Season 3, Episode 12 “When In Paris”

Makayla & Family

Makayla: *getting off private plane with her Husband, Son, & 2 Dogs* Look babe… we’re in FRANCE!

Leo: I know babe. *kisses Makayla* I’m glad to be here with our family. *smiles*

Makayla’s Confessional

Makayla: *gets in van with her family* So I got a text from Frankie, they won’t be here until tomorrow. Something about missing her flight since she forgot their passports at home. *giggles* Frankie will probably miss her own funeral.

Leo: *laughs* Hopefully they here in time for all the festivities. *pulls out laptop and starts working*

Makayla: I’m sure she will be babe. I know you love chatting with her husband and Tom. *looks over and sees him typing* LEO! You’re working on vacation, really?!

Leo: Babe I’m just confirming surgeries for when I get back that’s all, calm down.

Makayla: I guess that’s what I get for being married to a workaholic. *laughs*

Tanya & John’s Hotel Room
Dr. Tanya & John (Tanya’s Husband)

Tanya: *walking in the hotel room with John* BABE, we’re HEREEEEE! *jumps on bed*

John: Baby this is your trip, but you know what you promised me. *winks*

Tanya: Slow down, John John. We need to unpack and do some things first, but you WILL get some tonight. That’s for sure. *winks*

Tanya’s Confessional

John: *starts helping unpack* so babe, I have some fun stuff planned for the guys later.

Tanya: What is it?

John: That’s for me to know and you to never find out. *laughs*

Tanya: *smacks his ass* John Love! You asshole you! *laughs* thank God you’re a fucking sexy asshole!

John: Oh really? So maybe you do wanna have sex now? *smirks*

Tanya: Maybe I do… *looks at camera man & crew* hey, you guys gotta get out of here. Mommy & Daddy love are gonna have some fun. *winks and escorts crew out then locks the door*

*moaning noises are heard coming from Tanya & John’s room as scene ends*

Dr. Angela & Dr. Mahir (Angela’s Husband)

*cameras follow Mahir and Angela into their suite*

Angela: *spreads out on couch* We could make a new baby right here right now and name her Paris. *winks at Mahir*

Mahir: As if we need more children.

Angela: *rolls eyes* But we DO need more sex. We’ve been going through a lot.

Mahir: Sorry babe, I’m just tense. Between the case, the complaint hearing, and that opening party… I feel like we’re being attacked at every turn.

Angela’s Confessional

Angela: Well babe you know he’s going to be here. Leo, I mean.

Mahir: I don’t think he even deserves to be called by his name. He’s just bitch to ME. I’m going to bring it up when I see him, he can’t run from the truth here.


The Louvre Museum
Dr. Tanya

Tanya: *walks into restaurant with Janae* This is beautiful!

Janae (Tanya’s Friend)

Janae: You’ve really outdone yourself, babe.

Tanya: Well thanks for helping me with some of the details of the trip, girl. I’m glad you could make it.

Janae: I am too! It’s a nice little getaway for me and the hubby. I just hope the girls don’t bring all of their drama. *laughs*

Janae’s Confessional

Pat: *Walks in* Wow! Look at you T! *looks around* And Look at THIS!

Tanya: Isn’t it stunning?!

Pat: Yes, it’s incredible!

Tanya: And girl, you’re stunning as well! Like WOAH! Like you are FASHION, BABY! *laughs and hugs Pat*

Pat: *Hugs and twirls* This old thing? *laughs*

Pat’s Confessional
Jocelyn’s Confessional

Jocelyn: *walks in* Hey ladies!

Tanya: *sees Jocelyn and my eyes widen* BITCH, WOAH! YOU ARE AN AFRICAN QUEEN, JOC! *snaps fingers* YASSS Queen!

Janae: We have a Queen entering the room! Everyone bow and kiss her feet *laughs*

Jocelyn: Thanks! I had to one up, Pat. *laughs*

Pat: *chuckles* Fine by me babe! Looking great, Jocelyn.

Jocelyn: Thank you. *looks at Janae’s outfit* Now nae nae, did you not get the memo?

Janae: What’re you talking about?

Tanya: Joc, stop. Janae, you look great. Don’t listen to Jocelyn.

*An image flashes on the screen of Janae posing for a photo on her boutique’s website*


Makayla: *escorted to the private dining area where the other ladies await* Hey ladies! *waves and has a seat*

Pat: YASSS Makayla! Loving the black dress and those SHOES, honey! YASSS!

Jocelyn: Yes! Makayla looking like a goddess!

Makayla: *smiles* I love all of the looks! Everyone has stepped it up! *claps*

Dr. Angela

Angela: *walks to the table* Sorry I’m late, ladies. But bitches, I’m hungry… so let’s eat!

Tanya: *sees Angela* WOAH! HOT MAMA coming through!

Makayla: Okay miss sugar plum come thru!

Angela: Well I’ll be Miss Sugar Plum if you’re Miss Surgical Breast. *chuckles & sits down*

Makayla: *shakes tits* Eat them up love!

Petra (Jocelyn’s Friend)

Petra: *walks in* I’m sorry guys! My glam team was taking FOREVER! *twirls*

Pat: *Chokes on water* Petra wins best dressed *laughs*

Petra: Thank you Pat *hugs everyone and sits down* You all look stunning!

Petra’s Confessional

Pat: So, how was everyone’s first day?

Makayla: I got some much needed sleep and a massage.

Jocelyn: It was nice. Donovan and I took a trip to get a massage as well.

Tanya: Well John & I just had a ton of sex… *laughs*

Angela: Not surprised… he wants more children doesn’t he?

Tanya: He does actually. However, I do not.

Makayla: Then close up that Holland tunnel girl! *laughs*

Pat: Speaking of Children… did I see little Levy with you Makayla?

Tanya: Yes, I did say Makayla could bring Levi.

Makayla: Yep! He’s up in the suite with his nanny right now. We even brought our dogs and they’re getting pampered and enjoying Paris as well.

Pat: Okay, but it’s a couple’s trip… not a family trip.

Angela: Tanya, why did you say it was OK?

Tanya: She asked and she’s a new Mom so I understood where she’s coming from.

Angela: A new mom?!!? Girl, BYE! You know it’s stupid to bring children on an adult only trip.

Jocelyn: Ladies! Bring it down. If Makayla wanted to bring her child, let her. It’s none of our business, as long as he’s not interfering with us.

Tanya: And Makayla, your other baby is expected to arrive very soon right?

Makayla: She’s actually due next week.

Tanya: Oh wow, I’ll be praying that everything goes well babe.

Makayla: Thanks, Tanya! I’m so excited to meet her.

Angela: Well ladies, where is Frankie? Is Janae Frankie’s replacement or something? *laughs*

Janae: *rolls eyes* Angela, shut up.

Makayla: She texted me yesterday saying she missed the flight because she forgot her passport.

Jocelyn: Oh goodness…

Makayla: I’ve been texting her all day but no response. As a matter of fact her phone must be off because my text sent in green.

Angela: Do you guys think her husband is hitting her?

Makayla: ANGELA!

Jocelyn: Angela, STOP!

Angela: What?! I don’t know what’s with you girls and not telling the truth.

Jocelyn: Didn’t your mother teach you to not say everything that comes to mind?

Angela: Didn’t your mother teach you to reproduce with tolerant men? So I guess we both failed.

Jocelyn: Shut up Angela. You are such a lowdown wench. You need to seek help and counseling.

Pat: Ladies, stop stop stop. We’re in Paris. Angela and Jocelyn, can’t y’all get back to a good spot?

Jocelyn: Nope. I’m good. I don’t trust being around her anymore. She may attack me.

Angela: Okay baby that’s really convenient. Your baby daddy may attack your daughter.

Tanya: Ladies, STOP! We’re NOT doing this here.

Jocelyn: Angela, don’t even go there! Since you want to take jabs. Didn’t you fight that woman because Mahir wants her and not you? And that you two are headed for divorce?

Angela: You WISH that lie was true, baby. You WISH.

Jocelyn: Stop mentioning my daughter.

Angela: You’ve mentioned my children before so it’s fair game!

Jocelyn: No, it’s NOT. Maybe you just need a new job. Your practice is failing and you’re BORED. You need to get a job and get a check so you can stop talking about MY family!

Angela: I make that money you haven’t made since the 90's! *snaps in Jocelyn’s direction*

Jocelyn: Get your hands out of my face, chile. Before I rip them off!

Pat: Guys, STOP!

Tanya: ENOUGH!

*Production being spoken to by The Louvre security team*

Producer: Ladies, unfortunately we have to move out.

Makayla: *chugs wine and follows production out*

Tanya: UGH, this is why we can’t have nice things guys! Like seriously, ya’ll are just a piece of work. *storms off*

*Everyone is escorted out as scene ends*

Makayla’s Hotel Room

Makayla: *walks back into the hotel after lunch*

Dr. Leo

Leo: Hey babe! You’re back from brunch already that was quick.

Makayla: *sighs* Baaaabeeeee! It was horrible! Well actually… it was quite fabulous especially considering it was put together by Tanya.

Leo: *chuckles as he takes a sip of water*

Makayla: Anyways… They brought up me bringing Levi because it’s a couples trip, but honestly… who the FUCK cares! *eyes widen as she covers her mouth*

Leo: *makes a face* Makayla really…. you know I don’t want Levi to hear you cussing.

Levi: *yells from other room* Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Leo: *puts hand on head* Ugh…

Makayla: ANYWAY, Sooooo we didn’t even get to eat! Like the women started yelling at the top of their lungs in the freaking Louvre! They kicked us out!

Leo: Some of your friends should be use to being kicked out of places by now babe. *laughs*

Makayla: BAAAABBBBEEEE!!! You ass! *tosses throw pillow at him*

Leo: Hey hey! Language! *smiles*

Makayla: *laughs with him*

John (Tanya’s Husband)

John: *chilling in the suite waiting for the other guys*

Dr. Tom (Pat’s Husband)

Tom: *enters the Suite at the Soccer Stadium* Hey John, this is great!

John: Yeah man, it is great! I’m just glad we’re able to relax and enjoy ourselves while our women bitch at each other. *laughs*

Dr. Donovan (Jocelyn’s Husband)

Donovan: *walks in* Hey Fellas! *shakes hands*

John: Hey Dr. D! Nice to see ya man.

Tom: Hi, Don.

John: So Tom, does your wife come home and tell you about any of the craziness going on with the ladies? Tanya vents to me, but I tell her most of the time to forget about it because it’s all so damn petty at the end of the day.

Tom: *laughs* She tries to tell me. I don’t say much. Listen whatever goes on with Pat and any other ladies is their business, I don’t let it get in the way of my relationships with you guys.

John: I agree, Tom. Leave the drama to the ladies. We’re here to just watch the match & enjoy ourselves.

Dr. Leo (Makayla’s Husband)

Leo: *walks in with a beer* Cheers to that John! Leave the drama to the ladies.

Donovan: LEO!

John: Hey Leo, my man!

Dr. Mahir (Angela’s Husband)

Mahir: *walks into booth with hot dog and soda* What’s up guys?

Leo: *sees Mahir and rolls eyes*

John: Hey Mahir! Woah, dude. Where did you get that wiener? *laughs*

Mahir: From that truck over there.

John: Hm, I might have to try one. *walks over to hot dog truck and grabs a hot dog*

Mahir: Hey, Tom! Nice to see ya man. Can we talk for a second?

Tom: Sure, what’s up Mahir?

Mahir: So I wanted to thank you for standing by Angela at the hearing and everything.

Tom: Absolutely. You guys are family. You know that. No matter what the wives have been through themselves. *laughs* how is she holding up?

Mahir: She’s doing pretty well right now. I’m the one really bogged down.

Tom: What has you upset, man?

Mahir: Well… Leo has done some dirty things behind the scenes.

Tom: Oh wow… well, we are all men. Handle it while we’re here.

Mahir: Oh I’m going to…

Dr. Derrick (Janae’s Husband)
Dr. Gunter (Petra’s Husband)

Derrick: *walks in with Gunter* Hey guys! What’s up?

Gunter: Sorry we’re late. My glam squad was taking forever! *laughs*

John: Welcome guys! Come get a hot dog and get to know everyone. Glad you both could make it. Not sure how safe these hot dogs are, but Mahir got one so I thought if we all get one we can suffer together! *laughs*

Gunter: Hello everyone! My name is Gunter. I haven’t been around alot, busy shedule. Im a neuro surgeon.

Derrick: I’m Derrick and I’m an urgent care doctor.

Mahir: Nice to meet you both. I’m Mahir, I’m an ER physician.

Donovan: I’m Dr. Donovan! Nice meeting you both.

Leo: I’m Leo and I’m a cosmetic surgeon.

Gunter: Great to put names with faces. I know you all do great work.

Mahir: Gunter & Derrick, just some advice for this group. Stay out of the women’s business and only address the other husbands. And most importantly, not having our wives do our dirty work. Our wives are our queens not our puppets.

Donovan: Woah… well damn.

John: Mahir, it sounds like you’re trying to call someone out here?

Leo: *raises glass* We take care of our wives and their mouths. Right, Mahir?

Mahir: How about you take care of your wife and don’t make them BEG for children. Right Leo?

Donovan: Now you two are acting like the women!

John: Yeah guys, let’s calm down a little bit.

Mahir: Leo is a bitch.

Tom: WOAH!

John: Tone it down, Mahir. Town it down man.

Leo: And make sure they don’t grow that rap sheet too long now. *sips whiskey*

Tom: Gentlemen, if there’s a conversation that needs to happen let it happen respectfully.

Mahir: See I’m trying to be nice. But If you keep talking about my wife, it won’t be pretty.

Donovan: Y’all need to chill the fuck out, like deadass. This is too much. First night and y’all acting like two Chihuahuas.

Leo: So calling me a bitch is nice?

Mahir: Well you are a bitch! Who files complaints against women on their job?

Leo: Why don’t you go find some lawyers and make sure your wife doesn’t end up in jail for being a savage animal attacking people.

Mahir: Oh so you’re racist?!

Leo: What makes me a racist?

Mahir: I’m not gonna talk about it. Just don’t call my wife out of her name!

Leo: Then shut the fuck up! You called me out of MY name. That’s fucked up.

Mahir: Whatever man.

Leo: If you wanna GO then we can GO.

Tom: Leo, take a breath. This isn’t how this should go.

Leo: I did what I had to do for my business and brand. If that hurts you I’m sorry. I built this life for my family and I. Being associated to you and your wife would ruin it and with my investors. *shrugs*

Mahir: Yeah man, i’m out of here. I don’t wanna listen to your BULLSHIT.

Leo: Whatever man. You’re a fucking pussy!

Mahir: What did you say?!

John: Mahir, NO. We’re going! *grabs Mahir and takes him out* Leo’s not worth it man. We’re going home.

Gunter: Wow… this was a fun guys night. Let’s do it again sometime. *chuckles*

NEXT TIME ON “Married To Medicine Twitter”: After a rough start to the Paris trip, a line is drawn in the sand and the group becomes divided once again; Tanya tries to bring the ladies back together during a night out at the club; Back in Twitter, Frankie finally confronts her estranged husband and makes a shocking decision about the future of their relationship.

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