“Married To Medicine: Twitter” Season 1, Episode 3!

Dr. Saada’s Home
Dr. Saada

Dr. Saada: *puts out platter* This looks like I cooked it… *chuckles and flips hair*

Saada’s Confessional: Pat and Tanya are coming over for a lil brunch with bitches. After my meeting with Angela, I think I deserve it! *flashback to Angela & Saada’s meetup*

Dr. Tanya

*Tanya & Pat walk up to Saada’s door and ring the doorbell*

Dr. Saada: *opens the door*

Pat: Whats up bitch?!

Dr. Tanya: You bitches are HEREEE! And we’re ready to eat up all the damn food and drink! *laughs* And get some TEA!

Pat: What’s going on?! What did you “cook” for us *laughs*

Dr. Saada: *smirks* Just a medley of foods, you know… the usual!

Dr. Tanya: *starts piling food* YUMM this looks good! So Saada, you obviously didn’t make this! *laughs*

*All of the ladies laugh and sit down*

Pat: so.. what happened with Angela. Did you end up meeting?

Dr. Tanya: Yeah girl, give us the REAL tea! What did that bitch have to say for herself?

Dr. Saada: *rolls eyes* She’s a fucking CUNT! She didn’t bother apologizing. She threw WATER on me!

Pat: WHAT?!

Dr. Saada: I don’t throw water or wine. I throw wine glasses.

Dr. Tanya: OH SHIT!

Pat: OH MY GOD SAADA! WHAT THE HELL?! What made it get there?!

Pat’s Confessional: These doctors are a whole ass mess! Throwing shit at eachother at a restaurant?! Yikes!!

Dr. Saada: She keeps bringing up my family! That will get your fucking ass kicked!

Pat: Family is off limits! I’m actually shocked that you stopped at throwing a glass!

Dr. Saada: I tried to throw a whole damn glass bottle, but I was stopped…

Dr. Tanya: SAADA! Throwing a glass bottle is CRAZY! You could have gone to jail girl! Your career could have been ruined!

Pat: T! She talked about her FAMILY!

Dr. Tanya: Yes I get it, but that’s a bit much…

Tanya’s Confessional: Saada has a temper… she’s crazy… she needs to calm her ass down before she goes to jail.

Dr. Saada: Come on, Tanya! You would do the same fucking thing!

Pat: Yeah, T… let’s be real! You would kill for the fam!

Dr. Tanya: Girl, I’m crazy but not THAT crazy! I would do anything for my fam, but I don’t wanna risk going to jail. I mean damn! Saada, all I’m saying is that you need to be careful. Maybe you need to go to anger management? *sips drink*

Dr. Saada: Girl, excuse me?! Don’t call me crazy in my own home!

Saada’s Confessional: Who the fuck is she to call me crazy?!!

Dr. Tanya: Babe, with all due respect… we’re ALL a bit crazy.

Pat: Ladies, let’s not do this. We are friends and sisters. Angela is the issue let’s focus on that!

Dr. Tanya: You know this is coming from a place of love & support. Yes Ang is an issue, but we can’t let her get to us! We need to be strong and united.

Dr. Saada: *rolls eyes*

Pat’s Confessional: This Angela seems to be a real issue. I have Saada’s back to the end. My loyalty is with Saada. I’m concerned that Tanya isn’t on the same level. Time will tell…

Dr. Angela

Dr. Angela: *walks into spa and sits down while waiting as confessional plays*

Angela’s Confessional: Today I’m meeting up with a good friend of mine, Dominique, for a relaxing spa day.

Dr. Dominique (Angela’s Friend)

Dr. Dominique: *walks in* Hey diva! *hugs Angela*

Dr. Angela: Hey girly! How are you?

Dr. Dominique: Girl, straight from the hospital. I’m beat and ready for this massage. How about you?

Dr. Angela: Girl don’t get me started!

Dominique’s Confessional: My name is Dr. Dominique Samuels, and I as well as all of the city consider me the best OBGYN around! Get into it! *laughs*

Dr. Dominique: Let’s get back & get our relaxation on!

The Spa

*the ladies change into robes and walk into the spa*

Dr. Dominique: Girl what is going on? *props my feet up to get them massaged*

Dr. Angela: So you remember Saada, the young girl I brought into my practice a few years back?

Dr. Dominique: Yes I remember her…

Dr. Angela: So, I thought she was cool and allowed her to be a co-owner with 40% stake as well as being the Managing Doctor over at the second campus…

Dr. Dominique: Mhmm….

Dr. Angela: Well I’ve been offered to be Chief of Pediatrics for the Twitter Central Hospital system, a great opportunity. But I want to maintain my ownership stake at the medical center I started on my own. Saada has an issue with that. She’s tried to throw drinks at me, defame me to other people, and even had a few of these bony bitches come after me!

Dr. Dominique: Oh hell no. You need to bring me around this group. You know I don’t play all that mess. I’m a straight shooter and if they are coming for my best friend I have a problem.

Dominique’s Confessional: I’ve known Angela since undergrad. We are sorority sisters who happened to have a passion for medicine.

Dr. Angela: Well gear up because this group of ladies- you’ll need two good lawyers and five great ones.

Dr. Dominique: These women like to throw lawsuits? *rolls eyes* how basic.

Dr. Angela: No but you might need lawyers to help you get off!

Dr. Dominique: Girl you know my mouth will have me in trouble. *laughs* If my husband can’t check me, I know none of these women can. *laughs* when can I meet them?

Dr. Angela: One of the treacherous Trollope's is having a couples dinner soon, you and your man should come.

Angela’s Confessional: Tanya really doesn’t want me there which means I will be there bells and whistles, hunni! With my BFF. It’s gonna be amazing! *chuckles*

Dr. Dominique: Sounds good! I’ll tell Kendrick it’s a mandatory engagement and we must be in attendance.

Dr. Angela: Perfect! Those ladies aren’t gonna know what hit em! *smirks*

Tanya’s Dining Room
Dr. Tanya & John (Tanya’s Husband)

Dr. Tanya: *taking a selfie in my house after getting “made up” for the day while the kids are playing*

John: *cooking*

Dr. Tanya: *walks up behind John and smacks his ass* BABY! I LOOOVE when you cook because it’s sexy as HELL!

John: That’s why I love to cook because you get super turned on! *laughs and slaps Tanya’s ass back*

Tanya’s Confessional: I’m the QUEEN of my castle, baby! So, if you don’t know I’m married to former NFL player John Love. He’s my big love-able teddy bear! *giggles*

Dr. Tanya: *looks at phone* oh wow… I’m gonna be super busy tomorrow. I’m also on call at the hospital. John, you’re taking Monique to dance right? Because my Mom can’t take her tomorrow.

John: Babe, whatever you need I’m there! I’m Mister Mom! *laughs*

Dr. Tanya: *giggles* no babe, you’re a sexy DILF! *winks*

Tanya’s Confessional: Now that John is retired, it’s nice because he’s home a lot. However, I’m the bread winner now and it seems like our roles have reversed. I don’t think he minds because he’s super supportive, but sometimes I feel bad that I’m technically married to my job & my patients… and my family sometimes takes the back burner…

Dr. Tanya: I really wish I was around more… I just feel like my work has taken over. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do… but the kids are growing up so fast… I just don’t wanna regret it later.

John: Babe, I know how you feel… but you went to school for years to become a doctor. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But maybe you could take a step back… but it’s totally up to you baby.

Dr. Tanya: I don’t know.. we’ll see. I do wanna be home with you more so we can make more babies. *winks*

John: Yes, baby! That’s what Daddy’s TALKING ABOUT! *laughs*

Tanya’s Confessional: Who knows? Maybe soon I’ll be a mom of 3 instead of a mom of 2. *winks and laughs*

Dr. Tanya
Ashanti (Tanya’s Friend)

Dr. Tanya: *walks into restaurant with Ashanti, gets a table, and sits down while confessional plays*

Tanya’s Confessional: Today I’m meeting up with my girl Pat and my friend Ashanti to discuss Saada’s little brunch the other day. I want to explain why I felt the way I did… and I actually invited a surprise guest as well. *winks*


Pat: *walks in as confessional plays*

Pat’s Confessional: Tanya was acting very odd the other day with Saada. I think I need to remind her who her true friends are!!

Pat: *Sits at table* Hey babe!

Dr. Tanya: *sees Pat* heyyy bitch! *hugs her*

Pat: *looks at Ashanti* Who’s this? *looks confused*

Dr. Tanya: Pat, this is my friend Ashanti. She’s a cool chic and I thought you guys might get along!

Pat: Well I like cool chicks! *laughs* Hi Ashanti, I’m Pat. Nice to meet you! *shakes Ashanti’s hand*

Ashanti: Hey Pat, wassup? Nice to meet you as well!

Tanya’s Confessional: Ashanti is a good girlfriend of mine that I adore. She’s sweet, fun, and fabulous! She’s married to a pediatrician named Dr. Ivan Diallo and she’s actually working on getting into the medical field herself. She also can sing like NO ONE’S BUSINESS baby! That girl has PIPES! *laughs*

Pat: So Tanya, what was that with Saada the other day?

Dr. Tanya: Girl, I just thought her behavior was a bit out of line. I personally wouldn’t act like that even if it had to do with my family. I’m classy! I might not have been born rich, but I work hard and I’m not letting a stupid bitch ruin that… just my opinion. She can take it or leave it.

Pat: Tanya, Saada is our friend. No matter how she acts, we can’t fault her for acting the way she did.

Dr. Tanya: Yes and as her friend I’m going to give it to her STRAIGHT! No chaser!

Pat: I get it girl but i don’t know. I’d kill a bitch if she talked about my family!

Pat’s Confessional: I’m shocked by Tanya’s reasoning to be a bit cold shouldered to Saada. Just doesn’t make sense…

Dr. Tanya: I don’t know why it’s so wrong for me to have a fucking opinion!
Saada needs to get over herself!

Pat: You can have any opinion you want! You know I love you! Just don’t want to lose the bond that is Me, You and Saada.

Dr. Tanya: I’m not taking about you Pat, I’m talking about Saada. She acted like a bitch to me and won’t even answer my calls. All because I gave my opinion!

Ashanti: Could be a misunderstanding or we could be dealing with a diva.

Dr. Tanya: We’re definitely dealing with a diva! When you meet Saada you’ll realize what I’m talking about!


Kourtney: *pulls up in Lamborghini then get out and flips her hair back-and-forth as confessional plays*

Kourtney’s Confessional: Today I’m popping up on Tanya and Rat ohh I mean Pat

Producer: Why do you have such a problem with Pat?

Kourtney: Because the bitch catch an attitude with me at my party and you NEVER want a beef with the Queen!

Kourtney: *walks into the Restaurant* Heyyy bitches!

Dr. Tanya: *sees Kourtney* hey Kourt! So nice to see you! *smirks*

Pat: *Looks at Tanya* What is SHE doing here?!

Dr. Tanya: I wanted you both to talk things out, since you’re both my girls.

Pat: *rolls eyes*

Pat’s Confessional: What the fuck is this?! A set up?! I don’t do set ups!

Pat: Honestly T, I don’t know what we need to discuss…

Kourtney: I don’t really have beef with Rat… I mean Pat *sips drink*

Pat: RAT?

Ashanti: OOP! *sips drink*

Pat: Let’s get something clear RIGHT now. You will NEVER call me out of my name again! Got it?

Kourtney: I just didn’t like the way you came at me at my fashion show, Rat Rat!

Pat: Your show was ridiculous!

Kourtney: Just like your plastic face!

Dr. Tanya: Okay Kourt, stop! Pat’s my friend… I wanted you guys to work it out, not insult each other.

Ashanti: Kourtney, you wouldn’t like it if she called you Wart-ney… so don’t insult Pat’s face. Just sayin…

Kourtney: Why are you guys defending her?! It’s the TRUTH! Pat, go get your face re-done you SLUT ASS PIG!

Dr. Tanya: WOAH WOAH WOAH! Kourt, stop! You’re being too much now bitch! Calm the fuck down!

Pat: Listen here sis. I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Maybe Mommy didn’t care for you hard enough when you were younger for you to act like this. But take this as a warning. I will not tolerate you speaking like this to me! Maybe mommy needs to teach you some manners?

Kourtney: Your mama should have swallowed you! *sips drink*

Ashanti: *gasps* That’s NOT cool! Who says that?!

Dr. Tanya: Kourtney, you’re out of fucking line!

Pat: You are TRASH! I don’t hang out with trash.

Kourtney: Your husband is trash and so is your nasty upper lip!

Pat: SECURITY. Please remove this wet mop looking possum from our table! BYE KOURTNEY!

Kourtney: I didn’t even do nothing but whatever! You’re not gonna THROW me out because I’m LEAVING! PEACE, BITCHES! *walks outside*

Pat: Tanya, don’t EVER bring that bitch around again?! You hear me?!

Dr. Tanya: Pat, why are you pissed at me?! I just stood up for you!

Pat: I’m NOT PISSED AT YOU! I’m just so DONE with her! I should of fucking dragged her across this restaurant! UGH!

Dr. Tanya: Okay P, well while you calm down… I’m gonna go check on her. *walks outside*

Kourtney: *smoking a cigarette by her car* Them hoes need GOD!

Dr. Tanya: Kourt, why did you act like that?!

Kourtney: Act like what? Rat came at me but whatever! I see what side you’re on Tanya.

Dr. Tanya: Kourtney, I’m not on any side! I just didn’t like how you were talking to my friend! I’m gonna stand up for what I think is right and you KNOW that! I’m not gonna make excuses for your BULL SHIT behavior anymore!

Kourtney: We’ve been friends for years though and if you want to be with Rat then so be it… the Queen doesn’t have time for the bullshit anymore!

Dr. Tanya: Queen? Bitch, PLEASE! the only thing you’re the queen of is the strip club!

Kourtney: Girl, go suck a dick! I don’t have time for this shit. *takes off mic and throws it on the ground* FUCK ALL OF YOU! *flips camera and producers off*

Dr. Tanya: The FUCK?!

Kourtney: *gets in car and drives off*

Tanya’s Confessional: I’m DONE with Kourtney FOREVER! This is the END of our friendship. Peace, K! *flips camera off*

NEXT TIME ON “Married to Medicine Twitter”: Saada rehashes her issues with Tanya; Dominique struggles with scaling back on her strict parenting; Tanya invites the wives and their husbands over for a dinner that ends in major drama.

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