“Married To Medicine Twitter” Season 2 Reunion (Part 1)

Season 2 Reunion Seating Chart
Pat, Dr. Angela, & Makayla
Dr. Tanya, Dr. Dominique, & Jocelyn
Andy Cohen (Reunion Host)

Andy: Hello everybody, I am Andy Cohen and welcome to the Married to Medicine: Twitter, Season 2 Reunion! I am joined by none other than the fabulous MDs and MDs wives of Married To Med! Ladies, welcome! Jocelyn, you look amazing, always serving looks! Ready for today?

Jocelyn: Thanks Andy! I’m ready as can be.

Andy: Makayla, our other new girl on the block, how is Dr. Leo?

Makayla: Hello Andy! Leo is actually in surgery right now. He’s been booked and busy lately!

Andy: Dr. Dominique, how are the kids? Are they used to the cameras yet?

Dominique: My sons are great, Andy. They don’t like the cameras.

Andy: Dr. Angela, what is the diagnosis today?

Angela: The diagnosis is always drama, Andy.

Andy: Dr. Tanya, how is little Jedediah?

Tanya: He is adorable as ever, Andy! Him & little Ben can be BFF’s!

Andy: We can set that up! *chuckles* Last but certainly not least, Pat, Looking royal in blue! Ready for today?

Pat: I’m feeling great, looking great and ready to slay *laughs*

Andy: Ladies this season was chock full of revelations, drama and laughs. We have tons of questions for you all so let’s get right into it! In the beginning of the season, we saw you all get your lives back to normal after the corona virus quarantine. I want to ask you all how this pandemic made an impact on your lives. Doctors, I want to start with you, tell us about what you had to deal with.

Tanya: Well with me, I started utilizing tele-medicine with all of my patients. Because I was pregnant, I decided not to go into the office at all and I scaled back quite a bit with my work schedule due to the virus & my pregnancy. It’s allowed me to spend more time with my family, which I’m so grateful for.

Dominique: Things changed Andy in order to keep myself and the other employees safe as well as our patients. As a doctor I can’t just not show up for work.

Angela: I actually started a tele-medicine branch at the medical center with Dominique and people found it really helpful.

Andy: That’s amazing! Makayla, Jocelyn and Pat, you are all married to doctors, how did you all handle all of this?

Pat: Honestly it really brought me and Tom together. It was very difficult though. I know i’m not in a great place with everyone but everyone was on my mind.

Jocelyn: The pandemic really took a huge toil on my family and I’s life. In a positive way. We were able to finally settle and come together and enjoy each other’s company although, Dr. D had to go in some days out of the week.

Makayla: I’ve been a stay at home wife for a while now so it really didn’t affect anything besides my daily shopping. As for Leo he did shut down his practice for 2 months. But he’s up and working again. That’s why he’s so busy now.

Andy: Well we want to thank all of the brave essential workers out there. We could not have gotten through this without you! This season we saw the addition of two new wives, Pat’s friend Makayla Roberts and Dominque’s neighbor Jocelyn Robinson. Although they could have had a freshman type bond, the ladies did not start that way, lets take a look. *Video Plays of Jocelyn and Makayla’s relationship on the show including the Yacht day, Makayla’s infertility issues, and Jocelyn’s Rocky friendship with Pat* Jocelyn, I want to start with you, what about Makayla rubbed you the wrong way when you first met?

Jocelyn: To me, it seemed as when I first met Makayla she had a lot of questions that seemed shady. I took it that way, and I didn’t care what she thought.

Andy: Makayla, Gia from Salt Lake City says, “Makayla you came in hard during the Yacht day with the girls, why have such beef with Jocelyn?”

Makayla: Jocelyn, I don’t see how getting you know some is being shady I was just trying to be nice. Andy, It was just a build up of all the nasty little comments she had been making about me and my looks. So Joc, If I offended you or hurt you in anyway during that yacht day I’m sorry. Looking back at it I saw someone I didn’t like. So I’m sorry.

Jocelyn: You didn’t offend me; it was just rude and insensitive, but I appreciate the apology.

Andy: This relationship has truly been a rocky one, how is your relationship now?

Jocelyn: We haven’t talked since Pat’s party and I don’t know how we’re going to leave today.

Makayla: Could there be a friendship? Possibly… but it has to come from both of us wanting it not just one sided.

Andy: I want to ask the other girls about the newbies. Pat you seemed to get along with Jocelyn almost immediately, although her ties to Dominque, where did it go wrong?

Pat: I think that Jocelyn wanted an issue with me. Not entirely sure why.

Jocelyn: Pat, I didn’t want an issue with you. You are not someone I’d want to be friends with. You trashed me at one point, you trashed my friend as well and I just didn’t care to befriend you. Let’s not forget you coming and destroying property in my home.

Pat: I trashed you? I’d have to care about you to trash you babe. I was nothing but kind to you all season and YOU put your nose where it didn’t belong.

Jocelyn: Pat, you intervene in everyone’s business as well, so don’t act all goody two shoes now.

Pat: Whatever, girl.

Andy: Ladies I wanna switch gears for a second… Makayla, you shared with the viewers about your infertility issues, what can you tell us?

Makayla: *smiles* Well we have moved forward in two ways since you last saw or hear about my infertility issues. Leo and I have adopted a 3 year old boy who just came home last week his name is Levi Roberts he’s so adorable and I love him so much! AND… Our Surrogate is actually 5 months pregnant with our next baby! *eyes water*

Pat: OH MY GOD! Makayla!! *tears up*

Jocelyn: Congratulations

Tanya: Oh my gosh, you know what Makayla… that’s HUGE! Congrats! I’m sincerely happy for you.

Andy: WOW! Congratulations. This is all such great news!

Makayla: So from 0 to 2 kids I’m a little nervous but I’m ready! Thank you everyone.

Andy: This season the ladies took a trip to whistler where we saw a birth, a wig shift and a recording that would lead to the demise of a friendship, take a look. *Video plays of the Whistler trip including the girls having fun, laughing at Angela’s wig shift moment, Angela playing the audio recording, Tanya’s water breaking, Makayla’s frustration with Tanya and the birth of Tanya’s baby* Tanya, I want to start with you. Congratulations again. How is the family doing? Was John upset he missed the birth?

Tanya: Thank you, Andy! The family is doing amazing! We’re closer than ever after the quarantine and I’m really making an effort to put the work down and focus on family. He is a bit upset, but honestly he’s just happy that baby Jed is happy & healthy.

Angela: Oh the baby is healthy? That’s good to hear.

Andy: Dominique, you really sprung into action. That was such a great moment. Was this the moment that brought you and Tanya closer?

Dominique: I think it did lead to us getting closer, though we had started developing a friendship before that moment.

Makayla: *yawns loudly*

Andy: Tanya, Tara from Long Island tweeted, “Tanya, you were super pregnant and still went snowmobiling, can’t you see you pretty much induced labor?”

Angela: Tanya is very irresponsible.

Tanya: Ya’ll over there on that side need to shut the fuck up with the eye following and shady ass comments about my baby! I just congratulated you Makayla and I was being sincere. Why can’t ya’ll just be happy for me for ONCE?!

Pat: Tanya isn’t irresponsible, I think she wanted to have fun. *adjusts dress*

Tanya: Thank you, Pat.

Angela: You’re lying out the skin of your teeth, Pat.

Tanya: When I respond, I would like Kay Kay & Anthony over there to shut the HELL UP!

Andy: Ladies, please let Tanya respond.

Tanya: Thank you, Andy! ANYWAY… should I have rode the snowmobile? Probably not. I don’t think that’s why I went into labor early though. I rode it for a VERY short amount of time and was very careful. The stress Angela caused me on & off camera is what caused me to go into early labor.

Angela: Ya ya, shut up! We’re moving on!

Andy: Ladies, I want to talk about the dinner where Tanya’s water broke. Angela, you played that audio for the table, why? And did you know at the time who was on the tape?

Makayla: *rolls eyes* Here we go…

Angela: At the time I played it, I knew who one of the voices were and speculated who the other one was.

Andy: Pat, what’s your opinion on all of this?

Pat: I mean should she have played it for everyone? No. She should of played it for me and only me. I do though think she knew who was on the tape all along.

Angela: Well you’re entitled to your opinion.

Pat: Yes, I am.

Andy: Makayla, you were really upset with Tanya about her water breaking. I don’t know much about the whole water breaking process… Dominque, could Tanya have avoided this?

Dominique: Look… the baby was ready to come. He came very healthfully. Why is this an issue?

Tanya: Thank you, Dom! THANK YOU! *kisses Dominique* see Dominique is my OB-GYN! So HER opinion is the only one that matters to me.

Angela: He came out healthy? Hmm, well that’s certainly not what the streets were saying…


Dominique: The streets are lying and the baby is a patient at the hospital you own, Angela so be careful with what you say.

Angela: I don’t have to be careful about what I know to be true.

Dominique: HIPPA begs to differ.

Angela: I didn’t release his medical records and I don’t have access to those so I would be in no violation. So anyway… Andy, move on please.

Andy: Makayla have you forgiven Tanya? You were really pissed off.

Makayla: *sighs* It’s in the past, I was angry about it we had just had the house interior changed and Tanya ruined a rug, chair, and some towels. I’m over it! BUT she still hasn’t paid to replace anything. *turns around and pulls an invoice out from the couch* so here you are let me know how you want to pay. *smiles and places it on table*

Tanya: Makayla, I have that payment for you today. *pulls out Target & Ikea gift cards* Andy, pass these over to Makayla. They’re $150 gift cards to IKEA & Target because that’s where the items came from!

Makayla: No darling you’re mistaken! Just because that’s all you could afford… that’s NOT where they came from. But I’ll accept them *smiles*

Andy: This water breaking incident mixed with a few other things had led to Makayla and Tanya having a really rocky relationship. Tanya, what was your intentions bringing around Destiny, Dr. Leo’s Ex?

Tanya: I didn’t initially bring Destiny around.

Jocelyn: Who did then?

Pat: You filmed with her Tanya *laughs*

Tanya: But I did end up bringing her around the group later on because I think she needed to share her side about what’s really going on.

Makayla: What side does she need to share?! You did that on purpose to embarrass Leo and I you stupid bitch! That’s why your baby looks like that!

Pat: *gasps*

Dominique: Y’all, STOP coming for my damn Godson!

Jocelyn: Let’s not talk about the kids anymore. I would think with you having 2 kids now or almost; you’d have more remorse for saying that.

Makayla: Whatever, Jocelyn. *rolls eyes*

Andy: Anyway ladies, I want to shift gears. Pat and Dominque have never really seen eye to eye, but this season accusations, insinuations and special guest really push their relationship to a point of no return. Take a look. *Video Plays of Pat and Dominque’s rocky relationship including, Pat calling Kendrick a bitch, Dominque talking about Pat’s marriage while bringing Jazmine to the cast trip and Pat bringing Kendrick’s Sister to the Finale Party with accusations about Dominque’s marriage* Seems that there is no love lost between you two. Dominique, I want to start with you, why do you and Pat have such a hard time getting along?

Dominique: Because Pat is a fake cunt. I have something here for Pat *stands up with a cease and desist order from my lawyer* keep me and my husbands name out of your mouth you miserable piece of trash!

Pat: *laughs*

Andy: Pat, at the Coronavirus benefit, we saw you call Kendrick a bitch, why? He seemed to not really be getting into it with you.

Pat: Because he’s a bitch! He allows his wife to speak down to him.

Angela: *shakes head* No remorse.

Pat: Kendrick is NOT a man!

Jocelyn: Pat, that’s rude!

Dominique: Pat’s always rude!

Andy: Now Angela, you got caught on your mic talking about an arrangement between Dominique and Kendrick, care to elaborate?

Angela: I don’t recall saying that.

Pat: *laughs* It was on camera, Angela.

Angela: I’m sure it was, that’s why you weaponized it!

Tanya: I think Angela was never Dominique’s friend and she’s a liar.

Angela: Tanya, you’re NO ONE’S friend!

Tanya: I am a lot of peoples friend, darling.

Angela: That’s debatable. But even if I did say that, why was Pat so intent on using it to bring a sister in law on the show and exposing Dominique? That is the real act of insanity.

Dominique: None of my sister-in-laws have appeared on the show.

Pat: *Laughs* You are such a fake ass bitch Dominique. Don’t be upset that your life was exposed.

Angela: Pat why are you so hellbent on this? I mean really-

Dominique: Pat asked one of Tom’s side pieces to act like she knew us. It’s PATHETIC!

Jocelyn: Pat is just miserable. Don’t pay her no mind, Dom.

Pat: SHUT THE FUCK UP, JOCELYN! *stands up*

Jocelyn: You stay seated, beat!

Pat: *sits down*

Andy: Pat, Kathy from Austin Texas wrote in and asks, “Do you ever see a friendship with Dominique?”

Pat: No. I don’t see a friendship with Dominique.

Dominique: Thank GOD! Me either!

Andy: Before we move on ladies, I want to see a bit of positive thinking. Pat and Dominique, I want you guys to say one nice thing about each other.

Pat: Dominique is a great doctor. She sprung into action for Tanya. That was great!

Dominique: Why would I say something nice about a cesspool of a human being?

Pat: See Andy? TRASH!

Tanya: Dom, just say one nice thing. We can’t keep this feud going forever.

Dominique: It won’t go on forever because after tonight I’ll never have to be around the bitch again. *laughs*

Pat: Thank you, JESUS! WOOHOO! Because I’m DONE with you, Dom. DONE!

Dominique: Me too, Pat!

Andy: Welcome back to the Married to Medicine: Twitter, Season 2 Reunion. We are now joined by Jazmine! Hey Jazmine, how are you?


Jazmine: Hi, Andy! I’m good. Glad to be here!

Andy: Jazmine, this season you seemed to be doing a lot of dirty work behind the scenes, lets take a look. *Video plays of Jazmine meeting with Pat and Tanya, Angela revealing the truth about the tape recording at Jocelyn’s dinner Party and ultimately the group finding out about Tanya’s involvement* I want to talk about the dinner at Jocelyn’s. Jocelyn looking back, do you understand why Pat got so upset?

Jocelyn: Yes, I did notice that she was taking a lot of heat from people at that table, but she blew up which made me realize that she didn’t really want the truth to be revealed because she had some part in it maybe. Still didn’t give her the right to break my plate and vase. Just disgusting.

Pat: I had some part in lies about my marriage being exposed? You’re a fucking air head *laughs*

Jocelyn: Maybe you helped expose them for clout or relevancy. Who knows? Only God.

Pat: I bought you a beautiful and expensive vase.

Jocelyn: Eh, it was brought with the wrong energy. So I trashed it. Won’t be accepting anything from a scum like you. Probably was the vase you were gonna put Tom’s ashes in because you were wanting to kill him for cheating. *giggles*

Pat: Whatever, Jocelyn. I’m not gonna argue with you about a stupid vase.

Andy: Jazmine, I want to start with you, viewers saw you sit down with Pat and Tanya before a lot of this tape business came out. What exactly is your issue with them?

Tanya: She didn’t have a reason to be upset with us at the time. She didn’t make any sense and I still have no idea why she treated us like shit.


Jazmine: *Laughs* y’all were liars then and still today!

Tanya: Jazmine, we still have NO idea what you’re even talking about!

Jazmine: Whatever, I’m not argue with ya’ll today. Next question, Andy.

Andy: Um… okay? I guess I’ll go to Tanya… so Tanya, let’s get the truth. What is the truth behind your involvement with snake gate?

Jazmine: Tanya was definitely more involved than she lets on.

Angela: If she doesn’t want to tell the truth, I will.

Tanya: Here’s the whole truth… over quarantine Pat & I didn’t talk at all. I don’t know why, she was busy with her new bitch Makayla and she wouldn’t answer my calls. As everyone knows, I had a make up artist named Marcus that was like my BFF. When I was upset, I did tell him some things about Pat’s marriage in the privacy of my own home. He then contacted Jazmine & Angela and got them involved in some stupid blog. Jazmine wrote up a blog with a fake ass name to share things about cast members in order to stay relevant.

Angela: No that’s actually NOT how it happened. But thanks for trying, darling.

Jazmine: You’re a LIAR, Tanya!

Tanya: Both of you, SHUT UP! I’m NOT a liar! Let me finish my fucking story because I’m not done!

Angela: Get to the point, PLEASE!

Tanya: I am MAKING it! Anyway Andy, yes… I DID tell Marcus AKA “Marco” stuff about Pat in private. He contacted Jazmine & Angela about it because he wanted to be a part of the show. So that’s my involvement.

Angela: BOOM!

Pat: I mean it’s still fucked up you said anything about me to your makeup artist *laughs*

Tanya: And I take full responsibility for what I told him. I’m truly sorry about telling him anything, that was dead wrong of me.

Andy: Pat, do you blame Tanya fully?

Pat: She’s definitely not innocent but she didn’t act alone. Jazmine was obviously a very big part of this.

Andy: Let’s move on to the trip. Ladies this season you all took a trip to Peru and attempted to mend fences. But when Jazmine arrived, things took a violent turn. Let’s take a look! *Video Plays and shows the women in Peru including Pat and Makayla arriving early, Pat and Tanya attempting to mend their friendship, the healing tent, Pat and Dominque Fighting, Makayla and Dominique fighting, and Jazmine showing up (After Dominque called her) and Pat getting physical with her* Alright Ladies we have a lot to get through here. Tanya, Joy from Jersey City writes, “Tanya couldn’t you tell that Pat was done with the friendship, even after you were honest on the beach?”

Tanya: I don’t think Pat is completely done.

Pat: I wasn’t done with the friendship. I just was hurt. Am I allowed to be hurt, Andy?!

Andy: Don’t yell at me, yell at Joy! *chuckles*

Pat: *laughs* Sorry Andy.

Andy: Pat, you and Tanya had a good talk on the beach but there was points that viewers thought you seemed uninterested. Is that true? Tell us what you feel about Tanya’s involvement?

Pat: I wasn’t ready for the conversation on the beach. I’ll be honest… I wanted a break from everyone. That’s why I got to Peru early.

Makayla: Pat, let’s be real girl. You complained about Tanya the whole flight to Peru. You called her countless names but you’re fine with her now?

Pat: I never said I was fine with her. We haven’t spoken since the finale.

Makayla: Well you seem like you’re ready to start sucking her milky tit already.

Tanya: Kay Kay, stop butting into our conversation!

Makayla: Girl, that is NOT my name. Address me correctly, sweetie!

Tanya: I’ll address you HOWEVER I want… WHORE!

Makayla: Call me a whore again, bitch! *gets up and starts walking slowly towards Tanya*


Angela: Makayla, SIT DOWN!

(Screen turns to black as all of the ladies are screaming)


Next Time on Part Two of the “Married To Medicine Twitter” Reunion: The ladies rehash all of the drama from Peru; Tanya addresses her decision to bring Leo’s ex Destiny around the group; Dominique makes a major announcement that leaves the ladies in tears.



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