Season 2, Episode 9 “Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner?”


Pat: *walks into restaurant and sits down as confessional plays*

Pat’s Confessional

Pat’s Confessional: Things at Jocelyn’s got out of control and I’m meeting up with her for lunch today to break it all down and ultimately apologize… there’s literally no reason for us to fight.

Pat: *Looks at waiter* I’ll have an Arnold Palmer and the BLT. My friend should be here shortly…


Jocelyn: *walks in and goes to table* Hi…

Pat: Hey… welcome. Have a seat.

Jocelyn: *sits down* So… what do I owe the pleasure of having lunch with you, Patricia?

Pat: Well I wanted to talk about the dinner at your house.

Jocelyn: If you aren’t apologizing for your actions, I don’t want to hear about it. You acted like a nut at my home and you continued your foolish ways on social media.

Pat: Yes. I apologize for what I did, but you have to admit… the girls got me there. From Jazmine to Angela and then hearing that my so called “best friend” said things behind my back… it was just a shit night for all.

Jocelyn: Pat, I understand that… but that doesn’t give you the right to walk into someone’s home, who you aren’t all the way on good terms with, and destroy their property. I could honestly sue you for property damage!

Pat: We weren’t on good terms?

Jocelyn: Not necessarily, but we did have multiple past disagreements that could’ve potentially ended our friendship all the way. But it didn’t.

Pat: I mean I thought we were cool. Your friends decided that your home was the place to bring all that stuff up. I was ready to have a fun night!

Pat’s Confessional: Jocelyn should be angry with Angela, Tanya and Jazmine. Not me! Yeah I broke a plate and a vase, but I have something that’ll replace all of that cheap shit.

Pat: Jocelyn, I do actually have something for you.

Jocelyn: What’d you bring?

Pat: *pulls out gift* It’s a custom Versace Vase. To make up for at least one of the things I destroyed.

Jocelyn: WOW! Well thank you Pat… I really appreciate it.

Jocelyn’s Confessional

Jocelyn’s Confessional: This vase is like an olive branch in a way and hey, I’ll accept this beautiful and expensive branch. *laughs*

Jocelyn: I do want to tell you that Tanya is a hypocrite lying in the grass waiting to attack you at your lowest, any time now…

Pat: Yeah… I’ve spent some time away from Tanya but I do have to speak with her eventually. And since I’m having so much drama with her, I hope you & I can move past all the bullshit.

Jocelyn: I fully agree. Let’s move on and past all the drama.

Pat: Let’s hug it out sis. *stands up and hugs Jocelyn*

Jocelyn: *hugs* Happy to be moving on.


Makayla: *arrives at the bar and has a seat while looking around* I think I’m a bit overdressed for this place…

Makayla’s Confessional

Makayla’s Confessional: It’s strange that Tanya wants to meet me after everything I said about her child and then her being a shady friend towards Pat. But I don’t turn down a good cocktail! Even in this rustic ass bar…

Dr. Tanya

Tanya: *walks into bar* Hey girl! I’m glad you could meet with me.

Makayla: How’ve you been? You’re looking good!

Tanya: Thank you! I appreciate that. Especially since you don’t seem to like the way my child looks… *rolls eyes and sips drink*

Makayla: Um… anyway… what’s up?

Tanya: Well I honestly wanted to meet with you because I wanted to discuss this shit show of a situation going on in the group. My name is being drug through the mud and Pat won’t even speak to me.

Makayla: *sips drink* Well maybe she has a valid reason in not speaking with you. Maybe there’s some truth this “rumors”

Tanya: Do you hate me or something girl?! Like are you jealous of my friendship with Pat? I just don’t get it! I just feel like you jumped on the bandwagon with these other girls that you don’t even like! And instead of trying to help me and Pat talk it out, you have tried to pull us further apart.

Makayla: *laughs* I don’t hate anyone and I jumped on no bandwagon. I just don’t see why Jazmine would point the finger at you out of thin air you know.

Tanya: Because Jazmine doesn’t like me for some reason! I don’t know why! She’s MESSY! She wants the attention on her so she made up shit and tried to cause problems… that way everyone would pay attention to her.

Makayla: Twitter is full of messy hoes wanting attention.

Tanya: I know, but why do you even believe her?!

Makayla: I’m not saying I believe her! It’s just strange.

Tanya: All I’m asking is could you help me & Pat talk things out. I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but I need your help. That’s all I’m asking from you.

Makayla: Look… I’ll talk to Pat and see what I can do. But right now, just give her some space.

Tanya: Hey, I’m glad you’ll at least help me in some way. That means a lot. We may not be BFF’s but I’m glad we can be civil. I respect you for that.

Makayla: Thanks Tanya…

Tanya’s Confessional

Tanya’s Confessional: I may not like Makayla a lot but at least she’s willing to help me and that says a lot about a persons character.

Dr. Angela’s Home
Dr. Angela’s Kitchen
Dr. Angela’s Dining Room
Dr. Angela

Angela: *looks at watch while talking to chef* Chile, the last time we had dinner around this time all hell broke loose.

Chef: *eyes widen*

Angela’s Confessional

Angela’s Confessional: Tonight I’m hosting a dinner to bring the ladies together and make an exciting announcement! Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up like Jocelyn’s dinner from hell!


Makayla: *knocks on door and is let in by a butler* Thank you kind sir! *sneaks up behind Angela* HEY GIRL!

Angela: Oh hello! You came in like a thief in the night!

Makayla: *looks around* Lemme find something to steal *laughs*

Angela: Not from this house *laughs*

Dr. Dominique

Dominique: *walks in* She’s ARRIVED ladies! *snaps fingers and laughs*

Dr. Tanya

Tanya: *walks in* hi, ladies…

Tanya’s Confessional: Do I really wanna be around these girls besides Dominique? No! But I’m doing it to TRY & move forward.


Jocelyn: *knocks on door* Hello?

Angela: *opens the door* Bitch, come on in! The door is open!

Jocelyn: Okay girl! Thank you for the invite miss Angela! *laughs and hugs Angela*

Dominique: Everyone looking good tonight! Yasss!

Makayla: *looks at Jocelyn* The girls are out to play tonight I see!!!

Jocelyn: Yep! They are. *laughs*

Angela: Well ladies, we’re going to have a little dinner. Everyone take a seat around the table.

(Everyone sits down)

Angela: Well I’m sure you ladies notice that we’re missing someone… Pat is not with us tonight.

Dominique: Who the hell is that?

Makayla: Was she not invited?

Angela: She was invited, she just requested to not be in Tanya’s presence.

Tanya: Wow…

Makayla: *chokes on water while I sip*

Tanya: *starts to tear up* I need a minute… *gets up and walks to the bathroom*

Angela: *rolls eyes*

Angela’s Confessional: Girl why are you crying? You are a BAD Friend. I called it before and I’m calling it again.

Dominique: So here’s something interesting… Makayla, I ran into someone you know!

Makayla: *looks confused* Who?

Dominique: I was having lunch with Tanya, and your husbands ex wife popped up on us! She had a lot to say…

Makayla: *rolls eyes* REALLY?! I want to hear this!

Angela: Did Tanya invite her?

Dominique: No, she just popped up on us and had some hotly brewed tea. We found out she’s still fucking your husband.

Jocelyn: *laughs*

Makayla: *laughs* Shes delusional! No she isn’t. Don’t believe anything that girl says! Did she tell you Leo had to admit her to a mental hospital? I doubt she told you that tea!

Angela: Wait,what?!

Makayla: She makes shit up in her Looney tunes brain!

Dominique: She ain’t say all that…she did say she still bouncing on Leo’s mediocre sized penis.

Jocelyn: *laughs*

Makayla: *sips drink* My mans dick only enters one pussy and that’s mine.

Tanya: She’s his ex, I’m sure she has a lot of stories.

Dominique: She informed us that your husband is cheap and all your furniture was bought at target and Ikea…

Makayla: ENOUGH DOMINIQUE! *points at Tanya* AND AS FOR YOU!

Angela: She’s a fake ass friend. I’ve been saying it forever!

Tanya: Angela, shut the hell up!

Angela: Tanya, YOU shut the hell up! You’re a low down dirty shame, you’re so dirty and shady! I’m surprised your husband can find that dim lit pussy!

Makayla: This is the perfect example of how FAKE you are! You’re a FRAUD ASS BITCH! No wonder Pat hates you!

Tanya: Makayla, YOU DON’T LIKE ME! Why would I WARN you about this girl if you don’t even care or believe what I have to say?! So just fuck off!

Dominique: Kayla girl, I have a question for you. Why when you were cheating with her husband at the time, now your husband, you were wearing her lingerie?? She said she caught you wearing her lingerie… *shakes head* that’s nasty…her juices was on that thong you had on sis.

Makayla: *throws wine glass on the floor* ENOUGH DOMINIQUE! SHUT THE FUCK UP *gets in her face* YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT!

Tanya: OH JESUS!

Angela: Oh sweet Jesus in the manger!

Dominique: Get out my face bitch!


Angela: *gets up* Makayla, back up…

Jocelyn: God, here we go again..

Dominique: Someone needs to get this botched bitch out of my face before I fuck her up!

Angela: Okay ladies, enough!

Tanya: *grabs Dominique* girl, lets go!

Dominique: *walks out with Tanya* she got me fucked up!


Angela: NO, YOU CANNOT LEAVE! I have an announcement! *runs behind Makayla* Get your ass back in here!

Tanya: *to a producer* Guys, just give us a minute to calm down…

Angela’s Confessional: These girls are so quick to leave. It’s like they don’t know how to handle conflict, it’s exhausting!

Tanya: Dominique, are you okay? I’m sorry she tried to attack you.

Dominique: Yes. That bitch is nuts! I was just trying to give her the heads up and she switched on me!

-Outside Angela’s House-


Angela: *runs outside breathing heavily* Makayla, I have to make an announcement and I can’t do it with all of this going on.

Makayla: Angela, I’m not going back in there! *starts crying* They’re so mean!

Angela: Girl, tighten up! They’re just telling you what’s being said. Rule #1; You never let a bitch see you go crazy and break down.

Jocelyn: *walks outside* What’s going on? Is it because your marriage is fake and failing and you don’t want it out? Is that why you’re so upset?


Angela: Jocelyn, you’re not helping!

Jocelyn: Well, we signed up to show our lives. Deal with it!

Angela: Jocelyn, STOP! Makayla, come back inside. *pulls tissue out of bra and hands it to Makayla* I need to make an announcement.

Makayla: No, I’m DONE! *jumps in car and drives off*

Angela: *walks back inside and closes door* You ladies will be the death of me!

Jocelyn: Angela, just make your announcement already!

Angela: Okay ladies, the announcement is… I want to invite you all on an excursion to… *taps the table like drums* PERU! *men come in and start blowing whistles and dancing*

Jocelyn: YESSS! *starts dancing with hot men*

Tanya: Fun…

Dominique: Well alright now… so are Pony and the blow up doll coming along?

Angela: Yes, they are both invited.

Tanya: Hm… well maybe Pat will be an adult and show up.

Tanya’s Confessional: I don’t wanna go down the street with this group let alone out of the country. But I’ll do it to support Dominique and hopefully get back on track with Pat… if she actually shows up.


Pat’s Confessional: Angela called me about heading to Peru. I actually accepted and I’m getting ready to head out a day early, but before I do there is someone I want to meet up with…

Pat: *to waiter* I’ll have a bottle of Pinot. I’m just waiting on a friend so bring it chilled!

*cameras show a woman getting out of limo with long trench coat on swaying in the wind as mystery music plays*


Jillian: *walks over to table and takes off sunglasses* Good afternoon, sweetie!

Pat: Hello!! *Stands up & hugs* Welcome Welcome Welcome! So I’m glad I texted you. I’m about to head to Peru with your sister in law…

Jillian: Oh is my sister’s lover coming?

Pat: Excuse Me? *giggles*

Jillian: *laughs* Clearly the joke went over your head. Yes, I figured Dominique would be there.

Pat: Yeah unfortunately.

Pat’s Confessional: This is Jillian. The beloved sister of Kendrick Samuels.. Dominique’s Sister in Law. *sips drink*

Pat: So the reason I texted you was because one of my girlfriends said something about an arrangement…

Jillian: Arrangement in what way?

Pat: You tell me sis!

Jillian: Well…Kendrick has told me that he and Dominique have an open relationship when her work gets chaotic. He can go out and do what he wants but he must wear a rubber.

Pat: Oh wow… and what about them living in two different houses?

Jillian: That’s the house he does his deeds in. And where he goes when she starts yelling and screaming. I think that’s where he fucks his ex fiancee Tammy. I shouldn’t have said that… *shakes head*

Pat: Girl, NO it’s okay because it’s all true! You’re not making anything up. I’ve seen her bully him around and it’s NOT okay!

Jillian: Well Pat, even though I can’t stand Dominique… I have a bone to pick with you too… I feel disrespected that you called my brother a bitch. That’s a sore spot for him because she constantly violates his manhood.

Pat: Well I only said what I said to get Dominique to leave him alone. She kept bringing him around the women and he just wanted to be with the guys. As soon as I called him a bitch, he moved away. I was doing him a favor!

Jillian: Okay… *cuts steak and takes a bite* But If I catch you disrespecting my brother again *crosses throat with knife* It’ll be over for you *winks and laughs*

Pat: Oh okay… *nervously laughs*

Pat’s Confessional: Jillian’s one scary ass bitch, but she’s an open fucking book. Dominique, I’m coming for ya! *laughs*

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