya: But Makayla, we really should meet one-on-one and talk things out away from the group. Because honestly, we’re both too old for this. Especially you babe.

Jocelyn: Oh God..not too old…

Makayla: Well Tanya, you’re the one that crashed my son’s birthday. So YOU are the immature one.

Tanya: I didn’t crash it babe, I just came with Jocelyn and brought my daughter.

Makayla: But I didn’t invite you so you crashed it.

Tanya: She’s having a good time with your son so how about you be a gracious hostess and say thanks for the expensive present and move on. Be an adult, Makayla.

Makayla: I’m sure you wanted to come up in here and cause a scene but you would look like a complete idiot like you always do.

Tanya: I’m not gonna do this today. I came here for my daughter to have a good time and to try and move forward with you Makayla. But you know what? I’m leaving. Jocelyn, thanks for the invite. But I’m gonna go. Makayla, if you wanna be an adult and work things out… call me. Nice meeting you, Frankie. Sorry this wasn’t a good first impression. You seem like a cool chic.

Frankie: Nice meeting you as well, didn’t expect to walk into the ring of fire, catch ya soon Tanya.

Jocelyn: Well, she rode with me, so I have to leave too. Bye, ladies. *follows Tanya*

Makayla: Don’t forget to grab a goodie bag for Monique on the way out. *waves*

Tanya: *grabs Monique* sorry honey, mommy needs to go. *walks out with Jocelyn & rides off*

Tanya’s Confessional: I’m DONE with the bullshit. Either they wanna be my friend or they don’t. I’m not gonna do these middle school games anymore.

Frankie: Y’all are turnt up today! *laughing*

Pat: Oh honey this is nothing!

Makayla: Yeah Frankie, that’s Tanya… the girl I told you about.

Frankie: She seems so nice!

Makayla: She is not nice! She’s the one that decided to try and use Leo’s ex to get back at me because I “stole” her BFF. She has nothing better to do than be an evil bitch! All she does is lay there like a corpse getting fucked by her mans “huge penis” and pops out kids.

Frankie: *laughs*

Pat: Frankie is cool and adorable! I’m gonna like hanging with her!

*the scene ends with the party jumping off and everyone enjoying themselves with drinks, games, dancing, and singing happy birthday to Levi*


Jocelyn: *sitting in the water relaxing*

Jocelyn’s Confessional: Today I’m meeting with Angela. I’m really the only one in the group that’s close to her, but we haven’t really talked and fell off a bit, so I’m glad we’re able to meet and I’m able to see what’s been going on with her, because whew baby, ALOT, has been going on with Dr. Syed.

*cameras show a pair of heels walking toward the spa and pans up to my face as I take my sunglasses off*

Dr. Angela (Pediatrician)

Angela: I’m here to meet my friend.

Angela’s Confessional

Angela’s Confessional: What can I say? There’s much to talk about and I’m ready to let my side be known.

Jocelyn: Well, look what the cat done drug in. Dr. Angela Syed.

Angela: Yes, Angela is here!

Jocelyn: Anyways, girl! Is everything okay?

Angela: *sits down & sighs* As okay as it can be. I’m still very disturbed by it all…

Jocelyn: Why you were arrested?

Angela: Well, I was making the kids dinner as I normally do. Mahir was at work, my Mother was out in her guest house *laughs* and there was a car driving down the street beeping the horn incessantly.

Jocelyn: Okay…

Angela: So I look and notice that it’s Michelle’s car, you know- Mahir’s ex wife, the twins’ mom. So I go outside to see why she’s acting like this and she tries to tell me that she came to take the twins home with her, basically violating the court ordered custody plan. So I’m trying to keep the kids calm and away from the commotion. I asked her to leave but she didn’t so I decided to call the police. She’s still cursing and yelling, neighbors have come out, I’m just EMBARRASSED.

Jocelyn: Oh my gosh…

Angela: I turn around to tell the kids that everything is alright, go inside and finish eating when she grabs me by my hair and starts trying to pull me down the driveway. So I drop my phone somewhere during this and I luckily got her to let go and I punched her. Needless to say, a brawl broke out and the police showed up and arrested both of us.

Jocelyn: Angela, that is a lot of craziness. I’m glad you out, but that’s just so crazy. Is she stable? On meds?

Angela: She wasn’t happy with the judge’s plan. I’m not sure why she’s so insistent on taking those boys. She has three other children at home. Needless to say, I have a lot more to lose than she does so I’m really upset and I’m filing a restraining order.

Jocelyn: Well, that’ll be best because she seems crazy. The ladies were wondering what happened, but I’m glad your doing well and not locked up.

Angela: Well I’m facing an assault charge and a disorderly conduct charge. So I’ll be taking care of that in the meantime. I’m glad I was able to secure bail and be released.

Jocelyn: I think we all are. Jail is no joke and I don’t think you’d survive nor is that where you belong. Have you talked to any of the other ladies about it?

Angela: Not really. I’ve been so busy with business, these custody hearings, getting the baby into Pre-K, it’s been quite something.

Jocelyn: Yeah, I can tell. You know Makayla had her son a party the other day.

Angela: What?! Makayla didn’t tell me anything about a party, we’re supposed to be friends.

Jocelyn: She said she had been texting you, but there was no response.

Angela: *looks stunned* I wouldn’t just ignore her, I mean I got your text to meet here and I responded.

Jocelyn: Honey, I don’t know. *shrugs as I get up* Makayla also invited her friend Doctor Frankie. She’s a physical therapist. She’s cute and fabulous! I’ll have to get you all to meet.

Angela’s Confessional: A new girl? *rolls eyes* UGH! You know I hate new people!

Angela: Oh lord, another new bitch I have to like… *rolls eyes* Well, that’s fresh meat… so game on bitch. *laughs*

NEXT TIME ON “Married To Medicine Twitter”: The group tries to move forward with one another after being divided for so long; Frankie’s husband shares his frustrations about her open sexuality; After last year’s dinner disaster, Jocelyn decides to host a redo dinner at her home to bring the ladies together.



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