“Married To Medicine: Twitter” Season 1, Episode 10- Reunion Part 2!

Season 1 Seating Chat (From L to R): Dominique, Angela, Andy, Pat, & Tanya
Dr. Angela

Dr. Angela: I’m not doing anything that Patrick isn’t doing. Him or the Adam’s Apple.


Pat: Excuse me? You spoke about my fucking child!

Dr. Angela: Yes and he’s an adult! Is he even Tom’s child or was he a bastard child out of wedlock?

(Everyone gasps)



Jazmine: oooohhhh, whatcha gonna do?!

Dr. Angela: Pat, sit your ass down! We all know you’re not gonna fight me!

Pat: *takes a deep breath and sits down*

Dr. Tanya

Dr. Tanya: *squeezes Pat’s hand* I’m here you babe… just keep taking deep breaths.

Dr. Dominique

Dr. Dominique: Her child wants nothing to do with her. Have the nerve to talk about my parenting skills!

Pat: Dominique don’t get us starting on your botched parenting. Your kids hate you bitch!

Dr. Dominique: My kids love me you botched face Goldie Hawn looking ass broke Barbie!

Dr. Tanya: Dom, to be fair I mean you’re on the show and if it’s on the show we are encouraged to talk about it & dissect it.

Andy: Angela and Dominique, Pat met with you guys before the Orange Squeeze to clear the air. Viewers saw you both as bullies in that scene. Why go so hard on Pat?

Pat: Exactly! I did nothing to them and they went in on me for no fucking reason.

Dr. Dominique: I had a lot of viewers supporting me on my social media, Andy. If the person who asked the question felt I was a bully, I’m sorry for being real and you haven’t had an experience with a real bitch in your life before baby.

Pat: So you’re just a bitch? That’s cool. *chuckles*

Dr. Dominique: I’m a bitch and you’re an opportunistic gold digging slut who married a geriatric grandpa for a bag of money, who has a son who doesn’t want a thing to do with her. What a sad life!

Pat: Andy I think they are just jealous of my life. They are miserable, over worked, under paid, dusty, disgusting and above all old.

Dr. Angela: As for me Andy, Patty Melt was too involved and was being nosy. And as the episodes have shown, she’s had great disdain for me since she saw me at Kourtney’s fashion show.

Andy: We are gonna move on. Pat thanks for sharing this season! We are going to say goodbye to Jazmine. Any last words for this season, Jazmine?

Jazmine: I just want to say that this season has been great. Hope to you see you ladies and liars again. *Smiles*

Andy: Jazmine, thank you! We Look forward to seeing what’s next for you.

Jazmine: Thank you, Andy! Bye ladies! *waves and walks off the stage*

Andy: Welcome back to the Married to Medicine: Twitter Reunion, I’m Andy Cohen. We are welcoming friend of the ladies Ashanti to the Reunion. Ashanti, welcome!!


Ashanti: *sits by Pat & Tanya* Heyyy Andy, you’re looking great tonight!

Andy: You as well! Before we get back into the mess of it… Ashanti, what have been your thoughts on the season as a whole?

Ashanti: I think this season was really fun, but I think some of these ladies are crazy! Not smack a bitch in the face with glass crazy but just wild.

Dr. Angela: Some? Please let us know whom.

Ashanti: All of y’all are, if we’re being honest. Saada was feisty and scared the daylights out of me, Dominqiue you were already inserted in mess gettin loud, Angela you act like you’re the queen of the universe, Tanya is always talking about something sexual and Pat just looks like she can tackle someone if she wanted.

Dr. Dominique: You had me until you said Pat could tackle somebody. I wish a bitch would *laughs*

Andy: Dr. Tanya- We got to see your picture perfect life this season but your loyalty with friendships came into question, especially at a couples dinner. Take a look at your journey this season!

*Tanya’s biggest moments are shown*

Andy: Tanya, before we get into the thick of it… The blogs have been riddled with rumors that you are pregnant. Is there truth to this?

Dr. Tanya: *smiles* Yes, I am.

Pat: YAY! *hugs Tanya* I’m so glad I don’t have to keep it a secret anymore! *chuckles*

Andy: Congratulations!!

Ashanti: Do you know the gender yet?

Dr. Tanya: No, I don’t know the gender yet. I’m still pretty early in the pregnancy, that’s why I’ve been able to hide it… but we’re all very excited about it in the Love house. *smiles*

Andy: Excellent! Very exciting! Tanya, I wanna move on and talk about the Couples Dinner. Mike from Texas asks “Tanya, you seemed to have an attitude when Dominique came to the dinner… why not treat her with respect?”

Dr. Angela: She doesn’t treat anyone with respect.

Pat: She showed just as much respect as those assholes showed her.

Dr. Tanya: Well Dominique is Angela’s BFF so she’s kind of guilty by association unfortunately. I actually like Dominique.

Dr. Dominique: So your disdain for Angela causes you to mistreat me? Doesn’t surprise me you lack sense. Between you and Miss Pony.

Dr. Tanya: Dominique, when you’re around Angela you become a different person! However, I’d love to get to know you on your own.

Dr. Angela: That’s not true at all! Use the brain in your bloated head Tanya!

Dr. Dominique: I’m authentically Dominique. You don’t take the time to know me babe. I’m never any different than I am today.

Dr. Tanya: Angela are you calling my head bloated because I’m PREGNANT?! Well bitch, I can still drag you pregnant and all!

Dr. Angela: Tanya, you’re barely pregnant. We can’t even see it, but I’m glad to know I should get a restraining order.

Dr. Tanya: *rolls eyes*

Andy: I’d like to hear from Ashanti. You were present at the dinner. Whose side are you on?

Ashanti: I don’t even remember what the hell happened. I just know that I remembered the shit was ridiculous!

Andy: There seems to be a bigger issue here… If Saada is the main point and one side doesn’t like the other because of her. If she’s out of the picture can we move on?

Dr. Dominique: *laughs* I don’t like Pat because she a cunt not because of Saada.

Pat: You’re a cunt, Dominique! Just shut up!

Ashanti: What is the actual issue with Angela and Tanya?

Dr. Angela: Question of the year, Ashanti! I’d like to give a brief summary if that’s okay Andy?

Andy: Go ahead, Angela.

Dr. Angela: Tanya doesn’t know how to take accountability. She tried to minimize me by making it seem I overreacted, being mad at her because of the comments she made about my husband for no reason. Further, she’s added layers and layers to this story about my husband’s penis. I don’t see why she’s so hellbent on Mahir but he’s married. She can’t have him!

Dr. Tanya: I DO NOT WANT MAHIR! Angela, obviously YOUR husband strays too bitch! He’s sending pics to 2 women AT LEAST!

Dr. Angela: I don’t believe that! Produce the receipts, we saw no pictures.

Dr. Dominique: OOP! Now Angela, I don’t wanna see your husband’s dick! Tanya, show her the pictures not all of us!

Dr. Tanya: I already showed Andy the pictures and you didn’t wanna see them earlier so I’m not gonna keep pulling them out if you aren’t gonna believe me anyway. So just go on ahead and call me a liar, Chile! I don’t care anymore, Angela! I don’t care!

Ashanti: Here’s my opinion on this whole thing… why cant ya’ll just call each other bitches and MOVE ON? Why do ya’ll have to take it to a whole new level and insult each other’s families! It’s TOO much!

Dr. Angela: I’ve called both of them bottom behind bitches! I’m not going after husbands! Happy now, Ashanti? You got your answer!

Ashanti: If you didn’t do anything wrong, then it wasn’t addressed to you. I was just sharing my opinion. You know you don’t always have to comment on everything.

Dr. Angela: Well I responded because you weren’t clear! Put a name on it and I wouldn’t have to comment!

Ashanti: Write me a memo if you want to comment. I’ll throw it in the trash because what you say isn’t relevant most of the time.

Dr. Tanya: OOP! *laughs* Ashanti, you GO girl!


Dr. Angela: Here come Winnie and Tigger hyping up Dumbo! *rolls eyes*

Ashanti: I’m Dumbo now? Miss bricks for brains!

Andy: Ladies…

Dr. Angela: I graduated medical school and own a practice, what do you do Ashanti? Bite your fingernails off?

Ashanti: Girl, BYE! At least I don’t buy dry wigs from the Sahara desert.

Dr. Angela: Well your coochie gives off the stench of a desert!

Ashanti: And bitch I probably look like an entree to your hungry ass!

Andy: Hey! *Waves at ladies* ENOUGH! Let’s move on…

Andy: This season, you all followed Pat to NYC! Let’s take a look at the Trip that led to the biggest fight in Bravo history.

*Montage of the NYC trip plays*

Pat: Wow… that was so intense!

Andy: Ladies, we got to see you start the trip at a drag brunch. You all were getting along and having fun. Did you all enjoy that?

Dr. Tanya: I LOVED it!

Pat: That was the best part! We really did have a fun time.

Dr. Dominique: It was nice to see Pat in her element with her people too. Saw a softer side to her.

Pat: With my people? What’s that supposed to mean?

Dr. Dominique: *smiles* Your makeup techniques are very similar to the Queens honey so you felt at home I suppose.

Pat: I love the LGBT+ community. They are my people! Love them so so much! I see some of my fellow cast mates are a bit uncomfortable by them.

Dr. Dominique: Who is uncomfortable? I was dancing with the Queens.

Pat: Not sure sis. You want to be shady and you got caught in your homophobia!

Dr. Tanya: Honestly, Pat is one of the prettiest women on this stage. Not sure why they wanna criticize her looks constantly. It’s just disgusting and wrong!

Dr. Dominique: Pat is the prettiest woman on stage? Girl bye. Homophobia? Miss me with that bullshit. You look like a drag queen baby, that’s facts. Nothing wrong looking like a drag queen. You’re insinuating that I’m insulting you by saying you look like a drag queen…who’s the real homophobic here?

Dr. Tanya: Dominique, stop! You OBVIOUSLY did it as a dig! Don’t try to flip the switch bitch!

Andy: I want to switch to the dinner that was spoke about in the New York Times. Take a look…

*Clips of the fight play*

Andy: Angela, you were punched by Saada.

Dr. Angela: Yes, she has assaulted me several times.

Andy: The viewers were shocked by the altercation… Can you tell us what it was all like and why do you think it got to that place?

Dr. Angela: It was really out of nowhere. However, I know Pat put her up to it. You can tell by the way she encouraged the altercation. And how Pat just so calmly sat there while there was chaos.

Andy: Pat, do you think you encouraged the altercation?

Pat: Yeah, I did. I didn’t think Saada would punch Angela. But I did encourage it. I apologized to Angela because I didn’t think it would get that far but it did.

Dr. Angela: You knew she could and would get violent! She’s thrown drinks and everything but you didn’t think it would get that far? FUCK YOU! Do you hear me? FUCK YOU!

Andy: Pat, forgive the accusation but it seems that you don’t care?

Pat: Honestly Andy, I don’t care. She deserved it! She was the ANIMAL this season.

Dr. Angela: Wow! What kind of animal? Was this Black woman acting like a monkey, a gorilla? Let me know Pat.

Dr. Tanya: Oh my gosh Angela we’re not gonna do racial shit!

Dr. Dominique: Tanya, mind your business!

Dr. Tanya: It is MY business!

Dr. Angela: Pat may not be racist, maybe that’s too far. I’ll apologize for insinuating that.

Pat: Angela wants to be the victim. So I’m gonna allow her to sit there and just talk because it’s all she does.

Dr. Angela: You should because you have NO credibility.

Andy: Alright ladies, I want to switch to something a bit lighthearted before we chat about the finale. Dominique, you took a second to come into the season but brought a no nonsense attitude that had parents saying FINALLY! Take a look!

*Montage of Dominique is shown*

Andy: Dominique, people loved your parenting and your relationship with your husband. Tell us the secret to success.

Dr. Dominique: Kendrick and I have been married for 22 wonderful years. We have a comfortable relationship; I’m bad cop and he’s good cop and it just works with us. He’s the calm to my storm. The boys know if they want their way, they go to daddy and not mommy because mommy plays no games with them. *laughs* I just want my sons to be successful because it’s hard out here for young black men, Andy.

Pat: Wonderful years? Not according to your sister-in-law.

Dr. Angela: Oh, please! Here she goes AGAIN!

Dr. Dominique: What we NOT going to do is come for my marriage!

Pat: Dominique doesn’t have a good relationship with her husband, they don’t even sleep in the same house! It’s all fake for the cameras!

Dr. Dominique: *throws pillow at Pat* Shut the fuck up bitch! You don’t know anything about me and Kendrick! I’m about to give this bitch the ass whoopin she has had coming since New York City!

Dr. Tanya: Oh my gosh, Dominique!

Dr. Angela: It was a pillow. Save the dramatics Tanya.

Dr. Tanya: If it’s just a pillow then here! *throws a pillow at the other couch*

Dr. Angela: OOOHHHH, someone is angry!

Andy: Ladies, STOP! No throwing things!

Pat: *yells* Dominque, you’re a FRAUD!

Dr. Dominique: Fraud? Bitch bye. You are a cum dumpster for a man who belongs in the nursing home. You deposited his sperm in ya pussy and drained him dry of all his coins. You are a whore!

Dr. Angela: I just want to know Andy… we’ve had our relationships ripped apart, but Pat has had to explain nothing about her marital issues.

Dr. Tanya: She just said that they’re separated! What else do you want, Angela?!

Dr. Angela: Why are they separated? We want to know WHY! She acted like their marriage was an institution when I brought up the concubines!

Dr. Tanya: Ladies, how about you actually WATCH the show! It all played out on the show, so you don’t need to ask stupid questions!

Andy: This question leads us into the housewarming party drama because Angela did make some accusations about Pat’s marriage. Let’s take a look at the finale and the wine thrown that rocked Twitter!

*Clips of Tanya’s housewarming are shown*

Andy: Angela, can you explain to the viewers why you decided to share the information on Pat’s husband?

Dr. Angela: I felt that she was after me all season, sweeping my porch while hers was stained with Aquafina and semen. And neither came from her!

Pat: Can I have the floor about it? Since everyone is talking and asking for an explanation. I separated with Tom because he didn’t support me. Angela’s mouth and her silly rumors are not true and have nothing to do with why we broke up.

Dr. Angela: So should I bring the receipts?

Pat: Sure, bring em!

Dr. Angela: There was a blog post Andy…

Pat: *Starts laughing hysterically* A BLOG POST?! You’re so fucking dumb!

Dr. Angela: There’s a 45 year old woman from L.A. who has released a recording of her sexual encounters with Tom. I also have a recording of Tom saying some awful things about Pat.

Pat: Blah Blah Blah

Dr. Angela: I’m locked and loaded just like his jars at the local IVF center!

Pat: No one cares, darling! You should start worrying about the hospital you run. I heard the funding is in the toilet because of your actions on the show. No one wants to work with a toxic trick like you!

Dr. Angela: If that’s the case, you just blew the next Broadway cameo encouraging a physical attack!

Andy: Ladies, let’s move on and close this out.

Andy: Ladies, we are going to say goodbye to Ashanti and end the reunion in a special way. Thanks for joining us, Ashanti!

Ashanti: Thanks, Andy. Bye ladies! *walks off the stage*

Andy: Ladies, I want to go around to each of you and I want you to say something nice about the other ladies here. Absolutely no shade. Nothing side eye. Just something Nice… Tanya, we will start with you.

Dr. Tanya: Okay… Pat, is gorgeous and an amazing friend & super talented. Dominique is a very intelligent woman and a great OBGYN. Angela is a great Mother and I will never take that away from her.

Andy: Love it! Dominique, you’re next.

Dr. Dominique: Angela is a great mother and fantastic doctor with a good heart. Tanya is beautiful and is glowing with this baby bump. Pat is a go getter who made smart decisions in her life for her to be successful.

Andy: Wonderful! Angela?

Dr. Angela: Dominique is a great friend, a great mother and a great WIFE. Pat did Broadway and that’s huge for someone that’s an artist. Tanya is pregnant and fashionable.

Andy: Wonderful! Pat, end us strong!

Pat: Tanya! My girl, my soulmate, my sister. She has a great heart. Dominique is a great doctor, she’s so incredibly intelligent. And Angela… she’s a great Mother.

Andy: I like that ending! Ladies, thank you! What a great night and a great season! For more on the Married to Medicine ladies, click around Bravotv.com! Goodnight everyone!




"Married to Medicine: Twitter" Season 6 coming Memorial Day! Check out Seasons 1–5 Now! RP Show #M2MTwitter

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"Married to Medicine: Twitter" Season 6 coming Memorial Day! Check out Seasons 1–5 Now! RP Show #M2MTwitter