Season 2, Episode 12 “Healing to Disaster”

Healing Tent

Pat: *walking to the healing tent as confessional plays*

Pat’s Confessional: Last nights dinner was another nightmare. Today’s healing tent should be Healing? Let’s see if these ladies can behave for one day.

Healing Tent Leader

Leader: Hi, ladies! Welcome to the healing tent. Come have a seat in a circle please.


Jocelyn: *tries to sit down* Whew, these knees ain’t what they used to be. *laughs*

Leader: So ladies, this is a chance to just speak your minds and release anything that is bothering you or your soul. *looks at Pat* Would you like to start us off?

Pat: Oh! Okay… sure. Well, I mean there’s been a lot of conflict among us lately.

Dr. Angela

Angela: *nods head*

Pat: I’m gonna be really honest here… this time last year I was in a bad spot with my husband Tom and since then my relationship with him has been looked at under a microscope for the entire world to see. When I saw you all before the lock down, I had just found out Tom cheated on me. And when I was in New York, I cheated on him.


Makayla: *gasp*

Dr. Tanya

Tanya: *starts tearing up*

Pat: I was so angry, unloved and hurt. I wanted to feel love again *tears up* It was such a low point for us. But I think we are getting back on track if these rumors stop. *looks at the girls* Can we just stop with the rumors so I can get my marriage back on track? *Cries*

Tanya: *walks over and hugs Pat*

Pat: *pats Tanya on the back* Thank you.

Tanya’s Confessional: No matter what we go through, I LOVE Pat. And I love Tom as well. I want them to be together & happy.

Tanya: *goes back and sits down*

Leader: Thank you hun for your bravery and attempt to let it out! Who wants to go next? *Looks at Jocelyn* Sweetheart you look like you have something to say…

Jocelyn: Oh, well since this is a healing session. I guess this is a time for me to express my recent issues with some past trauma. As a teenager, I was molested by my stepdad, who was very physical and verbally abusive to my mother and of course it takes courage to speak up, and when I did, my mother just literally abandoned me and I had to stay with my aunt along with my sister.

Angela: Wow, Joc.

Pat: That is horrible!

Jocelyn: So recently my sister and I were trying to get back in contact with her, but it’s been very unsuccessful and draining *tears up*

Makayla: Oh my! *starts getting teary eyed*

Leader: Ladies we have a strong one here *points to Jocelyn*

Jocelyn: It’s fine ladies. I haven’t really spoken about it because it’s just very draining and coming around the group, I just want to be free and not think about it.

Pat: Jocelyn, that’s something you should share with us! We are here for you.

Leader: Dear, Thank you for sharing. That takes true strength and bravery.

Jocelyn: Well thanks for all the support. It helps a lot. I genuinely appreciate it. *blows kisses to everyone*

Angela’s Confessional: I had not known about this at all. Jocelyn is so strong and I’m glad she’s speaking on this. I hope it touches someone out there.

Leader: Who wants to go next?

Angela: I think Tanya should go next… let’s keep the circle going.

Leader: *Looks at Tanya* I’m sensing a baby just came! What does the Mommy have to get out?

Pat: *looks at Tanya*

Tanya: Yes, I did just have a baby. Okay I’ll go… *takes a deep breath* honestly, I keep a lot in and I don’t talk about it because I try to stay strong for everyone, especially my family. Currently, I’m having trouble with my mother-in-law and my husbands family. They’ve never liked me and have continuously threatened me and harassed me for years. His Mom does drugs and she’s just not a healthy person to be around. So we try and stay away from it, but sometimes I feel guilty… because I know it’s because of ME that they don’t talk to him anymore. *tears up*

Pat: Its not you, T! They are miserable!

Tanya: They’ve tried doing crazy shit like paying hookers to come to our house and seduce him. Random women say he’s sexually harassed them. Like it’s A LOT. And thank you, Pat. Means a lot… *smiles at Pat*

Pat’s Confessional: I know of what goes on behind closed doors. Tanya’s mother in law is just horrible.

Leader: Well remember darling you have a new child to bring up in this world! The minute you get rid of negativity the better you will be.

Tanya: Thank you… that advice helps a lot.

Jocelyn: Stay positive, Tanya. We’re here for you. *hugs Tanya*

Tanya: Thanks, Joc. *hugs Jocelyn*

Leader: Thank you for Sharing! Who is next?

Makayla: *raises hand* I can go next… So, I’ve been married to my husband for about 2 years now and everything have been perfect! Truly a fairy tale life I never expected to live. But since joining this group of ladies I’ve noticed myself becoming more of an angry person. *looks around*

Leader: Let it out! Anger only clouds the soul…

Makayla: A lot of the anger comes from me not being able to produce a child for husband like we planned. *dabs eyes*

Pat: *Rubs Makayla’s back*

Makayla: Then I have these rumors and people coming from my husband past and it’s just a lot of negativity. I signed on to be a wife and stepmom not deal with a detained ex to be brought into my life for drama. *looks over at Dominique & Tanya*

Jocelyn: Well I know we’ve had our issues and I don’t mean to affect your marriage in any way because I wouldn’t want that done to me.

Makayla: Thank you, Jocelyn. And If ANY of you have questions about anything to do with my relationship, I will gladly answer them for you. Don’t go seeking others to stir up drama. I don’t need that with the stress he and I are under right now.

Angela: Whew this is heavy…

Leader: Makayla, thank you for sharing your brave story.

Makayla: Thank you for letting me share. *smiles and breathes in*

Makayla’s Confessional: So much relief has been lifted off my chest when you actually get to talk and people listen without trying to talk over you.

Leader: *Looks at Angela* Are you ready to let it out?

Angela: I don’t show these titties for free *laughs as I cover up*

Leader: Jokes aside, please share with the group.

Angela: Well, it’s been said that I’m not a real mother. Although I did not birth my youngest child and I had him by a surrogate, he is still my baby. No one can break our bond and it’ll never hurt me for people to be so ugly about my motherhood. The same goes for my two step-sons.

Dr. Dominique

Dominique: You are a Mother sweetie don’t let the cunts bother you!

Jocelyn: Keep being the great Mother you are and always have a tight bond.

Leader: Well if you have a child no matter how that child got here makes you a Mother.

Angela: Thank you all. *smiles*

Leader: *looks at Dominique* Now it looks like you’re the last one.

Dominique: What’s the question?

Leader: Is there something you want to share?

Dominique: Oh, well I’m tired of being around Pat. Every moment I’m around her I fell myself losing brain cells. This is my biggest struggle in my life currently.

Tanya: Yeah let’s address that later…

Angela: Dom, remember this is a healing tent.

Dominique: I will be healed by getting away from her. Thank you, Angela.

Leader: Ladies, that’s not what this is for.

Dominique: That’s the only way I can heal.

Tanya’s Confessional: This is supposed to be a healing tent not a drama tent. Dom, what’re you doing?

Leader: Well ladies, there is some lunch outside the tent. Thank you for coming to heal. SOME of you got out a lot. Thank you all for being so open and honest.

Dominique: You’re welcome, sweetie. It was a pleasure to get my confession off of my chest. *laughs*

Leader: *rolls eyes*

Dr. Tanya

Tanya: *walks out and grabs food* this food looks tastyyy!

Dr. Angela

Angela: *looks at food* I wonder if that Psychic lady cooked this all herself! *laughs*

Dr. Dominique

Dominique: This is a nice little setup!


Pat: So Jocelyn, I am wowed by you. You are absolutely incredible!

Tanya: Yeah Joc, thank you for being SO open with us.


Jocelyn: Thanks, guys!

Tanya: We’re truly here for you girl, if you ever need us.

Angela’s Confessional: Now ladies, you can get out of Jocelyn’s ass now. *rolls eyes* I guess Tanya got out of Pat’s and wanted to join her BFF in Jocelyn’s big booty hole. *laughs*

Pat: Guys, that was some good healing! I love it!

Tanya: It was! I feel like most of us are closer now. Maybe we need to make a healing tent back in Twitter. *laughs*

Pat: I thought it was important for me to talk to y’all about the infidelities since it’s been such a hot topic.

Angela: Well we didn’t know YOU were the one cheating. That was news to me.

Pat: Well I did sleep with someone after Tom did.

Angela: Oh so this is an open marriage.

Pat: No, it’s not Angela.

Tanya: Angela, stop. *rolls eyes*


Makayla: She never said it was an open marriage though. She said they both cheated. Two different things!

Angela: I’m just asking, sweetie!

Dominique: Makayla, you sound like a fucking parrot. Shut up!

Jocelyn: Hey ladies, let’s stop.

Dominique: *phone vibrates* OOP someone just messaged me and I gotta get on a call for work real quick. *grabs phone and walks away*

Tanya’s Confessional: Someone keeps contacting Dominique… what the hell is going on? Something is up!

Dr. Dominique

Dominique’s Confessional: Now I have a very special guest that’s just arrived. These girls aren’t gonna know what hit em! *laughs*

Dominique: *walks up to a hotel room and knocks loudly*


Jazmine: *opens the door* Hey girl!! *laughs and hugs Dominique*

Dominique: YASSS girl! I’m SO glad you’re here! *walks in* Now let me tell you what’s been going on!

Jazmine: Ohh lord. What’s going on with the girls?

Dominique: Patricia has been up to her foul tricks on this trip. I’m prepared to cease communication from her once we get back to Twitter. I don’t want to associate with her ever again. Then Makayla is weird as hell. Everyone else is fine though.

Jazmine: That pale ass hoe. I don’t know Makayla very well, but what I’ve seen of her she seems a little air headed.

Dominique: She is ignorant. She has a bird brain. Some crazy lady approached me and Tanya about Makayla’s husband and now Makayla thinks for some reason I’ve set her up. But as a Pat follower, I shouldn’t be surprised. Now the REAL tea is this… do you know about Valerie? Tom’s misstress?

Jazmine: I thought Makayla was free ran- YES I know Val!

Dominique: Well, Pat revealed today at some bullshit healing retreat that everyone cried and gave sob stories at that she had an affair in response to her finding out Tom had an affair. We need to get to the bottom of that mess.

Dominique’s Confessional: Pat is NEVER honest so I know she’s still hiding something and Jazmine is going to help me find out what it is.

Jazmine: Girl- Damage control 101. This mess is deeper than we think. And I promise you Dominique- I’m not letting up until we get all of the answers.

Dominique: Good! I’m so glad I invited you! *laughs*

Dr. Tanya

Tanya: *takes my heels off as I walk to the table* ooooh girl these heels can NOT walk on sand.

Tanya’s Confessional: Tonight is our last night in Peru and we’re having ANOTHER beach dinner! Don’t these ladies realize the beach and our sexy outfits don’t mix? *laughs* I guess I didn’t even realize it because I made the mistake of wearing heels AGAIN! UGH! Next time I’ll just wear my shorts and flip flops.


Pat: *walks to the table with Makayla*

Tanya: *sees Pat* hey, P! Looking sexy! The girls are OUT tonight, hunni! Makayla, you look great as well. *sits down*

Pat: Thanks, Tanya… *sits down* Today was such a nice day!

Makayla: *sits* it was a great day… for once. *laughs*


Jocelyn: *walks to the table* Hola Ladies! Good to see you bitches…

Dr. Angela

Angela: *band starts playing music as she marches in* LALALALALA! Well hello ladies and those who just lack testicles! *laughs* How is everyone this evening? It’s our LAST night! WOOHOO!

Pat: I mean I’m doing good, but I’m excited to go home. Even though tonight was nice…

Tanya: Today has been a nice change of pace compared to the other days.

Makayla: Well ANYWAY… *raises glass* cheers to Angela for hosting a good trip!

Jocelyn: CHEERS!

Tanya: *rolls eyes* Cheers, bitches!

Angela: Thank you, darlings! Clink clink clink! But I do want to say something. *stands up* It’s been wonderful having you girls here and shading the hell out of you all the while *laughs* I must give an apology to my friend Makayla for the way I’ve spoken of her on this trip. Here’s to reconciliation!

Pat: WOW! That’s nice!

Makayla: AWWWW, thank you Ang! I really appreciate it babe. *gets up and hugs Angela*

Tanya’s Confessional: Makayla’s the ONLY one she wants to apologize to? What a bitch!

Dr. Dominique

Dominique: *walks to the beach with Jazmine* HEY, LADIES! Look who I have!

Jocelyn: *looks and screams* JAZMINE!!!!!

Tanya: *sees Jazmine* Aw, HELL NAH!


Pat: *mouth drops*

Pat’s Confessional: What the fuck?!

Makayla’s Confessional: Oh Dominique had to call in backup. Typical weak bitch.

Pat: Jazmine, such a surprise to see you here! Do you work at the resort or something? *chuckles and nudges Makayla*

Dominique: No Pat… I invited her.

Pat: Oh you inviting people on trips that’s not your trip *laughs*

Angela: Well I don’t have a problem with it, we need to have some good conversation while she’s here anyway.

Tanya: So Dom, Is this who you kept sneaking away to talk to?

Pat: EXACTLY, T! Why be so secretive about it?!

Dominique: I snuck away because I needed a tampon. Not that it’s any of yawls business!

Pat: Girl you not getting that period anymore!

Dominique: Honey, my period comes monthly. Worry about your husband not getting that dick up. Geriatric ass.

Tanya: Well I personally don’t see why Jazmine is here. I mean she tried to ruin my friendship with Pat and she’s messy as hell.

Angela: Well about that- Tanya is not as innocent as she portrays herself to be.

Dominique: what Tanya done did?

Tanya: Who the hell said I’m innocent? Bitch, I never said I was!

Angela: Tanya, you have to own up to your part. You weren’t on good terms with Pat at the time. But Jazmine you’re not innocent either boo.

Jazmine: Ohh I’m not innocent and never claimed I was boo.

Tanya: Angela, be specific with what you’re talking about. If you know so much how about you tell the story!

Angela: I will once you SHUT UP!!

Tanya: Well HURRY UP THEN! I know you’re 60 years old but you talk so damn slow!

Angela: I know you give birth to animals but it doesn’t excuse your lack of manners! Anyway…

Jocelyn: Is this about emails? Or something else? I’m confused-

Angela: Well- since you brought that up… Jazmine, you were sending emails back and forth with someone to create an untraceable blog so you could sabotage us.

Pat: EXCUSE ME?! You are so fucking low down and dirty Jazmine!

Angela: WAIT! Pat, you remember that article I showed you?

Pat: Yes…

Angela: Well Jazmine is the one who wrote it. Not Lara Sophia.

Jazmine: Angela, you’re a low down dirty ass LIAR!

Makayla: Jazmine wrote an article and Tanya is a fake friend… NEXT! *downs tequila*

Angela: Oh I’m a liar? I have RECEIPTS! Jazmine, don’t act like you didn’t tell Marco to come to me with the tea because you knew I would bring it up to the group!

Jazmine: Let’s talk about your involvement then!

Angela: Do I need to bring the RECEIPTS baby girl? DO I NEED TO BRING THE RECEIPTS?!


Angela: Yeah, let’s TALK!

Jocelyn: LADIES!

Pat: You know what, I’m DONE! *gets up behind Jazmine and pulls her hair dragging her to fall backwards* FUCK YOU JAZMINE!!

Makayla: OH SHIT

Tanya: OH MY GOD!!!


NEXT TIME ON “Married To Medicine Twitter”: The Peru trips concludes with a hair dragging brawl between Pat and Jazmine; The ladies try to come to terms with all of the drama that happened on the trip; Tanya hosts a sip and see for Baby Jedediah with a few jaw dropping surprises in store.



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