*Camera Pans to Petra standing outside her Pop up Shop in Greece*

Petra: No, fuck that. I’m sick of this!

Jocelyn: Petra, don’t get in an uproar about the truth. All you ladies do is lie and get mad when I speak facts

Petra: Can you guys not support me with my business ? Can I not have ONE thing that I can be proud of without Jocelyn and Tiffany shitting on it? You’ve come for me, my kids, my husbands, my finances. I’ve been so open and honest about my marriage. Worry about your own god damn lives rather than be so obsessed with me!! GET THE FUCK OUT!

*Scene pans to the dinner table and the conversation with Courtney and Pat*


"Married to Medicine: Twitter" Season 5 every Monday and Thursday! RP Show #M2MTwitter

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